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14:50  15 october  2021
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IMF Shows Global Growth Forecast

 IMF Shows Global Growth Forecast The International Monetary Fund IMF accumulates its global growth forecast this year. The director of the IMF, Kristalina Georgiewa, named rising risks through inflation, liabilities and a strong difference in growth prospects between electricity and largely unvaccinated countries. © Jose Luis Magana / Copyright 2018 The Associated Press.

The club closes it, and estimated 17 million US dollars go to him through their fingers: The NBA pro Kyrie Irving is still not against the corona virus be vaccinated. He is probably not the only one.

Spielpause: Kyrie Irving (rechts), hier im Duell mit Dennis Schröder © picture-alliance / AP Photo / S. Ogrocki break: Kyrie Irving (right), here in a duel with Dennis Schröder

Cologne sports physician Wilhelm Bloch begins his seminars, now that the semester has started, basically with the theme Corona. The professor explains about the risks and consequences of COVID-19 infection, and also about what happens during a long Covid disease talking. And yet the scientist encounters again and again skeptical listener. "Because something has burned," says Bloch - even in his immediate environment at the Institute for Cardiovascular Research and Sports Medicine at the German Sports University in Cologne are skeptics to be found.

The coach of the Sri Lankan team of struggle has volatilized in nature at Oslo

 The coach of the Sri Lankan team of struggle has volatilized in nature at Oslo © AFP The coach of the Sri Lankan control team disappeared. Donald Indrawansa, the coach of the Sri Lanka control team, is missing in Oslo where the World Championships are competing. The authorities are on the bridge and the coach is suspected of wanting to stay in Europe. The trainer of the Sri Lankan team was volatilized in Norway during the Oslo World Championships and could seek to stay in Europe illegally, announced the sports authorities Monday.

The Oath of physicians

"It would be completely wrong to push completely Impfskepsis," Bloch said in an interview with DW - and the double use of the word "perfect" underlines the belief. Because: "Each vaccination is an assault But we physicians specialize in personal injury, so we have also taken our oath.."

completely wrong it would be now but to interpret the words of sports medicine as an argument in the sense of skeptics and deniers Corona. Bloch has seen in recent months, biopsies of lungs of long-Covid patients "that takes you really do not see." He knows young athletes who have caught the virus, and barely get to his feet. "It's really not a simple flu," said Bloch.

Wilhelm Bloch: © DSHS Cologne Wilhelm Bloch:

And yet has a basketball star like Kyrie Irving signal effect when he says, "This is my life." And: "It's my body I can do whatever I want.."

Kiel: With the triple chain back to the defensive stability?

 Kiel: With the triple chain back to the defensive stability? New trainer, new system? Holstein Kiel has with Marcel Rapp a new face on the side line. To defensively stabilize the storks, the 42-year-old is probably aimed at a changed basic formation. © Imago Images / HolsteinOffice tries Kiel to teach a new system: Marcel Rapp. New Trainer Rapp before debut against Ingolstadt What Kiel almost led to the Bundesliga last season, in this season is the big drawback: defensive stability.

With these words turned to the US superstar the Brooklyn Nets to the public and expressed that he does not intend to be vaccinated in the foreseeable future. The reaction of the league and the club followed promptly: Irving has been indefinitely excluded from the activities. How will this be a better way when about Unvaccinated not allowed to enter a sports hall in New York once.

It does not make poor

When sports channel NBSC was beating fast that the consumer is likely to cost the Australian-American professional 17 million dollars US. It's there but similar to Irving's teammates about from tennis scene . It makes no arms. The world number First Novak Djokovic and the notorious rule-breakers Stefanos Tsitsipas rejected public information on their vaccination status from last. He was "not to give in a position. Information about my medical situation," Tsitsipas was saying at the tournament in Indian Wells. The players' union ATP indicates the vaccination rate among professionals with 65 percent. In the women's 60 percent talk. however, in the NBA, 95 percent of players are immunized.

Tah does not want boss, but leader his

 Tah does not want boss, but leader his Leverkusen. On Sunday, the spreadsheet Bayer Leverkusen welcomes the leaders Bayern Munich. The game promises football at the highest level - and a lot of work for the respective defense series. Jonathan Tah is hot on it. © Rolf Vennenbernd Jonathan Tah is advanced this season to the active conductor of Bayers Quarter. ⇥ Photo: DPA (Archive) Odilon Kossounou is 20 years old, Jeremie Frimpong also - and Mineschel Bakker 21.

Lässt sich öffentlich nicht in den Impfpass schauen: Stefanos Tsitsipas aus Griechenland © Gonzalo Fuentes / REUTERS is is not publicly look in the vaccination card: Stefanos from Greece Tsitsipas

"Athletes are exposed to quite a higher risk of infection," says the doctor Bloch. "It's not even the situation of the competition It is up to the large number of contacts. You can no bubble no matter how well foreclose." Says the Cologne sports medicine, the subsequent references that especially in younger men, the risk of a heart muscle inflammation exists. Why it was just at that athletes Grupe so had to investigate further. For vaccination but applies: "It's a benefit-risk assessment." With this attitude, he also met the skeptics among sports students.

Once And as for the Earth as a disc and back

Kyrie Irving, it was just to read indeed in comments on the case to point out that the superstar had already referred the earth as a disk. "And there he is later backtracked," the scientist grins.

Author: Marko Langer

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