US News Better wages: British bus drivers Switching in truck industry

14:20  24 october  2021
14:20  24 october  2021 Source:   pressfrom.com

tragic death of the size of the size: the former journalist of TF1 was spilled by a truck

 tragic death of the size of the size: the former journalist of TF1 was spilled by a truck © Bestimage tragic death of Emmanuel of the size: the former journalist of TF1 was reversed by An truck This is a new tragic reported by the Parisian today: the former economic journalist of TF1, Emmanuel of the size, died at the age of 89 years. The latter would have been turned over by a truck while he was on the Champs-Elysées in Paris. The great family of TF1 is gradually stretching by seeing big names in its history disappear.

Some British bus drivers decide to a report due to better wages for a change in the logistics industry.

Ein Mann geht in London am Anhänger eines LKWs vorbei, auf dessen Plane zu lesen ist «Wir stellen ein. Fahrer und Lagermitarbeiter». © Dominic Lipinski / Pa Wire / dpa A man passes in London at the pendant of a truck past whose tarpaulin is "we set. Driver and warehouse staff ».

The emigration go back to the blatant lack of truck drivers rising the wages in the industry Lasse, Bobby Morton said from the union unite on Sunday to the Sky News station. Bus drivers would have long as a truck driver for long layers and not enough toilets and sanitary facilities available.

"Therefore, people now, if we need to work further under these Victorian conditions, then we can drive a truck for 20 pounds, instead of ten pounds of the hour a bus," Morton explained. "That's why bus drivers are going to the other industry in droves."

Two clandestines found dead in a bus with 26 other migrants at the Austro-Hungarian border

 Two clandestines found dead in a bus with 26 other migrants at the Austro-Hungarian border © Herbert P. oczeret / AFP The bus was arrested in Austria, near the Hungarian border. Photo Stock Illustration. The Austrian army has made a macabre discovered this Tuesday, October 19, near the Hungarian border. Two clandestines were found dead in a bus that carried thirty migrants. Two clandestines were found dead in Austria this Tuesday, October 19, in a bus intercepted at the Hungarian border . Thirty migrants were in the vehicle, whose driver fled.

According to the Confederation of Passenger Transport UK, around 4,000 bus drivers and bus drivers in the United Kingdom are currently missing. There are already connections on some routes. The Ministry of Transport declared that they have already accelerated the procedures for travel tests and preliminary bus drivers.

The massive lack of truck drivers has caused significant problems in the United Kingdom in recent weeks. So sat many petrol stations on the dry because the fuel could not be transported to them. Also supermarket courses were partially empty. Many drivers from the EU have returned to their home countries during the pandemic and can not live and work after Brexit again in the United Kingdom. The government exhibited temporary visas to mitigate the situation and helped the military help. However, a true relaxation of the situation is not in sight.

Tensions around the fishing: the United Kingdom denounces "completely unreasonable threats" .
new episode in the tensions that oppose Paris and London . The British Foreign Minister Liz Truss, called on Monday the French government to withdraw its threats of sanctions in the dispute on post-Brexit fishing licenses. "The French have made completely unreasonable threats , including against the Anglo-Norman Islands and our fishing industry and they must withdraw these threats," said Liz Truss on the Skynews string.

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