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23:20  20 october  2021
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Flick looks confident direction Qatar

 Flick looks confident direction Qatar In the stadium, the pretty cold Hansi Flick content after the German Express qualification for the Football World Cup in Qatar still with a strong sip from the water bottle. © Federico Gambarini / DPA Double Torper Timo Werner (2.v.L) Celebrates with Karim Adeyemi (L-R), Thomas Müller and Florian Wirtz the dissolved World Cup ticket for Qatar.

The Democratic Party has won the municipal elections in the country's 5 largest cities. But station with extrapolations.

le candidat de centre-gauche à la mairie de Rome, Roberto Gualtieri, lors d'un rassemblement électoral dans la capitale italienne le 29 septembre 2021. © afp.com/tiziana fabi the center-left candidate at the town hall of Rome, Roberto Gualtieri, at an election rally in the Italian capital on September 29, 2021.

The town halls of Rome, Naples, Milan, Turin And Bologna are now governed by the left. After years of electoral punishment, the Democratic Party and its allies have taken over their hands on the largest cities of the peninsula, enracting Rome and Turin to the five stars movement. Their candidates were elected without penalty - either in the first round (3 and 4 October) or at the second (17 and 18 October), with a difference of 20 points on their opponents.

Italy. More than 50,000 people demonstrate in Rome to dissolve the neo-fascist groups

 Italy. More than 50,000 people demonstrate in Rome to dissolve the neo-fascist groups © Angelo Carconi / EPA / Maxppp Trade union unions CGIL, ICFTU and UIL have held an anti-fascist event in Rome, Italy, October 16th . Several Italian unions gathered in the streets of the Capital of the Country October 16 to request the dissolution of groups involved in violent manifestations against the sanitary pass.

In the rest of the country, it is still the Democratic Party that shows the best results. Can we speak of great return from the left? It's "a triumphal victory, but we do not have to ride our heads, they are administrative elections. The political elections are something else", tempère the new secretary of the Democratic Party, Enrico Letta.

Now led by former Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte, the 5 stars movement is the great loser of the ballot. It only remains a few local ediles in municipalities of minor importance. "The era of the 5 stars is over. The sovereignism no longer pays and the militant of the Grillo Grillini, NDLR] can be beaten," clamited former chief of government, Matteo Renzi. By focusing on the mayors clearly labeled on the right and on the left, the Italians have chosen to return to the bipolarism that prevailed before the boost of Beppe Grillo in 2018.

Italy: The left conquers the town hall of Rome

 Italy: The left conquers the town hall of Rome © Tiziana Fabi The former Minister of Economy Roberto Gualtieri, candidate from the left to the Marie de Rome, at a press conference, October 18, 2021 In Rome the Romans have chosen as new mayor the former Minister of the Economy Roberto Gualtieri, candidate of the left, who won on his rival right accused of anti-Semitism, according to polls out of the polls published Monday at the closing of polling stations.

Account Rules in view

on the right, only Forza Italia draws pretty much Its pin of the game, now in Trieste. The League and Fratelli of Italia (extreme right) do not carry out any great city. Account regulations are therefore predictable both within the coalition and parties. Matteo Salvini lost votes and will have to be explained to the northern governors. Stronger in his camp, Giorgia Meloni must cash the debacle of his candidate in Rome, even if it tries to share the responsibility: "The three different positions of our parties have disoriented our constituents," the Roman remained in the Opposition to the Draghi government, while Salvini is part of it, but with conflicting signals, and that Berlusconi is a fervent support!

Voters on the right disoriented

At the same time with and against the national power, the lines also suffered from the weakness of their candidates, little known, often from civil society and missing experience, as in Milan or Rome. In an Italy still traumatized by Covid, Has Matteo Salvini went off in contesting the merits of the compulsory healthcare at the workplace? "The voters on the right are unhappy and disoriented by certain parties' choices, esteem Donatella della Porta, Professor of Political Science at the Normal School of Pisa. For example, the league overvalued the electoral weight of anti-vaccines and anti-passes sanitary - actually very limited. "

Corona: Austria leads 3-G-rule in the workplace an

 Corona: Austria leads 3-G-rule in the workplace an From 1 November must prove workers that they are vaccinated, recovered or tested negative. The Freedom Party speaks of "compulsory vaccination through the back door". © photonews.at/Georges Schneider via www.imago-images.de/imago images / photonews.at Einig in the matter: Health Minister Wolfgang Mückstein (left) and Labor Minister Martin Kocher.

modest triumph

If the left is required of these elections and that a war of the chiefs is on the right, the first teaching of this ballot remains the growing distance between voters and parties. Even in Rome, more degraded than ever after years of care, the abstention rate has risen to 60%. Across the country, "12 million voters were called to the polls and 6 million voted, reminds Alessandra Ghisleri, director of the Euromedia Research Institute. In the parliamentary elections, there are more than 50 million voters. So, at the national vote, which can have very different dynamics. Thus, in the big cities, the right has never really pierced, but the Italian is not made that large metropolises ... "A confirmed analysis By a SWG / TGLA7 survey of October 18, where we see the first three courses in the country, the Democratic Party, League and Fratelli d'Italia slightly. In the case of anticipated legislative, the coalition of the left and the 5 stars, Enrico Letta wants to build, would bring together 40% of the votes. That of the lines always would end the majority with 47.5% of the votes. No notable change, so. Enrico Letta is right to have modest triumph.

Twelve European countries ask Israel to abandon its project of 3,000 homes in the West Bank .
© Ahmad Gharabli AFP A general view shows ongoing construction work in the Israeli colony of Givat Zeev, near the Palestinian city From Ramallah to the occupied West Bank, October 28, 2021. Wednesday, Israel approved the construction of 3,144 homes for settlers in busy West Bank, despite criticisms in the United States. Twelve countries in Europe in turn denounce this initiative in a common statement broadcast on October 28.

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