US News Haiti at the stop to denounce the crime and the crapful kidnappings

10:50  19 october  2021
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in Mali, a Colombian nun abounted in 2017 released

 in Mali, a Colombian nun abounted in 2017 released © Leonardo Castro Edgar Narváez, the brother of the Colombian nun released Saturday in Mali, showing a portrait of his sister. A Franciscan Colombian nun, Sister Gloria Cecilia Navarez, removed in February 2017 by Jihadists in Mali, was released on Saturday, announced the Malian presidency. This greeted in a statement "The courage and bravery of the sister", stating that this release is "the coronation of four years and eight months of combined efforts of several information services".

Des gens à moto près d'une barricade en feu, alors que les Haïtiens organisent une grève nationale pour protester contre une vague croissante d'enlèvements, quelques jours après le rapt d'un groupe de missionnaires, à Port-au-Prince, Haïti, le 18 octobre 2021. © Ralph Tedy Erol, Reuters people with motorcycle near a barricade on fire, while Haitians organize a national strike to protest against a growing wave of 'Abductions, a few days after the RAPT of a group of missionaries, in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, October 18, 2021.

Exceeded by the violence of the gangs who make the terror in Haiti, especially after the removal of 16 American and Canadian missionaries, the inhabitants observed, on Monday, a general strike in Port-au-Prince.

Haiti at the stop. The inhabitants of the capital Port-au-Prince expressed, on Monday, October 18, their anger in the face of the crime of the gangs they have been undergoing for months by observing the call for the general strike which had been launched to denounce the insecurity, illustrated by the abduction of 16 Americans and a Canadian a few days ago.

Haiti: Arm of iron between China and the United States on the future of UN 'commitment

 Haiti: Arm of iron between China and the United States on the future of UN 'commitment © Timothy A. Clary AFP / file The Security Council meeting Thursday, October 14 did not allow to renew Immediately the mandate of the UN mission in Haiti, the diplomats did not agree (image of illustration). The future of the UN Political Mission in Haiti, whose term ends this Friday, October 15, is in dangerous equilibrium in New York. Thursday, the Security Council meeting did not renew it immediately, since diplomats did not agree on the details of the resolution text.

"We call for help and no security against Kidnappings , a general appeal has been launched to suspend all Activity ", explains to the AFP Méhu Channels, President of the Association of Owners and Drivers of Haiti.

"The bandits exceed the terminals: they kidnap, they violate the women, they do everything they want ... That's enough," denounces the unionist.

"It's as if we did not live"

shops, schools and administrations were closed on Monday in the Haitian capital whose streets were exceptionally deserted, found AFP journalists, but school activities were maintained in some provincial cities, according to local media.

Rare police vehicles circulated in Port-au-Prince on the main roads of the city where the calm reigned, and only a barricade of inflamed tires was observed by a photographer of AFP.

The Haitian authorities in the face of a new crisis after the removal of a group of Americans

 The Haitian authorities in the face of a new crisis after the removal of a group of Americans © AFP / Archives The fragile Haitian government was facing a new crisis after the removal the day before by a gang. From Port-au-Prince of seventeen missionaries and family members, sixteen American nationals and a Canadian, has indicated their religious organization. "The group of sixteen American citizens and a Canadian citizen consist of five men, seven women and five children" says the press release issued Sunday by Christian Aid Ministries.

"It's as if we did not live," said Germain Jozy Salvador, a young man of about twenty years encountered in the city center. "We can not continue, every day heard that it is a loved one, a friend or another person who is removed."

launched last week, the call for the general strike took a particular echo after the removal of a group of missionaries and their families - 16 American citizens and a Canadian citizen - Saturday, in a peri-urban area. Eastern Port-au-Prince.

Perpetrated while foreign nationals had just visited an orphanage between the capital and the border with the Dominican Republic, this RAPT group bears the signature of the gang called "400 Mawozo".

Arrival of American investigators

The army band has been controlling this part of the Haitian territory for months without the police remedy them.

Since Washington, the spokesperson of the State Department has confirmed the removal of these 17 people and mentioned, without providing clarification, the arrival of American investigators in the country.

the United States shaken by a wave of strikes

 the United States shaken by a wave of strikes © Getty Images via AFP - Scott Olson of American employees of the Giant of Agricultural Machines John Deere on strike in Davenport (Iowa), October 15, 2021. in the United States , thousands of workers started movements of strikes in many areas. They denounce difficult working conditions while their employers record significant profits.

"The small team that is now on the ground has been dispatched in Haiti to work closely with the Haitian authorities," said Ned Price, stating that the State Department was "in close contact with the families of people belonging of this group of missionaries ".

In April, ten people, including two French religious, had been sequestered 20 days by the "400 Mawozo" in the same region.

solicited by AFP, the Haitian police did not wish to react. The gangs, who have been controlling for years the poorest districts of the Haitian capital, have extended their power in recent years to Port-au-Prince and its surroundings, where they multiply the crapful kidnappings.

Red Zone

For years, a deep political crisis paralyzes Haiti's economic development. The assassination, on July 7, President Jovenel Moses by an armed commando in his private residence plunged this poor country into uncertainty.

"Nature has hated emptiness so gangs benefit it to strengthen itself," says Gideon Jean, Director of the Human Rights Analysis and Research Center, based in Port-au-Prince, explaining the proliferation of gangs by " the absence of the state ".

Haiti is classified as a country in the United States, which advise against their nationals to go there, in particular because of the many kidnappings including "victims regularly include American citizens".

More than 600 abductions have been identified on the first three quarters of 2021 against 231 at the same period in 2020, according to the Center for Analysis and Research in Human Rights.

requiring ransoms sometimes exceeding the million dollars, gangs do not hesitate to claim decades of salary to families living below the poverty line.

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The daily life turns to the nightmare for Haitians, helpless against the gangs .
© AFP D Esabused Faced with the political chaos that has been prevailing for months, the Haitians have, since the beginning of the week, faced with a unbridled degradation of Their living conditions because of gangs that control access to petroleum terminals. "We are in the rationing of the water at home", panked Daphne Bourgoin, 42 years old.

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