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13:43  17 october  2021
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Charlene de Monaco: its first official visit after months of absence

 Charlene de Monaco: its first official visit after months of absence © Evid David / abacapress.com This first exit since its hospitalization last March, due to an infection of the Orl zone, marks the beginning of the return of the princess in public life. Charlene de Monaco, who had undergone another operation in August , requiring four hours of general anesthesia, seems to be overlooking. On Tuesday, October 5, she appeared alongside King Misuzulu, head of the Zuloue community in South Africa.

The training focus has obviously set Thomas Rice properly. With a standard, VfL Bochum decides the basement duel of the newcomer. And a Routinian experiences a remarkable premiere.

Thomas Reis bejubelt nach Abpiff die drei Punkte für den VfL Bochum. © picture alliance / dpa thomas rice buckles after Abpiff the three points for VfL Bochum.

rice declares the break for defensive talent Bella-Kotchap

of the earnings with corners and free feet was not worth mentioning so far. As a result, Thomas Reis had laid one of the priorities in front of the basement duel in Fürth on the execution of standards.

The success immediately introduced himself: From a short distance Anthony Losilla nodded the ball after a fine free kick by Eduard Löwen into Fürther Gate. First Bundesliga for the Bochum Capitano, and that in the delicate age of now 35. In addition, he ended a phase of 381 minutes without VfL gate.

artificial intelligence completed Ludwig van Beethoven's 10th Symphony

 artificial intelligence completed Ludwig van Beethoven's 10th Symphony Ludwig van Beethoven (1770-1827) has its 10th symphony - also called "the unfinished" - can not be composed before his death. Now man and machine have managed what you have probably not made possible for: an artificial intelligence (KI) has completed with the help of international experts "the unfinished" after sketches and fragments of Beethoven - almost 200 years after their origin.

tailwind instead of red lantern

The 1: 0 in the basement duel: a very important threesome for the newcomer, which is not just the view of the table. Finally, Bochum could also crash 18th place. But the team of Thomas rice gets a lot of tailwind and has in the table cellar quasi the hand on the light switch. Or even a small light lit.

and Losilla? "Of course it's great that I could help the team with my gate," says Bochum's captain. "But more importantly, we sure we bring the right attitude and give the right answer after the defeat in Leipzig."

At the beginning of the rest, the Bochumer in Fürth did a bit of swimming, but otherwise stood quite compact, ultimately used their chance. "We knew," says Thomas Rice, "this is a printing game, both clubs are similarly situated, also financially. Respect that the team has stood up to this pressure."

Carla Bruni "in pajamas" in the Elysee's courtyard of honor: the hilarious anecdote of the former first lady (video)

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Defense Talent Bella Kotchap lacked surprisingly

Somewhat surprisingly, the Bochum coach had rebuilt his four-chain and arranging Armel Bella Kotchap a break. As a reason, rice led to the U 21 national player last many impressions stormed, the transfer to the bank was expressly only a measure for this a game.

Or must Bochum's defense talent still pause a little longer? Anyway, the converted domestic defense with Vasilios Lampropoulos and Erhan Masovic had nothing to be obtained; Surely stable, the entire rear team did their day's work.

What is from Bella Kotchap? Of course, the story belongs that rice did not agree with some idea of ​​the Youngster at all - and sometimes also with the behavior of the model athletes in training.

Recently, rice had stressed in conversation with the kicker if he realizes his way, then Bella Kotchap was not stopping in his career. Pure from the athletics, the 19-year-old finally brings the best conditions under the Bochum Center Defenders.

As the next opponent, Frankfurt

is waiting that he does not always always belong to the starting eleven, but is obvious. Especially since rice also criticized the post-growth man, because the in two fights, even in training, would fall to the ground with under something unmotivated, for whatever reason. And because he obviously tends to tend to mental altitude flights and suffers from his training.

rice will continue closely with him; At first, however, it remains open if Bella Kotchap is already the first choice for the coming Sunday against Frankfurt. The slogan for this game, the conclusion of the ninth matchday, made Captain Losilla still in the Jubelphase in Fürth: "against Frankfurt", according to the Capitano, "we want to gild the points from Fürth."

The time of showing fangs .
© supplied by sofoot red lantern of this group G with a small point after two days, the LOSC must win this Wednesday night at home to hope to stay alive. The evening challenger? The Seville FC of Julen Lopetegui, Better Defense of Liga, who also runs after his first success this season in C1. LOSC FC Sevilla 20/10/2021 at 21hligue Champions broadcasting on It is necessary to believe that at the beginning of the season 2021-2022, the French champion in title is a reaction team.

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