US News Omar Sy proud: Her Sabah daughter is already 18 years old, messages and family photos

17:20  22 october  2021
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Bundesliga: BVB probably interested in defense talent

 Bundesliga: BVB probably interested in defense talent Borussia Dortmund is apparently interested in the 16-year-old defensive talent Omar Mekkaoui from the Netherlands. FC Bayern Munich plans no obligation of Borussia Dortmund's Erling Haaland in the near future. Here are news and rumors to BVB. Here you find further news about BVB .

This is a birthday we never forget despite the years passing. Friday, September 22, 2021, Sabah Sy celebrated his 18th anniversary, an important step in his life. On social networks, his two parents Omar and Hélène SY addressed him with tender messages, evoking a strong and independent woman with a great talent for the song .

"18 years ago ... You came to the world and you have been since a blessing, a light, a joy for our lives. You are the daughter of your dad Aka 'Young Blood'. The most adorable girls became this woman so beautiful and strong. I'm so proud of you my sabah cabbage. Being who you are darling, be happy, be free, be what you chose to be! Happy birthday Sabah, I love you So strong, "wrote his mother Hélène S on Instagram. The opportunity for her to publish several family photos in black and white. It is always discovered smiling, especially in the arm of its worshiped grandmothers.

in Sudan, second night of sit-in for pro-army

 in Sudan, second night of sit-in for pro-army © AFP d es hundred protesters begin Sunday their second night of sit-in to demand a government of military, aggravating more what Prime Minister Abdallah Hamdok described as the "worst crisis" of the Sudan Post-Bashir. for the supporters of a civilian government, spearhead of the popular revolt that ended in 2019 at 30 years of dictatorship of General Omar El-Béchir , this sit-in is a "coup d'état" in Becoming in a country that has already experienced several.

many personalities, of Charlotte Namura to Mokobé and Yseult have acclaimed this Instagram publication. "Incredible time really goes fast, long life", wrote the rapper.

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Omar Sy souhaite un bon anniversaire à sa fille Sabah, 18 ans. © Instagram Omar Sy wants a good birthday to his daughter Sabah, 18 years old.

Sabah is one of the greatest of this family of five children, after his elder Selly . All now live in the United States, California, hence their dad Omar Sy leads a booming career , powered by the international success of Lupine (Netflix). There, they live there "more free" and are much less returned "their origins than in France, where things have changed", as Henen Sy.

Omar Sy has always been very fusional with his daughters. is what "fascinates the most". "As I became very young dad and my wife has character, I quickly realized that to allow me to stay a child, the first thing to do was to become an adult. If I had been in denial responsibilities , the reality would have caught me. It would have been growing at once and I would not have had the time to mess up at all. But to assume very early my role of husband and father allows me today to have Free time, "he told Femina version. A fabulous destiny.

Sudan: Arrest of Putsch opponents, strong pressures abroad .
© Sudanese security forces have multiplied Wednesday the arrests of militants and protesters and quarry Khartoum to attempt to finish with the Opposition to the coup of General Abdel Fattah Al-Burhane. Abroad, the African Union and the World Bank raised pressure on the army: the first suspended the Sudan of its institutions and the second ceased its help, however vital for this poor land dive in the economic marasm and undermined by conflict.

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