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11:10  17 october  2021
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Brazil's winery rips in Colombia, Argentina rolled over Uruguay

 Brazil's winery rips in Colombia, Argentina rolled over Uruguay Rio de Janeiro (SID) - Brazil and Argentina stay on the way to the football World Cup final round 2022 in Qatar the measure of all things in South America Eliminatorias. Although there was a first damper for the Selecao after nine wins in the ongoing qualification on the 0-0 in Colombia, but the leader suspended with 28 points can only follow Copa-America winner Argentina (22), which in the classic Uruguay a 3: 0 (2: 0) discharge issued.

Un Indien sur six était mal nourri l’année dernière, un chiffre en augmentation pour la première fois depuis quinze ans. © International Plan a six Indian was badly fed last year, an increasing figure for the first time in fifteen years.

As part of the World Day of Misery Refusal, this Sunday, October 17, Focus on the situation in India and Brazil where CVIV-19 and successive confines precipitated the lowest in extreme poverty.

More and more Indians fled by hunger

The health crisis and its long confines had a devastating effect for the most modest Indian homes. Tens of millions of them fell into poverty, until they no longer eat at their hunger.

with our correspondent in New Delhi, Sébastien Farcis

230 million Indians would have fallen into poverty between 2020 and 2021 because of the sanitary crisis. An inhabitant in six. These estimates, published by the Private University Azim Premji, give an idea of ​​the ravages of the various Indian confines, very long and severe, on the population.

The next setback for John

 The next setback for John The TSG talent Marco John has injured his shoulder in training and will be out for weeks. © imago images / warrior Hoffenheim's home-grown Marco John falls out for weeks. Hoffenheim's home-grown coincides with shoulder injury more from The year 2021 had begun so promisingly for Marco John. Under coach Sebastian Hoeneß the Hoffenheim-grown not only celebrated his Bundesliga debut, but kept right away about a dozen games long in the starting of the TSG.

and especially their inequality: for these are of course the most modest, who work in the informal economy, who have suffered the most. They lost all their income for at least two months of last year.

an Indian on six malnourished

video: Brazil: violent sandstorms make at least 6 dead (dailymotion)

Many have not eaten at their hunger: India has just fallen to the 101st place On 116 in the hunger ranking in the world published this week, which makes India pass behind the neighboring Bangladesh, yet poorer in terms of GDP.

One in six Indians was so nourished last year, an increasing figure for the first time in fifteen years. During that time, the 100 richest Indians have seen their fortune increase by 50%. This sanitary crisis thus accentuates inequalities already shouted in India.

The Haitian authorities in the face of a new crisis after the removal of a group of Americans

 The Haitian authorities in the face of a new crisis after the removal of a group of Americans © AFP / Archives The fragile Haitian government was facing a new crisis after the removal the day before by a gang. From Port-au-Prince of seventeen missionaries and family members, sixteen American nationals and a Canadian, has indicated their religious organization. "The group of sixteen American citizens and a Canadian citizen consist of five men, seven women and five children" says the press release issued Sunday by Christian Aid Ministries.

In Brazil, the effects of the crisis aggravated by a galloping inflation

poverty is rising sharply in Brazil, where the pandemic has flown the prices of food.

with our correspondent in Sao Paulo, Martin Bernard

Rosangela Melo, a mother of five children, spent fifteen days in prison for stolen a packet of pasta and two soft drinks in a supermarket of Sao Paulo. It took the intervention of the High Court to be released: Justice took into account the extreme severity of poverty in the country.

According to a study of the Pensann network, specialized in food security, more than 10% of the population lives in a state of extreme poverty, and more than half of the population suffers from a form of food insufficiency.

The meat, a luxury product

The number of homeless , like Rosangela Melo in Sao Paulo, exploded in the big cities because of the pandemic, which caused the rise in unemployment and precariousness.

Inflation has further aggravated the situation. Officially, the increase in prices reaches 10%, but it is still much higher with regard to the main foods, such as rice or beans. For many Brazilians, the meat has become a luxury item, and some are reduced to biting the bones that the butchers were selling to feed the dogs.

Facebook: New revelations on the role of the network in the diffusion of hateful content in India .
© Pixabay Facebook: New revelations on the role of the network in the diffusion of hate content in India Several internal documents revealed this weekend point The role of Facebook in the spread of hate content on its networks in India. The role of Facebook in the spread in India of images and hatewithing likely to exacerbate the intercommunity conflicts has again been put forward this weekend via the disclosure of internal documents by various American media.

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