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14:50  24 october  2021
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Bundesliga: FCB: Müller talks about his future

 Bundesliga: FCB: Müller talks about his future Thomas Müller spoke in an interview about his career plan and his future at FC Bayern Munich. For Julian Nagelsmann, the task of the TSG Hoffenheim was easier than at the German record champion. In addition, a defender has extended his contract. There are up-to-date news and rumors to FCB. © Provided by Spox Thomas Müller has talked about his career plan and his future. Here you will find more news and rumors for Bayern.

Dusseldorf. National player and Bavaria-Star Joshua Kimmich has not been vaccinated against Corona so far. Although this decision is legitimate, it is playing his role as a role model in the fight against the pandemic.

 Joshua Kimmich. © Carmen Jasersen Joshua Kimmich.

The news of Kimmich's vaccination status was the discussion topic at this football weekend. This is not alone in the Bundesliga, not alone in Germany. It is your right to decide against vaccination. He had "personal concerns - just as for missing long-term studies," Kimmich said at "Sky". This argument can now be used again with other arguments such as existing studies on the vaccine seizures or the long-term sequences of a corona infection. But this could not clear the concerns in Kimmich. That must accept the environment and the employer. There are no vaccinations in Germany. You do not have to be vaccinated to play football in a stadium into which only vaccinated or greeting fans are left.

Schmidt becomes new coach at MSV Duisburg

 Schmidt becomes new coach at MSV Duisburg Hagen Schmidt takes over the MSV Duisburg. The 51-year-old was involved in the offspring services center of Borussia Mönchengladbach. © MSV Duisburg takes over the head coach post in Duisburg: Hagen Schmidt. Dotchev Success Found Schmidt receives a contract with the Zebras until 2023, as the club announced on Monday. "Hagen has shown in the conversations meticulous and detailed the state of MSV.

And yet you have to critically question Kimmen's pre-timer at Bavaria's pre-player, why not he has been vaccinated. After all, he does with his initiative "We Kick Corona" advertising for vaccination, collected money for a UNICEF campaign, which distributes vaccines in poor countries. He founded the initiative at the beginning of the pandemic with teammate Leon Goretzka. There were no vaccinations yet. First of all, solidarity with the occupational fields, companies and humans hit by Corona. Kimmich and Goretzka were in professional football as something of the bright role models for social commitment and responsible use of the pandemic.

This role is no longer fair, because he has become implausible. It is one to decide against a vaccine. But it is something completely different when you stand for a campaign that promotes vaccination while you yourself have too much health concerns. Although Kimmich finds that everyone should have the free decision to vaccinate and go only if there is also vaccine everywhere. So far, so right. Nevertheless, "We Kick Corona" also wrote: "Corona is permanently only to get under control if sufficient vaccine can be administered everywhere in the world." That is, it must also give people who can administer the vaccine. And everyone counts. Kimmich makes itself unobtrusive and its initiative. At the same time he must accept that others feel the waiver of vaccination additionally than unsolidary. Because he increases the risk of disseminating the virus and infecting others, even if he holds himself as he stresses to all hygiene measures.

visiting the Sámi in Norway .
Even hundreds of years ago, the Sámi lived on the side of reindeer in the north of Scandinavia. To date, the people bears its traditions from generation to generation. It is a culture full of colorful colors, nature songs and pride. Today, their way of life - and thus their identity - is threatened by climate change. Time for a trip to the northernmost tip of Norway! © Getty Images in the Hohen North Norway life The Sámi Our journey begins in the city of Tromsø.

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