US News Ukraine. An attack at the home of a politician involved in the fight against corruption

19:25  22 october  2021
19:25  22 october  2021 Source:   ouest-france.fr

Slovakia: The Governor of the Central Bank indicted

 Slovakia: The Governor of the Central Bank indicted BCE-Kazimir-Corruption: Slovakia: the governor of the central bank charged © Reuters / Bobby YIP Slovakia: the governor of the central bank indicted Prague (Reuters) - The Slovak floor confirmed on Wednesday that the governor of the National Central Bank, Peter Kazimir, who sits on the Board of Governors of the European Central Bank (ECB), had been indicted in a record of suspicion of corruption. . "A specialized prosecution office was charged against P.K.

Un homme de 25 ans a jeté un cocktail Molotov dans la cour de la maison du politicien, à Kiev. Photo d’illustration. © Money Sharma / AFP A 25-year-old man thrown a molotov cocktail in the yard of the politician, Kiev. Photo Stock Illustration.

A Cocktail Molotov was launched in the courtyard of the home of a senior official of the Ukrainian presidential administration. Engaged in the fight against corruption, the politician was not injured.

The home of a senior official of the Ukrainian presidential administration in Kiev was attacked at the Cocktail Molotov , this Friday, October 22nd. The police clarified having stopped the assailant.

Cocktail Attack Molotov

A 25-year-old man, earned early in the morning a Molotov cocktail in the courtyard of Igor Jovkva, director-deputy director of President Volodymyr Zelensky, said the police. in a statement.

Russia excluded from an international conference for the fight against cybercrime

 Russia excluded from an international conference for the fight against cybercrime © Archives Ouest-France / Marc Ollivier A man consults a PC whose screen is carried by Cyber ​​Attack. According to private cybersecurity experts, many gangs using rankongicials - viruses that block computers until a ransom - operate from Ukraine and Russia. Russia was not invited to participate in a virtual meeting bringing together 30 countries organized by the United States and on the fight against cybercrime , said a manager of the US administration.

"Fortunately, no one was injured" , "said the spokesman for the Ukrainian Presidency, Sergi Nykyforov, ensuring that the sponsors and their potential reasons will be quickly established.

According to the police, the assailant is a homeless person who found an internet announcement offering $ 4,000 to the one who will agree to perpetrate the attack.

from previous attacks against the presidency

This is the second attack on a responsible for the presidential administration in Ukraine in recent weeks.

At the end of September, Sergi Chefi's car, a Volodymyr Zelensky advisor, was targeted by multiple fire, an


according to the authorities. Sergi Châtor, a long-standing friend and associate of Volodymyr Zelensky, has come out unscathed, but his driver was injured. The entourage of the Ukrainian President has associated this attack on the efforts of Volodyymr Zelensky in the field of the fight against


VOLODYMYR ZELENSKY announced this year a campaign to fight against certain oligarchs, rich businessmen accused of exploiting the economy of this former Soviet Republic and to buy the voices of the media and the political class.

X1 Former actor and actor, he was elected to the Ukrainian Presidency in 2019, promising change and fierce fight against gangrene corruption. Ukraine. So far its results have been very limited. X1

Treasures of Crimea: Russia denounces a "Hazardous Previous" and Announces An Inquiry .
Russia denounced on Wednesday a "Hazardous Previous" and announced the opening of an investigation to estimate its prejudice after the decision of the Dutch justice to make Ukraine archaeological treasures of Crimea played between Moscow and Kiev. "This is a very dangerous precedent that weighs the trust between the museum communities of the different countries and questions the prospects for cooperation between the museums of Russia and the Netherlands," said the spokesman in a communiqué.

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