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16:20  21 october  2021
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plum cake with quark oil dough

 plum cake with quark oil dough September is plum time! This recipe is a good alternative to plum cake with yeast dough, as waiting times for the dough are eliminated. © Provided by my beautiful garden Fruity plum cake with quark oil dough portions 1 cake preparation time 30 min working time 50 min ingredients 1 kg Plums 300 g flour 1 pck.

gourmets give a little more for good olive oil. But in unknown products is often not clear: justifies the quality the high price? For the November issue of the magazine "Test", 27 native olive oils were set extra to the test. Overall, the experts were satisfied: "So many olive oils could not recommend the Foundation Warentest. 15 of 27 cut well." The olive oil test came to the result: good quality can have your price. But also in the discounter you will find it. (Also read: 10 Single Malts that every whiskey fan should have tried )

  Olivenöl: Das sind die besten nativen Öle - zwei fallen komplett durch © getty images & the best olive oil in the test

a "very good" received none of the analyzed olive oils, including twelve with biobie bars. Test winners were made with a school grade of 1.8 these two products: the Spanish Organic Oil Art-appropriate phenolio and Selezione Gustini Antico Frantoio della Fattoria from Italy. The testers praised the excellent taste. Both were part of the most expensive products in the test with a liter price of 48 or 40 euros. Less than a quarter, however, cost the fourth placed, Bertolli originals, with 9.10 euros per liter. Directly behind with the end grade 2.3 also came the native olive oil extra from DMBIO (6.35 euros). The best oil from the discounter was Lidl Primadonna with 5.35 euros per liter.

High energy prices: At the gas station you can read how dramatically the situation is

 High energy prices: At the gas station you can read how dramatically the situation is The EU presents a package of measures to protect citizens from high energy prices. That arises elsewhere desires. © Carsten KOALL / DPA Top Open Prices: This expected the motorists last at the gas stations. The high and still rising energy prices make consumers and politics continue to create. At the political level, a package of measures was presented on Wednesday in Brussels. The EU Commission proposed Member States numerous instruments against the significant increase in energy prices.


The same price numbers consumers for a "good" virgin olive oil extra of Edeka (good & cheap), net (Vegola) and Penny. ALDI got extra a "satisfactory" (2.6) for the cantinal virgin olive oil. The sensory quality made the majority of the evaluation at the age of 60 percent. "Tasty mistakes are not allowed in the highest quality class 'native extra'," said the foundation Warentest clearly. For example, an olive oil should not taste rancid in accordance with the requirements of the European Union. That's exactly what the tasted managed in the product of Alnatura. It became "poor" (5.0) of the losers in the olive oil test. (Also interesting: checking account - only these accounts are really free )

& plasticizers in olive oil

only minimal better cut the second "defective" product of Oil & Vinesegar (note 4.8). It was the most expensive in the test with 52 euros per liter. The experts found a very high load with the softener DEHP. "The salary suggests that he could have dissolved from unsuitable hoses," said the Foundation Warentest. "DeHP can impair the propagation capability. An acute danger is not out of the oil. But: plasticizers in so high held avoidable."

rather advisable, the experts would therefore also be burdened by the four olive oils, which are relatively high with the mineral oil hydrocarbons Moah and Mosh, according to the test. These are the products of Kaufland, Rapunzel, Monini and the Gentile Oil of BERTOLLI. "Moah are considered to be carcinogenic, Mosh may be rich in the body. The fabrics can be reached in olive oil, for example," said. The oils were bought in April and May 2021, prices are based on the status of August and September 2021.


Gold Prize: Waiting for inflation data from Europe .
Although the dollar is slipped on Thursday Thursday, the gold price can not benefit from it and has negative signs before the weekend. by Jörg Bernhard Considering that the day before Germany has been published as expected inflation rate (4.5 percent PA) and for the USA a weaker than expected economic growth (+2.0 percent), the gold price responded more disappointing. In the morning, market players now learn how to develop the inflation in Europe.

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