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19:00  18 october  2021
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L'ex-ministre de l'Economie Roberto Gualtieri, candidat de la gauche à la marie de Rome, lors d'une conférence de presse, le 18 octobre 2021 à Rome © Tiziana Fabi The former Minister of Economy Roberto Gualtieri, candidate from the left to the Marie de Rome, at a press conference, October 18, 2021 In Rome

the Romans have chosen as new mayor the former Minister of the Economy Roberto Gualtieri, candidate of the left, who won on his rival right accused of anti-Semitism, according to polls out of the polls published Monday at the closing of polling stations.

During this second ballot, Roberto Gualtieri raised from 59 to 63% of the votes to 37 to 41% for Enrico Mitchetti, according to a survey of the Opinio Institute for the RAI Public Audiovisual Group. Mr. Gualtieri, 55, should therefore succeed Virginia Raggi (movement 5 stars, antisystem), the first woman elected at the head of the Italian capital but had been eliminated from the first round.

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Enrico Michetti, candidat à la mairie de Rome, le 29 septembre 2021 à Rome © Tiziana Fabi Enrico Mitcheti, candidate for the town hall of Rome, September 29, 2021 in Rome

This result is a new camouflet for the right and far right coalition, which brings together the Forza Italia party of Silvio Berlusconi, the League of the Triber Sovereignist and Antimigrants Matteo Salvini and the Fratelli Fratelli far-right Party of Giorgia Meloni.

During the first round two weeks ago, the right and the extreme right had already lost key cities like Milan, Naples and Bologna. The left should also take over to Turin, the capital of Piedmont (Northwest).

The result of these local elections, where 12.5 million Italians were called to vote, should not impact the government of Mario Draghi, supported in Parliament by a wide coalition from from the Democratic Party (left) to the league.

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Rome and Turin had been conquered in previous elections by the 5 stars movement, which recorded a sharp decline during these elections.

The ballot, which held Sunday and Monday, was marked by a strong abstention.

In the eternal city, the campaign was dominated by the incurity affecting transport and cleanliness, including the garbage management crisis, partly responsible for the appearance of wild boar in some residential areas.

"Rome can not be resigned to speak only of garbage and nests of hens. Rome is a great European capital," said Mr. Gualtieri during his last election meeting on Friday.

The campaign of its right opponent took a bad fold last week when it was forced to reject accusations of anti-Semitism after a newspaper leaving an article he had written last year and Where he claimed that the Holocaust was more commemorated as other massacres because the Jews "control banks and a lobby capable of deciding the destiny of the planet".

Enrico Mitcheto had also suggested that Roman salvation with the stretched arm, used under the fascist era, used during the pandemic because considered more hygienic. Without previous political experience, Mr. Mitcheti was so far a lawyer and a radio man.


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