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19:30  22 october  2021
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Driver Due: British ports complain of container backwater

 Driver Due: British ports complain of container backwater shortly before the beginning of the important Christmas business complain British ports via a backwater. Container ships would be diverted or would have to wait for days at sea on the entrance, reported British media on Wednesday. © Andrew Matthews / Pa Wire / DPA A container ship in the port of Southampton (archive image). companies fear that it could therefore come to delays for the delivery of toys and electronic goods.

Les drones peuvent transporter des petits chargements, comme ici 2017, lorsqu’un drone de livraison était testé en Floride. Photo d’illustration. © Scott Audette / Reuters The drones can carry small loads, as here 2017, when a delivery drone was tested in Florida. Photo Stock Illustration.

To escape the traffic jams in downtown Toronto, a surgeon was delivered lungs ... by drone. In nine minutes, the organs flew from one hospital to another before being grafted.

A Canadian surgeon realized at the end of September "What had never happened" : Grinder a lung carried a few minutes ago thanks to a drone between two hospitals of downtown Toronto.

Less than 10 minutes of flight

"We have proved, and it's a very important point, it's possible to do it safely" , welcomed Dr. Shaf Keshavjee, who collaborated with a team technique for two years to realize this flight.

The United States will reopen their borders to vaccinated on November 8, 2021, Obs

 The United States will reopen their borders to vaccinated on November 8, 2021, Obs after more than eighteen months of closing borders, the United States will reopen on 8 November to millions of travelers who do not could no longer cross them because of the pandemic, but provided that they are vaccinated .

In the middle of the night, the drone traveled 1.2 kilometers in a little less than ten minutes in the sky of the Canadian metropolis, taking off from the Toronto Western Hospital and landing on the roof of the General Hospital.

The lungs were then transplanted, successfully, in a patient of about sixty years of pulmonary fibrosis.

Transportation by drone was via a refrigerated container "which maintains the thermal parameters of the organ" so that the latter is "viable for a transplantation.

A future operation

"I think drone technologies have a great potential for it to become a standard in terms of health care" , explains Mikaël Cardinal, Vice President at Unither Bioelectronics, the company of Biotechnology that made the flight. The latter, a subsidiary of the American company UNITED THERAPEUTICS, is established in Quebec.

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The device has crossed the "urban and complex" environment of Toronto city center in an automated way, with human supervision.

"The challenge now is to adapt this technology to make it accessible to patients around the world" , adds Dr. Keshavjee, specialized in pulmonary transplant, which recalls that the lung is "the most fragile of all organs" to conserve and transport.

Time is the most critical constraint for organ transport. Experience shows that drone delivery technology, already operational for online bought parcels in some countries, could actually be used to improve the current organ transport system and reduce the cost.

In April 2019, a drone had made a similar flight by sending a kidney to a Maryland hospital in the United States.

In Quebec, the great walk for forest protection is fighting against deforestation .
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