US News China has tested a "fractional orbital bombardment system"

12:55  21 october  2021
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 China: China-Electricity: China: "The Rust Belt" Fear of New Electricity Shortages © Reuters China: "The belt of the Rust "fear of new electricity shortages by Muyu Xu and Shivani Singh Beijing (Reuters) - The province of Liaoning, the first economy of the" rust's belt "of northeastern China, warned Monday against The worsening of electricity shortages despite the government's efforts to stimulate coal supply and managing energy consumption.

  La Chine a testé un « système de bombardement orbital fractionné » © Guo Wenbin / Xinhua via AFP

to An indeterminate date during the summer 2021, a long-walking Chinese rocket led a secret mission. Under his cap, a mysterious orbital glider capable of carrying a nuclear charge at any point of the globe without being worried by the defenses of the opponents. According to the Financial Times, which comes from to unveil some details of this project , it would be a weapon close to the "divided orbital bombardment system" imagined by the Soviets during the cold war. The test has itself been successfully conducted during the early stages, but not until the sea impact of China , since the target would have been missed by thirty kilometers.

China's exports strong - less import from Germany

 China's exports strong - less import from Germany The boom of Chinese exports does not allow. In September, exports of the second largest economy rose in US dollars by 28.1 percent compared to the same month last year, as customs in Beijing reported. © uncredited / quinatopix / dpa experts surprised: China's trade surplus increases to $ 66.76 billion. The increase was even higher than in the previous month, where the expectations of experts had already surpassed with an increase of 25.6 percent.

The concept is simple: instead of using an intercontinental ballistic missile, whose launch is detectable, the limited scope and the predictable parabolic trajectory, the popular release army (APL) wants to deploy in low orbit a kind of spatial drone man? Uvrable, so unpredictable, and able to hit anywhere on the planet. The hypersonic glider flies in Mach 5, slower than a ballistic missile, but its man? Uvability compensates for its speed deficiency, at least in the face of the current defenses of the US military and its allies. And a fault of the Treaty of Space even allows to deploy it without breaking the international rules?

"It is possible that weapons are launched from the space"

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China: Beijing has tested a hypersonic missile in orbit

 China: Beijing has tested a hypersonic missile in orbit according to the "Financial Times", China launched in August a missile nuclear capacity that went around the land in low orbit © Sergei Medvedev / Tass / Sipa USA / SI of Chinese soldiers on September 20, 2021 (Illustration). Weapon - According to the "Financial Times", China launched in August a nuclear ability missile that went around the land in low orbit China continues to progress in hypersonic missile technology.

intelligence American would have been taken short by this test, which illustrates the extremely fast technological advances in Chinese military laboratories. However, some Pentagon officials had already warned publicly that Beijing approached the goal. "It is possible that weapons are launched from the space according to the old concept of the Cold War, the fractional orbital bombardment system", for example, had warned Frank Kendall, the secretary to the US Air Force, during a Forum in September. "It's a way to thwart advanced alert devices and missile defense systems," he added. In fact, Russians and Americans continue to develop similar systems.

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if such a system became operational, it could mark the entrance of China into a so-called first typing posture. These orbital gliders can indeed be launched very discreetly, then dwelling in low orbit until a possible typing order. Their trajectory can cross the south pole, thus bypassing geographically? In addition to going beyond them technologically? American antimissile defenses, all oriented towards the North Pole . China already has, with its missiles, nuclear weapons capable of hitting any enemy on the globe. But with these new technologies, and at a time when China's sea tensions and around Taiwan redouble intensity, the balance of global nuclear deterrence is probably evolving.

COVID-19 In China: Lanzhou confined, Beijing in a health bubble .
© Christmas Celis AFP China tries to eradicate an upsurge of the Covid-19 epidemic before the Beijing Olympic Winter Games. A megalopoly of four million people again confined to China. The decision of the Lanzhou authorities in the northwestern country, follows the appearance of 100 new cases of contamination in a dozen provinces last week. Restrictions also in the Chinese capital, where the entrances are strictly filtered at 100 days from the beginning of the Olympic Winter Games.

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