US News anti-IVG law in Texas: the Supreme Court called by biden to intervene

01:12  16 october  2021
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biden increases the tone: block its reforms, it is to be "accomplice" of the American "decline"

 biden increases the tone: block its reforms, it is to be © Elaine Cromie The American President Joe Biden spoke since the District of Howell, in Michigan, on Tuesday October 5th. (Elaine Cromie / AFP) Joe Biden tapped fist on the table on Tuesday, at a time when her big investment plans are still blocked at the congress. Evoking the two components of his project, namely a plan for infrastructure and a social spending program, he said that "oppose these investments is to be complicit in the US decline.

Biden tries to intervene with the Supreme Court again: DOJ urges justices to halt the Texas It came after an appeals court allowed the restrictions to stand. The law outlaws almost all abortions after six weeks. The Texas Attorney General's Office called Thursday night's decision by the 5th U.S

The Texas Attorney General's Office called the decision Thursday night by the 5th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals a "testament that we are on the right side of the law and life." A 1992 decision by the Supreme Court prevented states from banning abortion before viability, the point at which a fetus can survive Texas Right to Life, the state's largest anti -abortion group, set up a tip line to receive allegations against abortion providers but has not filed any lawsuits. Kimberlyn Schwartz, a spokeswoman, said Thursday the group expected the Biden administration to go to the Supreme Court next and was

Joe Biden, avortement, Texas, Cour suprême © Drew Anger / Getty Images North America / Getty Images Via AFP Joe Biden, Abortion, Texas, Supreme Court

L th Government of Joe Biden VA Ask the Supreme Court of the United States to block the law that forbids for a month and a half, most abortions in Texas, announced the spokesman of the Ministry of Justice, Anthony Coey. The high court had already been seized for the first time, but had refused to suspend the law.

the law, in the heart of a fierce judicial battle, forbids to abort as soon as the embryo beatings are detectable, or to six weeks of pregnancy, when most women do not yet know to be pregnant , and does not anticipate any exception in case of incest or rape. Comparable laws have been invalidated to justice because they violate the case law of the Supreme Court, which guarantees the right of women to abort as long as the foul is not viable or around 22 weeks of pregnancy.

The Supreme Court of the United States looks at the torture inflicted in CIA prisons

 The Supreme Court of the United States looks at the torture inflicted in CIA prisons © Mandel Ngan / AFP The Supreme Court of the United States in Washington. The Supreme Court of the United States must decide whether or not it maintains the "Secret of State" on torture activities perpetrated in the secret prisons of the CIA after the attacks of 11-September.

The Supreme Court refused just before midnight on Wednesday to block a Texas law prohibiting most abortions, less than a day after it took effect and became the most restrictive abortion measure in the nation. The vote was 5 to 4, with Chief Justice John G. Roberts Jr. joining the It was not immediately clear on Wednesday if every one of them was complying with the law , which the Republican governor signed in May, but many, in interviews, said they were. In the emergency application urging the justices to intervene , abortion providers in the state said the new law “would immediately and catastrophically

WASHINGTON — The Biden administration will ask the Supreme Court to block a Texas law that bans most abortions after six weeks of pregnancy while a challenge to it moves forward, a spokesman for the Justice Department said on Friday. A ruling by the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit on It also makes no exceptions for pregnancies resulting from rape or incest. The law immediately stopped most abortions in Texas when it went into effect at the start of September, after the Supreme Court declined to intervene . Demand at clinics in nearby states like Oklahoma has surged as women

A single device

but the Texas text includes a single device: it entrusts "exclusively" to the citizens to enforce the measure by encouraging them to file a complaint against organizations or persons who help women to abort illegally. The Supreme Court, where conservative judges are clearly the majority, invoked these "new procedural issues" to refuse on 1 September to block the entry into force of the law.

Video: Justice Restores Texas Anti-Abortion Act (Dailymotion)

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The federal government was then entered in the Arena Judicial, introducing a complaint in his name against Texas. On October 6, a trial judge gave him right and suspended the law, pending an examination on the merits. "This Tribunal will not allow this shocking deprivation of such an important right to continue," said Federal Judge Robert Pitman. "Turn right" from the Supreme Court

a few clinics had taken over the abortions at -DELO six weeks. But a few days later, a court of appeal, based in Louisiana and known for his conservatism, invalidated the decision of Judge Pitman. Thursday, she confirmed that the law could remain in effect as long as the procedure continues.

United States. Joe Biden authorizes Trump's archival transfer to an inquiry

 United States. Joe Biden authorizes Trump's archival transfer to an inquiry © Olivier Douliery / AFP Joe Biden "determined that it was not legitimate to invoke a presidential prerogative" to keep this information secret. The President of the United States Joe Biden has authorized on Friday the transmission to a parliamentary archival commission relating to the acts of Donald Trump on January 6 when the Capitol is assault.

The most restrictive abortion law in the country will remain in effect, after a federal appeals court sided with Texas on Thursday in an ongoing legal battle with the Department of Justice. Texas abortion ban upheld by federal appeals court . ABC News See more videos. SHARE. SHARE. TWEET. SHARE. EMAIL. What to watch next. Jan. 6 panel moves to hold Steve Bannon in contempt. TODAY. FDA panel to review Johnson & Johnson booster Friday. TODAY. Biden touts 'game-changing' plan to keep ports open 24/7. FOX News. Republican pastor flips Iowa House seat held by Democrats for decades.

U.S. Supreme Court Texas abortion law U.S. Justice Department. The 5th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals voted 2-1 Thursday that a controversial law banning most abortions in Texas could remain in place while the court debates a previous judge's order blocking it. The high court declined to block the law earlier this year, despite pressure by numerous abortion rights and pro-choice groups. In a 5-4 ruling, the Supreme Court had said it would not intervene because abortion providers hadn't made their case well enough regarding "complex and novel" questions, according to the majority opinion.

The Ministry of Justice now has to ask the Supreme Court to submit the decision of Judge Pitman. He should formally address his appeal in the coming days.

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The decision of the High Court will be followed closely. His initial refusal had been perceived as proof of a "right turn" under the auspices of the judges appointed by former President Donald Trump and in early October, thousands of defenders of the right to abortion. manifested before his seat asking him to change his foot.

new biden-macron exchange to appease Franco-American relations .
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