US News Blinken in South America, rent the "democracy" in Ecuador

03:10  20 october  2021
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United States: Blinken will meet its Israeli and emirati counterparts Wednesday

 United States: Blinken will meet its Israeli and emirati counterparts Wednesday USA-Israel-Water-Blinken: United States: Blinken will meet its Israeli and Emirati counterparts Wednesday © Reuters / Pool United States: Blinken will meet his Israeli counterparts And emirati Wednesday Washington (Reuters) - Secretary of State Antony Blinken will meet his Israeli and Emirati counterparts on Wednesday to discuss progress made in the normalization agreements between the Hebrew State and the Arab countries as well as the Regional security, announced Saturday the US State Departme

  Blinken en Amérique du Sud, loue la © AFP

P Our first stage of his South American tour, the head of the United States Diplomacy Antony Blinken rented Tuesday in Quito "La "Ecuadorian democracy, ensuring received guarantees of respect for freedoms in the aftermath of the establishment of the state of exception against drug trafficking that gangrene this country.

in Ecuador , then in Colombia Wednesday and Thursday, Mr. Blinken intends to support these two countries considered by Washington as examples of "democratic commitments", at a time of voltages renewed with the Venezuela Chavist.

"We greatly appreciate the fact that democracy can give concrete results (...)", welcomed Mr. Blinken by meeting with Ecuador President Guillermo Lasso at the CARONLELET Palace of Quito.

Ecuador: The state of exception declared to combat the delinquency

 Ecuador: The state of exception declared to combat the delinquency © Cristina Vega Rhor AFP in Ecuador, the Ministry of Economy and Finance has been ordered to identify the necessary resources to allow massive presence of the police and the army in the streets. President Guillermo Lasso said on Monday, October 18 the state of exception throughout the Ecuador territory for a period of sixty days. He wishes to facilitate the mobilization of the police and the military to fight against an increasingly uncontrollable delinquency in the country.


For its first South American tour, the highest American diplomat has been greeted with great pomp by the trumpets of the guards in blue uniforms, has noted the AFP.

"We applaud the work you do to fight against corruption, to pursue reforms that benefit the entire Ecuadorian population, and the work we do together to fight against narcotrafic and to preserve our environment and our climate", rented the US Secretary of State.

"More than ever, the equator today shares the values ​​that guided the United States towards prosperity since their foundation," said Lasso.

After the very difficult relationship with the left president Rafael Correa (2007-2017), then slightly warmed with his successor Lenin Moreno (2017-2021), the surprise election in May of this ex-banker Conservative Open the way for a marked rapprochement between the two countries.

in a book, François Hollande Fusing Emmanuel Macron and Scense Anne Hidalgo

 in a book, François Hollande Fusing Emmanuel Macron and Scense Anne Hidalgo François Holland Narrow The whore candidates to the presidential Emmanuel Macron and Eric Zemmour in a book to appear on Wednesday entitled "To face" (Stock éditions). © Reuters / Philippe Wojazer a "frog on water lilies", "the small thing": François Hollande narrow the whore candidates to the presidential election Emmanuel Macron and Eric Zemmour in a book to appear on Wednesday, believing that The social democracy is "the best placed" to "restore hope" to France.

The visit of the leader of the American diplomacy comes less than 24 hours after the proclamation by the President of the Exceptional State to fight against insecurity and narcotrafic in the country. This announcement is part of the Washington Agenda, including one of the traditional priorities is the fight against drug trafficking on the American continent.

President Lasso is committed to respecting the "democratic" values ​​during this state of exception, assured the US Secretary of State, after their interviews.

Operations must be "very targeted in what they seek to reach and of a limited time and, of course, follow and unfold in a manner that respects democratic values," said Blinken to journalists.

Tuesdays, soldiers were visible in the streets of the city of Guayaquil (South-West), where they proceeded to excavations and verifications of identity, but no particular deployment was reported in Quito.

new biden-macron exchange to appease Franco-American relations

 new biden-macron exchange to appease Franco-American relations Your Browser does not support this video Emmanuel Macron and Joe Biden spoke on Friday by phone to flatten the Franco-American disputes after the Australian submarine crisis. © Koji ITO / AP / SIPA US President Joe Biden and his French counterpart Emmanuel Macron spoke on Friday by telephone, pursuing their efforts to flatten the Franco-American disputes after the Crisis of Australian submarines, the White House confirming The next trip to Paris of Vice President Kamala Harris.

Located between Colombia and Peru - the world's leading produces of cocaine - Ecuador is a territory where the drug is stored and passes, to the United States in particular.

The exceptional status provides for military street mobilization to combat insecurity for at least 60 days at a time when the country is experiencing a social protest movement against rising fuel prices.

Finding the "Special Relationship"

on these themes of human rights and security, Ecuador is also facing a serious prison crisis, with recurring clashes between gangs of narco-traffickers in prisons, including the last ones Did 119 dead at the end of September in Guayaquil.

Mr. BLINKEN will go Thursday in Colombia, second stage of his tour. Bogota is the traditional ally of the United States in the region for decades, including the "dictatorship" of Nicolas Maduro in Venezuela.

After the marked indifference of the Trump era, Washington and Conservative President Ivan Duque have "the desire to regain their cooperation and understanding" of yesteryear, but "remains whether the two governments will be able to restore their special relationship "Abstract Tuesday the Colombian press.

Mr. Duque was criticized in the ranks of the Democrats for his management of a vast movement of social protest in the spring of 2021, marked by a strong police repression and dozens of deaths.

The Colombian Government, however, largely maintains the support of the Biden administration, one of the priorities has been the latest weeks the management of the influx of migrants, mostly Haiti, from all over South America to America central, towards the United States.

20/10/2021 00:16:19 - Quito (AFP) - © 2021 AFP

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