US News before the start: Anonymous hacks Trump's new network

12:10  22 october  2021
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Trump files an appeal against a chamber survey on the assault of January 6th

 Trump files an appeal against a chamber survey on the assault of January 6th USA-Trump: Trump files an appeal against a chamber survey on the assault of January 6 © Reuters / Rachel Mummey Trump Removal An appeal against an investigation of the Chamber on the Assault of January 6, Washington (Reuters) - Donald Trump has submitted on Monday an appeal against a commission of inquiry of the United States House on the Capitol attack on January 6, accusing him to claim "illegal, unfounded and indistinct" documents dating from his presidency to the White House.

Only on Wednesday the new social app from ex-President Donald Trump in the App Store to pre-order live. Now she has already been taken over by hackers.

„Truth Social“ – die neue App von Donald Trump. © Mundissima / Shutterstock "TRUTH Social" - The new app of Donald Trump.

The former US President Donald Trump declared on Wednesday evening that he wools an alternative social network. The new platform should go under the name "TRUTH SOCIAL". The Twitter-like network should provide for Trump's information "The tyranny of Big Tech". However, it did not even stop a first cyber attack.

Next Try: Trump wants to set up its own network

Trump blog: Hardly is he there again

"Tyranny of Big Tech offer the forehead": Trump announces its own online network at

 The former US President Donald Trump has introduced plans for its own online network. The "TRUTH Social" platform will initially go for loaded guests as a trial version in November, "to offer the forehead to the tyranny of Big Tech," Trump explained on Wednesday. At the beginning of 2022 it should be available nationwide. © Andy Jacobsohn / AFP The former US President Donald Trump has introduced plans for its own online network.

after declaration of war: Anonymous takes over Attila Hildmann's internet presence

within two hours Hackers gives themselves access to a private version of the social network and counterfeit accounts for Trump, the right-wing extremists Stephen Bannon, conspiracy theorist Ron Watkins and Twitter boss Jack Dorsey created.

Using a false "Donaldjtrump" account published the hacker pictures of Kotende pigs, offended Dorsey in the name of Trump, inquired about the whereabouts of the former First Lady Melania Trump. According to New York Times , the hackers said the part of the Hacker Collective Anonymous, the efforts are part of their "online war against hatred".

code only stolen?

With your attack, the hackers want to show how bad the safety precautions of Trump's new social network are and how easy it is to create fake accounts. The data released when the TRUTH-SOCIAL app was available on Wednesday in the App Store for pre-order and invited all those interested to register on a waiting list, the anonymous hackers ranged to access the previous version to get the app.

VERIVOX sees network fees for gas before an all-time high

 VERIVOX sees network fees for gas before an all-time high The network fees for gas will increase around two percent in the coming year after calculating the price comparison portal Verivox and thus never before. © Jens Büttner / DPA Central Image / DPA Consumers in Germany have to set higher gas prices in the coming year. With a typical detached house with a consumption of 20 000 kilowatt hours would be due in the coming year in the federal section 325 euros net and thus five euros more than before, Verivox announced on Thursday in Heidelberg.

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The hackers' activities forced the app developers of Trump Media and Technology Group to lock accounts and finally close the entire development platform. Meanwhile, the network threatens even further trouble. The code on which the platform is based should come to large parts from the online network mastodon. While this was published as an open source, yet a modified version must be made publicly accessible according to the license - and does not do that "TRUTH Social". The signs for a successful start of Trump's answer to Twitter and Co are anything but good.

Assault of the Capitol: The documents that Donald Trump wants to keep secretly revealed .
© supplied by the Parisian the former President of the United States, Donald Trump, during a speech delivered before the assault of the Capitol. AFP / Brendan Smialowski The vise is tightened around the former American president. A judicial file, made public on Saturday, revealed the details of the documents related to the assault on the Capitol that Donald Trump, which has been in court, seeks to keep secret .

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