US News Hong Kong: a mother claims extradition to Taiwan from the murderer of her daughter

11:10  20 october  2021
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Amnesty International forced to close its offices in Hong Kong against repression

 Amnesty International forced to close its offices in Hong Kong against repression © Copyright 2021, Obs Amnesty International announced on Monday 25 October the closure of its offices in Hong Kong, estimating "impossible" to work Freely due to the Draconian law on national security imposed in 2020 by Beijing.

La mère de Poon Hiu-wing, une jeune femme assassinée par son petit ami lors d'une visite à Taïwan en 2018, après une conférence de presse à Hong Kong le 20 octobre 2021 © Isaac Lawrence The mother of Poon Hiu-Wing, a young woman murdered by her boyfriend during a visit to Taiwan in 2018, after a press conference in Hong Kong on October 20, 2021

The mother of a Hong Kong murdered by her boyfriend has castigated Wednesday the authorities for having left the murderer of her daughter live free, a case that surrounds because Hong Kong Do not recognize Taiwan.

Poon Hiu-Wing, 19, was pregnant when she was strangled by her boyfriend Chan Tong-Kai, 22, during a trip from the two Hong Kong to Taiwan for Valentine's Day in 2018.

Murder That Chan Tong-Kai recognized, triggered a chain reaction that led to enormous manifestations for democracy the following year and was a source of embarrassment for the Hong Kong government.

Hong Kong: The financial lobby denounces the "zero covid" policy of the authorities

 Hong Kong: The financial lobby denounces the © Pixabay Hong Kong: The financial lobby denounces the policy of "zero Covid" of the authorities according to the main financial lobby of Hong Kong, The isolation policy put in place by the authorities to combat CVIV-19 nights strongly at the reputation of the city.

The mother of Poon, who has never revealed his name, held a moving news conference before the government headquarters on Wednesday, calling on the authorities to extradite Chan Tong-Kai to Taiwan, or to pursue it locally for murder.

"The Hong Kong government believes that this criminal, who can kill again at any time, is able to walk around the streets and threatening people's lives," she told reporters.

The young man has never been confronted with the consequences of a murder, "she added, while he was revealed at the beginning of the month he had left the protection of the police and was free to lead a normal life.

Hong Kong prosecutors said they were not competent to judge him for murder because the crime had been committed outside the territory. They also refused to send it to Taiwan, because the Chinese government does not recognize the island's government.

Hong Kong: The national security law used retroactively by the

 Hong Kong: The national security law used retroactively by the © Dale de la Rey / AFP manifestation against the National Security Act in Hong Kong. It was July 1st, 2020 (picture of illustration). Several recent court decisions in Hong Kong give latitude to the authorities to use the provisions of the National Security Act for facts prior to the adoption of it in the summer of 2020.

After the Hiu-Wingoon murder, Hong Kong attempted to adopt a new law that would allow extradition to Taiwan and Continental China. But this has sparked protests on the part of many Hong Kong feared disappearances in the opaque courts of mainland China.

These gatherings quickly turned into enormous pro-democracy manifestations, often violent, which shook the city for seven consecutive months in 2019.

Chan Tong-Kai has served a short prison sentence in Hong Kong for whitening. money because he was in possession of the Hiu-Wing Poon Credit Card on his return from Taiwan.

It is during this procedure that he admitted to having killed him.

Chan previously declared, through an intermediary, that he was ready to deal with justice in Taiwan. But no action was taken by him or by the Hong Kong authorities for that to happen.

Hong Kong and Taiwan reject mutually the responsibility of this impasse.


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