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11:00  19 october  2021
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Attack in Yemen against an official convoy, at least six deaths

 Attack in Yemen against an official convoy, at least six deaths © AFP A U Leven six people perished Sunday in a bombing of the car trapped in the southern Yemen against a convoy of government officials, who have Survived this last attack in this country ravaged by the war. according to security sources, the Governor of Aden, Ahmed Lamlas, the Minister of Agriculture, Salem Al-Socotri, and a third official whose identity has not been specified in the immediate future, were on board of the convoy rolling in Aden.

Pyongyang should have once again tested a rocket after South Korean information. This time it could have traded a submarine-supported rocket, providing experts. The US offers calls.

Provided by Deutsche Welle © Koji Sasahara / AP Photo / Picture Alliance Provided by Deutsche Wave

Pjöngjang has fired a "unidentified" bullet of Sinpo out into the sea, shared the South Korean military. According to experts, it could have acted by a submarine-based ballistic rocket (SLBM). North Korea had tested multiple missiles in recent weeks and thus triggered internationally.

Pyongyang tests weapons under water

SINPO is a large marine yard in which according to satellite recordings are also submarines. The fact that North Korea works on a submarine-based ballistic rocket and has already tested underwater collabors is known. "It is very likely that the north has shot down a SLBM," said Shin BeoM-Chul from the Korean Research Institute for National Strategy.

North Korea. Launch of a non-identified projectile

 North Korea. Launch of a non-identified projectile © AFP Photo / KCNA via KNS Northern Korea has proceeded to a new launch of unidentified projectile, towards the sea (photo of illustration). South Korea is concerned about the recovery by its northern neighbor of missile launches. A new projectile was launched on Tuesday morning towards the sea, according to a communiqué of the Joint Staff of the South, which does not provide further details.

Die US-Geheimdienstkoordinatorin Avril Haines (Archivbild) © Susan Walsh / AP Photo / Picture Alliance The US intelligence coordinator Avril Haines According to

media reports, the youngest rocket test was made shortly before a meeting of US intelligence coordinator Avril Haines with their South Korean and Japanese colleagues. Theme of talks in Seoul on Tuesday is therefore the situation in North Korea.

USA offers calls to

of the North Korea Special Representative of the USA, Sung Kim, had called Pyongyang again on Monday to talks. Washington Hege "No hostile intentions" to North Korea and hope for a "meeting without preconditions," he said after talks with his South Korean colleague in Washington.

Der Nordkorea-Sonderbeauftragte der USA, Sung Kim, will Gespräche ohne Vorbedingungen (Archivbild) © JUNG YEON-JE / AP Photo / Picture Alliance The USA's North Korea Special Representative of the USA, Sung Kim, Will Talks without Preconditions (Archive Image)

kim jong-an amaigri and metamorphosed: this crazy rumor that agitates the canvas

 kim jong-an amaigri and metamorphosed: this crazy rumor that agitates the canvas © ITAR TASS / BESTIMAGE Kim Jong-An amaigri and metamorphosed: this crazy rumor that agitates the web last June, the north-Korean television s authorized an unexpected remark on Kim Jong-one. His last appearances fuel, at the beginning of October, 2021, the rumor of a double double of the formerly obese leader. Prohibited comment on privacy and health status of their leader, North Korean television has surprised the world commenting on its physique.

The US Government of President Joe Biden has repeatedly highlighted its willingness to talk to Pyongyang. In order to achieve an end to the North Korean nuclear program, Washington is always ready to meet representatives of Pyongyang everywhere and without preconditions, emphasized US government officials.

North Korea also tests hypershown missiles

North Korea shows no readiness to give up his arms arsenal. North Korea's ruler Kim Jong and rejected the conversation offers at the end of September and called the US statements as "cheap tricks".

Für Nordkoreas Machthaber Kim Jong Un sind die Gesprächsangebote der USA ein © Korean Central News Agency / Korea News Service Via AP / Picture Alliance For North Korea's ruler Kim Jong UN are the USA deals with an

in the last week, among other things, Pyongyang tested a long-distance march flying body, a ballistic short-range rocket and by own Information also a hypershown rocket. Should the North Korean details have been true, the internationally isolated land would have achieved another stage in the upgrade of his arms arsenal. Hypersonic missiles are extremely fast and flexible, which greatly complicates their destruction through missile defense systems.

numerous western states had sentenced the suspected hypershown rocket test sharply. The internationally insulated North Korea is under strict US and UN sanctions because of its nuclear and missile program.


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