US News Budget: The Assembly adopts the first component with the "tariff shield" on the gas and electricity

23:20  19 october  2021
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Over the next few years: RWE boss Krebber expects higher electricity and gas prices

 Over the next few years: RWE boss Krebber expects higher electricity and gas prices The Chief Executive Board of the Energy Group RWE, Markus Krebber, calculates "that electricity and gas will become more expensive in the coming years". How strong the increase will fail, let it say today yet, Krebber said the "Rheinische Post" (Saturday). "Nobody expects the current explosion of stock market prices," he added. © Marcel Kusch / DPA RWE Board Markus Krebber There are several reasons for this.

En plein débat sur le prix des carburants et de l'énergie, l'Assemblée nationale a largement voté mardi le premier volet du budget 2022 avant de se plonger dans les comptes de la Sécurité sociale en milieu de semaine. Pour la seule électricité, la perte de recettes pour l'Etat s'élèvera à 5,1 milliards d'euros l'année prochaine. © Christophe Archambault / AFP in full debate on the price of fuels and energy, the National Assembly Was voted on Tuesday the first component of budget 2022 before plunging into social security accounts in the middle of the week. For the only electricity, the loss of revenue for the state will rise to 5.1 billion euros next year.

The National Assembly has largely adopted at first reading on Tuesday the first component of the budget 2022, which includes the "tariff shield" promised by the government to contain the rise in electricity and gas prices. The members voted by 349 votes for, those of the only majority, 205 against and 5 abstentions this component devoted to revenues, which is criticized by oppositions as "electoist". The second component of the expenditure budget will be addressed from Monday in the hemicycle, and completed in particular by the France 2030 investment plan recently presented by Emmanuel Macron .

China: 15 dead in floods, reopening mines

 China: 15 dead in floods, reopening mines © str This aerial photo taken on October 10, 2021 shows a flooded area after heavy rains in Jiexiu in the city of Jinzhong, in the Chinese province of Shanxi (North) At least 15 people lost life during floods in northern China, but most of the coal mines that had been closed were able to resume their activity, announced Tuesday a local manager. Shanxi, a province usually dried, received last week in five days three times normal rainfall for the whole month of October.

For the only electricity, the loss of revenue for the state will rise to 5.1 billion euros next year. It is insufficient in the eyes of oppositions that continue to put pressure: which answer will bring the executive to the outbreak of fuel prices, subject highly flammable after the crisis of "yellow vests" and six months of the presidential election?

The track of a preferred energy check "All tracks are on the table," said Gabriel Attal's government spokesperson who promises a measure by "the weekend". Monday, the Minister of the Bruno Economy The Mayor has privileged that of a fuel check, on the energy check model, rather than a decline in fuel and diesel taxes.

This "does not solve the problems of purchasing power of the average classes," Véronique Louwagie burst on behalf of the LR group. It has pledged "a dangerous and lazy budget", with a "leak forever to always more debt" and without structure reforms. The budget deficit will be at -148.4 billion in 2022, an interim figure.

The opposition denounces an "electoralist budget"

Gas Crisis: Putin has responsibility back and submits offer

 Gas Crisis: Putin has responsibility back and submits offer The Russian President Vladimir Putin has again recruited for a quick commissioning of the pipeline Nord Stream 2 - this time before an international audience on the Russian energy week in Moscow.

The left also spoke against this revenue component but by regretting the absence of measures of "social justice". It was "the last opportunity to erase this majority brand of the rich who sticks you to the skin", launched the Communist Jean-Paul Dufguge.

This component "may not remain in the annals", released the lead chief of the socialist MPs Valérie Rabault, however that the absence of the Minister of Public Accounts in the hemicycle was incorporated. Oppositions agree to judge this "electoralist" budget and "holes" since the Government must complement several provisions in the second part dedicated to the expenses from next week, particularly on the France 2030 investment plan presented by Emmanuel Macron.

Energy Prices: EU Ministers Discuss Long-term measures .
The EU-State energy ministers advise against a special meeting in Luxembourg on measures against dramatically increased energy prices. © Carsten Koall / DPA Germany and eight other countries spoke against reforms of energy markets. The topic has already been discussed at the EU Summit last week and is the only point on the agenda. Among other things, the ministers want to discuss proposals for long-term funds against the price fluctuations.

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