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10:40  19 october  2021
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The Blues, an exception in Europe

 The Blues, an exception in Europe Thanks to its reversing success against Spain in the final of the League of Nations, the France team is now the most titled at European level. © Provided by Football 365 Hugo Lloris (Trophy League of Nations) The World Cup? It's done and redone. The euro? The same. Olympic Games, Confederation Cup? The boxes are checked ... The list is long trophies won by the France team.

“I have signed Decree 1282 declaring a State of Exception for 30 days in the provinces of Pichincha, Guayas, Manabi, Azuay, Loja, Santo Domingo, El Oro and Esmeraldas, with curfew from April 2 to 9 from 8:00 p.m. to 5:00 a.m.,” Moreno tweeted late on Thursday. “The pandemic is not over, we must take care of ourselves!” The government said the curfew seeks to avoid meetings and crowds that can accelerate contagion. The measure also puts restrictions on transit in the provinces in question. The airports will not be affected. In Guayaquil, which last year suffered one of the worst outbreaks in the

The document on the “ state of exception due to public calamity” due to the increase in the contagion of Covid-19 due to Christmas crowds and the possible circulation of the variant of SARS-CoV-2 that emerged in the United Kingdom, “did not conform to constitutional norms “, the Court concluded in its ruling. He considered that states of exception They are applied when the situation that causes them cannot be resolved in an ordinary way and, therefore, measures of indefinite duration are required. For that reason, the Court noted that “A regime designed to be temporary and exceptional cannot be

En Équateur, le ministère de l’Économie et des Finances a reçu l’ordre de dégager les ressources nécessaires pour permettre la présence massive de la police et de l’armée dans les rues. © Cristina Vega Rhor AFP in Ecuador, the Ministry of Economy and Finance has been ordered to identify the necessary resources to allow massive presence of the police and the army in the streets.

President Guillermo Lasso said on Monday, October 18 the state of exception throughout the Ecuador territory for a period of sixty days. He wishes to facilitate the mobilization of the police and the military to fight against an increasingly uncontrollable delinquency in the country.

with our correspondent in Quito, Eric Samson

An 11-year-old minor died on Sunday, October 17 in a restaurant in Guayaquil because of a lost ball after a confrontation between two attackers and a policeman. One more fact, one more in this coastal city where 475 violent deaths have been recorded since last January. Whether in the prisons where the clashes between rival bands have made more than 200 people this year or in the streets of most provinces of the country, delinquency explodes in Ecuador.

Death of Patrick Dupond: Marie-Claude Pietragalla evokes his long fight against cancer

 Death of Patrick Dupond: Marie-Claude Pietragalla evokes his long fight against cancer © KCS Death of Patrick Dupond: Marie-Claude Pietragalla evokes his long fight against cancer already seven months that Patrick Dupond is deceased. Always so upset by the death of his friend, Marie-Claude Pietragalla spoke to Figaro on October 13 and mentioned the long fight of the star dancer against cancer. A star died on March 5th. At the age of 61, the former star dancer of the Opera de Paris Patrick Dupond died. It is his companion, Leïla da Rocha, who had announced this sad news to AFP.

The state of emergency remained in effect as of October 27. During the state of emergency, the government reclassified and segregated inmates at facilities according to assessed threat levels. All of the officers declared they would seek to reintegrate into the police force. On June 29, four other former police officials sentenced to 12 years in prison in the same incident presented a revision appeal to the National Court of Justice. The appellants, after serving nearly six years in prison, were released as they awaited the court’s ruling, which was pending as of October 27.

Ecuador ’s president, Lenín Moreno, has declared a state of emergency amid nationwide protests over the end of decades-old fuel subsidies in a government fiscal reform package worth more than bn a year. Moreno, who won election in 2017 to replace Rafael Correa, told reporters the “perverse” fuel subsidy, in place for 40 years, had distorted the economy and protests would not be allowed to paralyze Ecuador . “To ensure citizens’ security and avoid chaos, I have ordered a national state of emergency,” he said of the measure that suspends some rights and empowers the military to keep order.

Towards a massive presence of the police and the army

Whereas the country is in a state of "serious internal commotion", President Lasso wishes to mobilize police and military to "restore public order".

The head of state also wants to protect the police. He announced the creation of a "European Force Legal Defense Committee", dedicated exclusively to the protection of police officers and military complained in the performance of their duties. "The law must intimidate offenders and not the police," said Lasso.

The Ministry of Economy and Finance has been ordered to identify the necessary resources to allow the massive presence of the police and the army in the streets, 24 hours a day, to try to end the trafficking of weapons and drugs.

President Guillermo Lasso appointed Minister of Defense Luis Hernandez, a retired general. "National sovereignty is threatened by narcotrafic, trafficking in persons and illegal immigration," the president pointed out at this appointment.

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Hendrik West elected to the new Prime Minister of North Rhine-Westphalia .
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