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15:20  22 october  2021
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is the DRC: a chocolatee survives in the furnace of the rebels ADF

 is the DRC: a chocolatee survives in the furnace of the rebels ADF © Alexis Huguet start of process for cocoa beans with the chocolate of Virunga Origins, in Mutwanga on November 18 2020 "We are pioneers!" Lance Roger Muhindo in front of the entrance of his chocolate that survives in the east of the Democratic Republic of Congo, where rebels from the Allied Democratic Forces Group (ADF) have massacred nearly one thousand civilians in twelve months.

  Centrafrique: un cessez-le-feu en manque de substance © AFP / Archives

U Weight After the Central African Chairman's surprise announcement of a "unilateral ceasefire" of his soldiers and their Russian allies and Rwandan in their war against rebels, experts and opposition believe that this truce is not viable.

This country among the poorest in the world has been the scene of many conflicts since its independence of the France in 1960, the last civil war started in 2013 persistent, even if it has fallen considerably from intensity for three years. However, 13 peace agreements since 2007 and several ceasefire announcements have never been held.

There are ten months ago, two-thirds of the territory were controlled by armed groups, the main ones of which launched an offensive in December 2020 to overthrow the President Faustin-Archange Touadéra which broke up a second presidential term.

Côte d'Ivoire: Laurent Gbagbo launches the Party of African Peoples

 Côte d'Ivoire: Laurent Gbagbo launches the Party of African Peoples © Sia Kambou Former Ivorian President Laurent Gbagbo at the opening of the Congress of his new party, in Abidjan, October 16, 2021 the former President Ivorian Laurent Gbagbo endorsed Sunday the clothes of a pan-Africanist leader by launching a new movement, the African Peoples Party of Ivory Coast (PPA), which concretizes his return to the foreground on the political scene, after ten years of absence. "We will resume together our way," launched Mr.

It was re-elected and called for the Moscow and Kigali rescue which have massively dispatched from the Russian paramilitaries - of the "mercenaries" of the private company WAGNER according to the UN - and Rwandan elite soldiers. These forces have reconquered the vast majority of the country and repulsed the rebels into the bush, from where they multiply guerrilla actions.

excluded from dialogue

on October 15, Mr. Touadéra justified his "unilateral ceasefire" by the need to promote the opening of a "republican dialogue", promised just after his re-election but still has not seen the day and for which no date is announced.

In his speech, Mr. Touadéra welcomed the coalition of the patriots for the change (CPC), the Rebel Alliance, also "signed the commitment to cease any armed action". However, he at the same time excluded armed groups from the future republican dialogue.

Tiger: New Ethiopian air attack against Mekele

 Tiger: New Ethiopian air attack against Mekele © Aude Genet Map Locating the Tigi Region and its Capital Mekele The Ethiopian army launched on Wednesday an air attack against Mekele, the capital of the northern region of the Tiger, for the Second time this week, marking a new escalation of this regional conflict that has been going on for nearly a year. Unlike Monday's strikes, the Ethiopian government quickly confirmed the information first given by humanitarian sources and a resident of Mekele.

This is what makes the ceasefire illusory for the experts: the exclusion of the rebellion that officially accepted the ceasefire.

"Our goal is to get rid of the rebellion, we do not dialog with those who take up arms", Slice Albert Yaloké Mokpeme, spokesman for the presidency interviewed by the AFP .

"If the armed groups file the weapons, it is a contradiction to keep them apart from the political dialogue," retorts the member for the opposition Martin Ziguele, former Prime Minister. "We will see what the government will propose but refusing that they enter is to take the risk of calling everything in question," he explains to AFP.

"save time"

"we make peace with his enemies, not with his friends," ROLAND Marchal, from the International Research Center (CERI) of Sciences Po Paris , for whom the truce will not hold if the "Reconciliation" does not integrate armed groups.

Even analysis for Thierry Vercoulon, the French Institute of International Relations (IFRI): The ceasefire "is made to give oneself the right role in the eyes of international partners", one month after a summit in Luanda where the Neighbors of Africa Central, the African Union (AU) and the UN imposed the idea of ​​a ceasefire to finally launch an "inclusive" dialogue.

Turkish central bank lowers key interest rate radical than expected

 Turkish central bank lowers key interest rate radical than expected Despite a very high inflation rate, Turkish central bank has drastically reduced its key interest rate. She apparently gives the pressure of President Recep Tayyip Erdogan. © Karl-Josef Hildenbrand / DPA Despite the high inflation rate, Turkish central bank has drastically lowered its key interest rate. , contrary to the general teaching, believes that the country's suffering from high inflation can be cranked with lower interest rates.

The rebels do not say something else: "The true condition for the ceasefire to work is that the president undertakes an inclusive dialogue", warns Serge Bozanga, spokesperson for the CPC, in a Telephone interview with AFP, adding: "Touadéra just seeks to save time and strengthen militarily".

Ability of nuisance

Everything will also depend on the ground hundreds of Russian paramilitaries that lead the counter-offensive to the side of a very poor and poorly trained army. They are accused by France and the UN committing "possible war crimes" and remunerate by juicy mining contracts and "predations".

If they have lived a debation, the rebels also retain significant nuisance capabilities but had to change tactics. They reigned over the majority of the territory ten months ago, now lead guerrillas: stealth attacks and improvised mines.

"The rebels are easily dispersed and have time to reorganize itself," says Roland Marchal. He will continue to "operate" in some territories and to "kill civilians," Redoute Lewis Mudge, the NGO Human Rights Watch.

Especially since the dry season, coming in November, is traditionally conducive to military actions, "said Vircoulon.

Although armed groups no longer represent a threat to power, thanks to the presence of 12,000 blue helmets but especially hundreds of Russian fighters, "rebels can exhaust the existing regime", concludes Roland Marchal.

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Gastreit with Russia: Republic of Moldova defends itself .
in the gastride with Russia warns the impoverished Republic of Moldova before taking advantage of its difficult situation. © Aurel Obreja / AP / DPA In the midst of a heavy crisis in gas supply, the Republic of Moldova adjacent to Romania has proclaimed a one-month emergency.

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