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15:10  19 october  2021
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Des mesures drastiques de sécurité ont été ordonnées par le tribunal d'Itzehoe pour permettre la présence d'Irmgard Furchner devant la Cour, où elle doit répondre à partir de mardi de complicité de meurtre dans plus de 10 000 cas. © Markus Schreiber, AFP Safety drastic measures were ordered by the ITZEHOE court to allow the presence of Irmgard Furchner before the Court, Where she must answer from Tuesday of murder complicity in more than 10,000 cases.

Irmgard Furchner, former secretary of the Nazi concentration camp of Stutthof, today 96 years old and who had fled before the opening of his trial on September 30, must be judged from Tuesday for complicity of murder in more 10,000 cases.

A former Nazi concentration camp secretary aged 96, who had briefly fled on the day of the opening of his trial in Germany before being arrested , is judged from Tuesday, October 19.

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Safety drastic measures were ordered by the ITZEHOE (North) court to allow the presence of Irmgard Furchner before the Court, where it must respond to complicity in murder in more than 10,000 cases.

Commander Secretary of the Camp

The Prosecution blames him for having participated, by his administrative functions, to the murder of detainees in the Stutthof concentration camp, in the current Poland. Elderly between 18 and 19, she worked there as a typist and secretary of the commander of the camp, Paul Werner Hoppe, between June 1943 and April 1945.

In this camp near the city of Gdansk (Danzig at the time) where Perished 65,000 people, "Jewish detainees, Polish supporters and Soviet prisoners of war" have been systematically murdered, recalled the floor.

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only woman involved in Nazism to be judged for decades in Germany, Irmgard Furchner, who lives in an elderly residence near Hamburg, had fled before the opening of her trial on September 30th.

An arrest warrant had been launched against the nonagenarian, creating amazement in the court and the indignation of representatives of the victims of Nazi barbarism.

"A contempt for survivors"

at the end of a rumbling day, it had been found and finally placed in pre-trial detention, before being released a week later.

Before the opening of his trial, the accused had announced in a letter addressed to the President of the Court that she did not want to appear before her judges.

His behavior caused consternation. "This shows a contempt for the survivors and the rule of law," lamented with AFP Christoph Heubner, the Vice-President of the Auschwitz Committee.

"Even though this woman is very elderly, he could not have taken precautions?", Had he also noted, further wondering about the complicities she benefited from.

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"Good healthy to flee, healthy enough to go to prison!", Had on its side launched on Twitter Efraim Zuroff, the President of the Simon Wiesenthal Center who tracks the Nazis still alive.

Another Trial of Nazi in progress

so far, the four old guards or employees of Nazis camps sentenced for ten years in Germany had sat in the box of the accused.

Another accused , elderly 100 years old, began to appear on October 7th in the Brandenburg-sur-la-Havel (Northeast) court, where he claims his innocence.

older accused of Nazis crimes, this former division of the SS division "Totenkopf" ("head of death") is pursued for "complicity of murders" of 3,518 prisoners when he operated in the Sachsenhausen concentration camp Between 1942 and 1945.

Seventy-six years after the end of the Second World War, German justice continues to seek former Nazi criminals still alive.

Some 4,000 women were guardians in concentration camps, according to historians.

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