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03:05  20 october  2021
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migrants: 19,000 children crossed the jungle between Colombia and Panama in 2021

 migrants: 19,000 children crossed the jungle between Colombia and Panama in 2021 The area is a "most dangerous places for migrants trying to join North America," recalls UNICEF. © Raul Arboleda / AFP The Jungle of the Darien, on the border between Colombia and Panama, is borrowed despite the danger by many migrants with children, eager to reach the United States.

  Plus forts et plus présents, les gangs rongent Haïti © AFP

L A recrudescence of the plague kidnappings in Haiti , whose RAPT of 17 North American citizens Saturday is the last emblematic case, illustrates the increased domination of gangs On the country, favored by the deep political crisis and the impotence of the judicial system.

The captors, the gang "400 mawozo", require a ransom of $ 17 million for the release of the group of missionaries and members of their families - 16 American citizens and a Canadian citizen - according to the Haitian Minister of Justice.

They were kidnapped in the day Saturday while they had just visited an orphanage, east of the capital Port-au-Prince, a new illustration of a phenomenon became sadly common in this Caribbean country.

Haiti: Arm of iron between China and the United States on the future of UN 'commitment

 Haiti: Arm of iron between China and the United States on the future of UN 'commitment © Timothy A. Clary AFP / file The Security Council meeting Thursday, October 14 did not allow to renew Immediately the mandate of the UN mission in Haiti, the diplomats did not agree (image of illustration). The future of the UN Political Mission in Haiti, whose term ends this Friday, October 15, is in dangerous equilibrium in New York. Thursday, the Security Council meeting did not renew it immediately, since diplomats did not agree on the details of the resolution text.

More than 600 cases of ransom abductions have been identified on the first three quarters of 2021 against 231 at the same period in 2020, according to the Center for Human Rights Analysis and Research.

In recent years, criminal bands have expanded their hold. More than 150 gangs, some of whom were dormant, had been identified in the country in 2019, according to Marie-Yolene Gilles, I Klere Foundation.

Today, they are too numerous so that we can count them: "In every neighborhood, an armed man is there to be the chef," she explains to the AFP .

Faced with these sprawling gangs, the police are barely.

The country is locked in a vicious circle, the ransoms paid helping gangs to flourish. But no investigation is conducted to raise the track of the ransoms paid, regrets Marie-Yolene Gilles.

Haiti: a fifteen American missionaries kidnapped by a gang

 Haiti: a fifteen American missionaries kidnapped by a gang © Chandan Khanna (Files) in this file photo Taken on December 20, 2019, Eople Walk on the Deserted Road Awayad of Gang Shootings in Downtown in Port-au-Prince . - Long Confined to The Slums, The Gangs Have Gradually Extended Their Control in Haiti and The Nearly Three Million Inhabitants of Port-au-Prince Are Forced to Adapt Their Daily Lives to This Reality, for Fear of Being The Next Victim.

"500,000 dollars, a million dollars: it's money! Where is it hidden?", Does she question.

"Arsenal of war"

officially, 16,000 police officers watch on Haiti and its 11 million inhabitants. In reality, they are much less. Some agents are attached to the safety of public or private personalities, when others simply abandoned their posts by looking for a better future abroad.

and the police are under equipped, while the gangs have an "arsenal of war" that they do not hesitate to exhibit in videos on social networks, reports Marie-Rosy Auguste Ducena, of the National Human Rights Network. It serves to maintain a "climate of terror" in the population, but also to "make the police understand that whenever they have to confront them, they are likely to die," says Ducena.

According to the Center for Human Rights Analysis and Research, 37 police officers have died in the exercise of their function since January, already more than 2020, during which 28 agents were killed.

overwhelmed by the kidnappings, Haiti stops

 overwhelmed by the kidnappings, Haiti stops © Richard Pierrin The streets of Port-au-Prince, in Haiti, October 18, 2021 The inhabitants of the Haitian capital expressed their anger on the Crime of the gangs they have been experiencing for months by massively observing the call for the general strike that had been launched to denounce the insecurity, illustrated on Saturday by the removal of 16 Americans and a Canadian.

As early as August 2020, the United Nations Office in Haiti had encouraged "the Haitian authorities to prosecute the alleged perpetrators of crimes" by appealing to the execution of the "mandates of bringing from several gangs".

But the men at the head of these violent groups, like Jimmy Cherizier, aka "barbecue", thrive with impunity.

Former police officer, this gang leader would be involved in several murders and fires perpetrated since November 2017 in poor neighborhoods renowned for political opposition.

Although it has been the subject of a research notice since February 2019, "barbecue" multiple publications on the Internet, in particular to call justice to President Jovenel Moses, murdered in his residence by an armed commando on July 7th .

In his tweets and videos, he regularly poses with an automatic shoulder arme and calls on the revolution to combat responsible oligarchs, according to him, of the depletion of the country.

These publications collect insults, but also commentary comments from Haitian Internet users visibly sensitive to his speech.

"There is the strengthening of gangs in terms of weapons, ammunition but especially of ideology: this is the concern," Pointe Gideon Jean, Director of the Center for Analysis and Research in Human Rights.

19/10/2021 23:04:19 - Port-au-Prince (AFP) - © 2021 AFP

The daily life turns to the nightmare for Haitians, helpless against the gangs .
© AFP D Esabused Faced with the political chaos that has been prevailing for months, the Haitians have, since the beginning of the week, faced with a unbridled degradation of Their living conditions because of gangs that control access to petroleum terminals. "We are in the rationing of the water at home", panked Daphne Bourgoin, 42 years old.

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