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19:30  14 october  2021
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everywhere in France, the yellow vests make a very, very shy

 everywhere in France, the yellow vests make a very, very shy return © Franck Dubray / West France The yellow vests have returned on the roundabouts this Saturday, October 16 and here on the carpooling area Vallet in Loire-Atlantique. As three years ago, rising energy prices generated calls to manifest and occupy the roundabouts this Saturday. But there was no crowd, far from it, even though some inflated the ranks of the anti-safety manifestations. Little horizon. Caen , Saint-Malo , Perpignan , Orleans ...

Parliament sacred this Thursday the date of May 5, in tribute to the 19 deaths and more than 2,300 disaster wounded, here is near 30 years old

Foot and Memory - Parliament sacred this Thursday the date of May 5, in tribute to the 19 deaths and more than 2,300 injured disaster, here is almost 30 years old

is official. There will be no more professional football matches on May 5 in France. Nearly 30 years after the catastrophe of the Furiani stage, on 5 May 1992, the Parliament sacred this date. A tribute to the 19 deaths and more than 2,300 wounded in the collapse of the upper part of a temporary tribune before the kickoff of the French Cup semifinal between Bastia and the Olympic of Marseille .

The Nobel Literature Prize, this French Bastion

 The Nobel Literature Prize, this French Bastion © Jonathan Nobel Prize Medals, photographed in Karlskoga (Sweden), December 16, 2021. The Nobel Prize for Literature 2021 will be awarded this Thursday 7 October. Will he be awarded one or one French? Hard to say. But, given the regular successes of the French authors, the hypothesis is never to dismiss. Especially as Annie Ernaux makes, for some, figure in favorite.

The Senate has adopted in hand on Thursday, without amendment, the bill brought by MP CORSE Michel Castellani (Freedoms and Territories), signing the final adoption of the text. Michel Savin (LR) invited the government to promulgate the text "as soon as possible", so that it can apply from 2022. The Bastian Club welcomed this vote.

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The SCB welcomes the vote, this day, the Senate which endorsed the freezing of professional matches on May 5th!

The whole club today has an emotional thought for all the victims and the @ collective5Mai92 !

▶ ️ https://t.co/y8vnmosc # PASDEMATCHLE5MAI pic.twitter.com/TCN156DSBS

- SC Bastia (@scbastia) October 14, 2021

The bill has been examined as part of a "Niche" parliamentary reserved for the Ecologist Group, which counts within Haute-Corse Senator, Paul Toussaint Parigi. Supported by the government, it plans to amend the sport code for "no meeting or sports event" of League 1, of League 2 , Cup of France and the Champions Trophy be played on May 5th.

Nobel Prize. When and in what discipline do the French have the most shone?

 Nobel Prize. When and in what discipline do the French have the most shone? © Jonathan Nackstrand / AFP A medal to the effigy of Alfred Nobel, September 16, 2021. Photo of illustration. Physics, Chemistry, Medicine, Literature, Peace, Economy ... What is the Nobel Prize that was most often won by French? And when have these rewards been awarded? We take stock, graph in support. Curiously, we go from the Nobel as of the EUROVISION : Every year, at a given date, the most custodials keep the results to find out if, yes or no, a French won.

minute of silence and black cuff in amateur

for amateur football, the text provides for the organization of a minute of silence and the port of a black armband on May 5th. The Minister in charge of the city Nadia Hai said the text does not contain sanctions because the Ministry of Sports "works with football bodies" so that the game gel is respected. It is according to her to ask "a sustainable commemoration framework to fight against oblivion".

Parliament's vote responds to the demand for the collective of the victims and their families, represented in the stands of Senate , facing the reluctance of the League and the Federation. Limited legal reach, the adoption of this text is highly symbolic, a few months from the thirtieth anniversary of the drama of Furiani. By 2040, only eight days of the championships could be concerned.

A decision that is not unanimous

on all banks, senators, however, expressed their reservations or questions about this text. The socialist Jean-Jacques Lozach mentioned "an act of questioning the autonomy of the sports movement". "The use of the law is needed as a pissed in the absence of a national consensus that should have been settled," retorted the centrist Claude Kern.

The gel of the matches does not make unanimity either. Some would have preferred a solemn moment of recollection at the beginning of the meeting or the port of a cuff.

Sportraw of Furiani: "The policies took responsibility," says the President of the Collective of Victims Sportdrame de Furiani: The Assembly vote for a day without football match on May 5

Algeria relaunches travelers' marine transport with France and Spain .
© Copyright 2021, Obs Algeria will resume in the coming weeks its maritime links for the transport of passengers with Spain and the France, interrupted since March 2020 because of the Pandemic of Covid-19, announced this Tuesday 12 October the Ministry of Transport.

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