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21:28  15 october  2021
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Australia-Deconformation in Sydney for Vaccinations Against Covid-19

 Australia-Deconformation in Sydney for Vaccinations Against Covid-19 Health Coronavirus / Australia (Photo, TV): Australia-Decorfining in Sydney for Vaccinations Against Covid-19 Sydney, October 11 (Reuters) - The Cafes, restaurants and sports rooms of Sydney reopened on Monday for the entirely vaccinated people against CVIV-19, after almost four months of containment in the largest Australian city, while the country gradually reopens its economy thanks to the progress of the vaccination campaign.

  Les Etats-Unis rouvriront leurs frontières aux vaccinés le 8 novembre after more than eighteen months of closing borders, the United States will reopen on 8 November to millions of travelers who do not could no longer cross them because of the pandemic, but provided that they are vaccinated . The White House announced this Friday October 15th this date awaited by separate couples, dispersed families or tourists from around the world, since Washington had promised last month to lift the international travel restrictions "start November "for people vaccinated against COVID-19. Lovers separated by COVID count on days as printed. Thomas and Melissa: 207 days

"The new US travel policy, which requires vaccination for foreign travelers going to the United States, comes into effect on November 8," said the Biden administration. This new device will apply both to travelers arriving by air, and those crossing

COVID-19: Reopening of American land borders in early November to vaccinated travelers

 COVID-19: Reopening of American land borders in early November to vaccinated travelers © Patrick T. Fallon / AFP Covid-19 - Travel A Near the months of waiting, Washington relaxes a little pressure for the pressure for Terrestrial travelers who will arrive on American soil from the two Mexican and Canadian neighbors. It will still be necessary to be vaccinated against COVID-19.

land borders with Canada and Mexico.

Frontiers closed since March 2020

against the pandemic, the United States had closed their borders from March 2020 , unless very limited imperative motives, for millions of travelers from the European Union, of the European Union. United Kingdom or China, then later from India or Brazil. They also closed their land entry points to visitors from Canada and Mexico.

This could cause painful personal situations and economic damage. And prolonged maintenance of these restrictions caused strong diplomatic frustrations, particularly from last summer, when the EU, whose vaccination accelerated while that of the United States marked the step, reopened its own borders. American tourists, even non-vaccinated.

No longer a test obligation More for vaccinated travelers in Tunisia

 No longer a test obligation More for vaccinated travelers in Tunisia Fully vaccinated tourists need no negative PCR test for entry to Tunisia. The Tunisian Tourist Office draws attention to this. But you have to complete an entry form online and carry twice printed. The new scheme is valid from 16 October 2021. © Patrizia Schlosser / DPA-TMN coastal town of Mahdia in Tunisia: No PCR test is now needed for entry, if you are completely vaccinated. For non-vaccinated travelers from twelve years, the obligation to submit a negative PCR test applies.

"lassitude gives way to anger": the endless "Travel Ban" mine The morale of the French blocked in the United States

if Washington has retranned behind the sanitary conditions to justify this maintenance - "We follow science" , repeated the White House - the United States has none the less announced the lifting of restrictions on September 20, at a very good time from the diplomatic point of view. The announcement was indeed fallen into a context of great tension between France and the United States in an affair of selling submarines to Australia


Six vaccines accepted

The technical and practical details of the lifting of restrictions are not all known yet but Washington had already traced the main lines. For travelers arriving by the air, the United States will ask from November 8, in addition to a proof of vaccination and a test within three days before departure, the establishment by the airlines of A contact tracking system. For the land, the White House had announced this week that the lifting of restrictions would be done in two stages. From November 8, will be able to cross the border of Canada or Mexico people coming for reasons considered non-essential, for example, family or tourist, provided that they are vaccinated. People coming for imperious patterns, such as road drivers, will be exempted. But from January, the vaccine bond will be worthwhile for all visitors crossing land borders, regardless of their pattern of entry.

US health authorities have also indicated that all vaccines approved by the World Health Organization would be accepted. It is for the moment, according to the emergency procedure put in place by WHO, Astrazeneca vaccines, Johnson & Johnson, Moderna, Pfizer-Biontech, Sinopharm and Sinovac.

Very strict in the closing of borders, however, the United States has never put in place immunization obligation for domestic flights. And even the Biden administration, which has recently resigned a few binding measures, has not crossed the step, knowing the politically burning subject.

RPT-Coronavirus-Israel opens its borders on 1 November to foreign tourists Vaccinated .
Health-Coronavirus / Israel-Tourism (RPT Title): RPT-Coronavirus-Israel opens its borders on 1 November to foreign tourists Vaccinated by Steven Scheer Jerusalem, October 21 (Reuters) - Tourists fully vaccinated against Cvid-19 can go to Israel from November 1, said Thursday the government, which thus relaxes the restrictions imposed on travel since the beginning of the pandemic .

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