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08:50  22 october  2021
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Norway: The terrorist track is accurate after the murderous arc attack

 Norway: The terrorist track is accurate after the murderous arc attack Your Browser does not support this video Norwegian police held this Thursday a press conference to draw up the contours of the suspect's profile of the attack In archery that makes five dead the night before. The arc attack that made five dead and two wounded in Norway looks at this stage at a "terrorist act," said Norwegian security services (PST) this Thursday, thus contributing to the terrorist track. Islamist.

The Paris town hall has just announced the creation of a strong police of 5,000 agents. But, everywhere in France, cities struggle to recruit despite the benefits promised future employees.

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In the last municipal, all candidates or nearly, right as on the left, in the small as in the big cities, promised to create their police or increase the staff: 50 new recruits By 2026 for the Socialist Martine Aubry in Lille, 25 to 30 for the Ecologist Gregory Doucet in Lyon, a hundred in Marseille as in Toulouse, a tripling for the new mayor The Republicans of Bron ... "Long the municipal policies were Especially localized in the southeast, details Armand Pinoteau, administrative and financial director of the association of elected cities of France. But since the attacks, they are present almost everywhere. In a few years, the number of municipal police exploded: "We went from 18000 in 2010 to 24000 in 2020", details Laurent Trijoulet, the National Center for the Territorial Public Service (CNFPT), which form.

Saudi Arabia Pride: Spectacular place at the luxury hotel over

 Saudi Arabia Pride: Spectacular place at the luxury hotel over Still for about 50 days, it is up to the first Formula 1 race in Saudi Arabia. Construction work in Jidda are in full swing to finish everything for the appearance of the royal class. The organizers already promise a true feast that "a new standard for Formula 1" will set. © Motorsport.com Motorsport Photo Managing Director Martin Whitaker considers it important that Formula 1 comes to Saudi Arabia, because then "the cultural and social values" of the country could show.

Faced with the influx, the municipalities fail to fill the posts promised to their citizens. "We should have a hundred and we have only one quarter," deplores Georges Mothron, Mayor Lr d'Argenteuil. In Lyon, on the 365 budget, it still lacks fifty. In this context of scarcity, Paris has just announced the creation of its own police, strong by 2026 of 5,000 agents including 3,600 municipal police officers. According to the calculations of the Association of Elected Urban France, outside Paris, it would be missed by about 4000 on the national territory, of which about almost a third in Île-de-France.

first bottleneck, the lack of spaces in the contests. Organized not nationally but according to the demands of mayors, they suffer from a lack of regularity, and the posts are not always provided, for lack of candidates. More and more exposed, the profession is struggling to attract. Second Goulet, the wait, four months on average, before having a place in one of the CNFPT centers for a training that lasts about six months. "Every year, the number of recruits climbs by 20%. We cough a little to put this rise in adequacy with the means to train them, admits Laurent Trijoulet, even though we table on an increase of 7600 municipal police between 2020 and 2026. "

Nice sets up an SMS alert system to prevent the inhabitants in the event of a major crisis

 Nice sets up an SMS alert system to prevent the inhabitants in the event of a major crisis at first, the alerts will only concern Nice before the deployment of the system to the entire metropolitan territory © S.

In April, the CNFPT hired 25 people to manage this influx, and invests tens of millions of euros in the enlargement of its centers. Between the moment the police officer is recruited and the one where he finished his training, he has elapsed nearly one year, during which he is paid by the town hall who hired it ... Then "once on two he wants Going to another font, "deplore Philippe Laurent, Vice-President of the Association of Mayor of France and himself first elect (UDI) of seals. "We are all in need, then we pique each other," recognizes Georges Mothron. To attract them, some municipalities offer a function accommodation, create night brigades or cynophiles, offer drones, new vehicles, trainings, regular shooting sessions, overtime, premiums ... the entrance salary d A guardian-brigadier, a Category C official, is 1500 euros, but some municipalities go so far.

in Lyon, ensures Mohamed Chihi, Assistant Security, he was "revalued 120 euros gross to reach an average of 1900 euros". Big cities attract more thanks to the variety of missions they propose and opportunities for evolution. And, above all, what the police want is armament. "This is the first request," confirms the Cédric Michel SDPM unionist. "The municipal police are often a reflection of the mayor, details Christophe Bouillon, boss of the association of small towns of France, who can use it to make the display with state-of-the-art equipment. Philippe Laurent adds, however,: "The state is very happy to have an additional police paid by the communes. Yet our agents do not have the same missions: prevention, urban tranquility, and not looking for offenders. " And, more and more, municipalities pall the lack of staff of national law enforcement. The municipal police has a good day before her.

Assault of the Capitol: The documents that Donald Trump wants to keep secretly revealed .
© supplied by the Parisian the former President of the United States, Donald Trump, during a speech delivered before the assault of the Capitol. AFP / Brendan Smialowski The vise is tightened around the former American president. A judicial file, made public on Saturday, revealed the details of the documents related to the assault on the Capitol that Donald Trump, which has been in court, seeks to keep secret .

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