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18:45  21 october  2021
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After electoral debacle: CDU party congress is to re-select complete board

 After electoral debacle: CDU party congress is to re-select complete board The processing of the election defeat must be "brutally open", says Secretary-General Ziemiak. The CDU district chairman should propose a procedure for the search for a new party leader. © AFP A special party conference should bring the personnel and content new edition of the CDU, explains Secretary-General Ziemiak. CDU party congress is to choose complete board The CDU plans to meet the district chairman on 30 October after their historical disaster in the general election.

Berlin. The traffic lights parties have fundamentally different views, as far as the succession of the Bundesbank boss and the future course of monetary policy are concerned. The search for a successor or successor for Jens Weidmann can burden the potential new government.

 Bundesbank-Präsident Jens Weidmann (53) hat den Bundespräsidenten um seine Entlassung zum Jahresende gebeten. © Kay Nietfeld Bundesbank President Jens Weidmann (53) has asked the Federal President for his release at the end of the year.

on the question of whether the replacement of the Bundesbank President will also be the subject of coalition negotiations, SPD Secretary-General Lars Klingbeil waved on Thursday: When a traffic light government comes about, so ringing, one will accept the topic, "but not today".

Great Tass Panel in Berlin: Politicians worthy use of the Bundeswehr in Afghanistan

 Great Tass Panel in Berlin: Politicians worthy use of the Bundeswehr in Afghanistan in Berlin will be honored for soldiers for their service in Afghanistan. Only the next federal government will draw a balance of use. © Photo: DPA / Maurizio Gambarini Bundeswehr Soldier in Afghanistan (archive image of 2011) With a major memorial attack, Berliner Politics honors the use of German soldiers in Afghanistan on Wednesday. It should also be thought of the 59 men who were killed or died there.

The news of the withdrawal of the Federal Bank President Jens Weidmann at the end of the year was bursting in the midst of the preparations of the coalition negotiations of SPD, Greens and FDP. After ten years at the Office, the 53-year-old leaves the bank of "personal reasons" as he wrote the employees in Frankfurt. From Bundesbankkarten later to learn that Weidmann had become sorry to find no comrades in the Council of the European Central Bank (ECB) for an exit from the loose monetary policy. Weidmann had warned several times before approaching inflationary hazards, but in the ECB his concerns do not seem to be shared.

The reactions of FDP and green betrayed fundamental differences in the assessment of monetary policy: While FDP boss Christian Lindner insisted to find a successor to Weidmann, which represents similar monetary and regulatory views , explained green boss Robert Habeck, he has "with all content differences" that had had "great respect" from Weidmann's decision. "For the future, it needs a Bundesbank, which operates at the height of the challenges of time," says. What the Green Politiker actually wanted to say: In order to finance climate protection and social compensation in the future, it needs sustained low interest rates and a loose ECB policy.

Ralph Brinkhaus sees "strammste link Agenda" for decades at traffic light parties

 Ralph Brinkhaus sees Armin Laschet and Friedrich Merz found words of praise for the result of the traffic lights soundings. However, Ralph Brinkhaus tells strongly against the plans - and thus meets with opposition at the Junge Union. © Bernd Thissen / dpa Unlike the CDU politician Armin Laschet and Friedrich Merz Union faction leader Ralph Brinkhaus practiced again sharply criticized the exploratory result of SPD , Greens and FDP .

The SPD held against it, but is likely to come to a similar assessment like DAUL. The resignation has completely surprised SPD chancellor candidate Olaf Scholz, said it in party circles. About the succession is probably only decided in about two months. His successor or successor must be accepted by all, that was more important than the gender. But to be a woman, certainly no disadvantage in the selection process, said an insider of the agency Reuters. In addition to Bundesbank vice president Claudia book, the German ECB director Isabel Schnabel is also traded as a candidate.

The traffic light coalition is expected to make the fiscal policy expansionally. The probing paper contains plans for high multi-spending. Additional investments of 50 billion euros per year Especially in climate protection is not in the paper, but are already an appointment, it was said in circles of several parties. In financing, investment companies of the federal government should be used or newly founded. If these are faulty to offer "market goods" such as new railways or e-charging columns, this is compatible with the debt brake in the Basic Law. This too should have not liked the outgoing Federal Bank President.

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Hendrik West elected to the new Prime Minister of North Rhine-Westphalia .
North Rhine-Westphalia has a new Prime Minister: The deputies in the Düsseldorf state parliament have chosen CDU country leader Hendrik Wüst to Government. He leads the coalition with the FDP in the future. © Political-Moments / Imago Hendrik Wüst will in future lead the government in North Rhine-Westphalia . The CDU country chairman received in the state parliament in Düsseldorf 103 of 197 votes cast and thus follows the previous Prime Minister Armin Laschet (CDU) as a head of government.

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