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09:20  25 october  2021
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everywhere in France, the yellow vests make a very, very shy

 everywhere in France, the yellow vests make a very, very shy return © Franck Dubray / West France The yellow vests have returned on the roundabouts this Saturday, October 16 and here on the carpooling area Vallet in Loire-Atlantique. As three years ago, rising energy prices generated calls to manifest and occupy the roundabouts this Saturday. But there was no crowd, far from it, even though some inflated the ranks of the anti-safety manifestations. Little horizon. Caen , Saint-Malo , Perpignan , Orleans ...

( Rural and Urban Christian Youth ), Young Men’s Christian Associations and youth hostels, among others. These youth movements spread internationally through networks maintained. by specialised journals and international exhibitions. The Léon Blum government is still well known in France as it was the one which introduced. paid holidays. Consequently, much of what the Ministry did, involved supporting future. holiday-makers in various ways: cheaper train tickets for young people and setting up youth .

Some rural youths are decently educated but they do not get the desired jobs as per their qualifications. Rural youths work in the fields but they lack the innovative ideas that are making agriculture bitter and unattractive for them. There are various factors which make rural youths unemployable. Since youth is important it is necessary to educate youth in rural areas so that they can become developed. Thus The Kalgidhar Society has built a school by the name of Akal Academy to cater the needs of rural youth in Rural Punjab, Haryana, Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan and Himachal

Luc Bronner, great reporter to the "World", went to an agricultural high school of the Pyrénées-Atlantiques to meet a rural youth, whose ambition is to resume the family farm. In this podcast, he tells us the report of these young people at work, ecology or politics.

What are the aspirations, but also the fears, of a rural youth that we would be used to hear? As part of the special operation of the world "fragments of France", for which hundred journalists, accompanied by a hundred photographers, brushing an united portrait of the country, our great reporter Luc Bronner went to an agricultural high school meeting. these young ones.

Alexia Laroche-Joubert on Miss France: "We were too much in a secret Victoria's parade and mannequins, I do not want it anymore! "

 Alexia Laroche-Joubert on Miss France: A few days after his appointment to the presidency of Miss France, Alexia Laroche-Joubert made a few confidences on the new direction that would take the election in the future leaving less room for physics. © Berzane Nasser / Abaca A few days after his appointment to the presidency of Miss France, Alexia Laroche-Joubert made a few confidences on the new direction that would take the election in the future leaving for example less room for physics .

Data were collected from 300 youth spread across the rural areas of Akwa Ibom State, one of the States in the region. Combinations of sampling methods were used to collect data for the study. Analytical tools used were descriptive and regression analysis (the Logit and Poisson regression). The Logit model estimates revealed that years of youth in social organization, access to ICT, nature of land ownership, and youth access to state owned agricultural programme were positive determined of decision of youth to engage in agricultural activities in the study area. On the contrary, male youth

European Rural Youth Declaration, created at the second European Rural Youth Parliament (ERYP), states 10 calls for action regarding the most urgent challenges faced by young Europeans. The document represents issues and specific steps that must be taken by decision makers and fellow youth to make rural areas better places for living. Supporting rural youth in the EU – overview of policy instruments and funds, which outlines main policies and tools available at the EU level to support youth in rural areas.

alongside photographer Laurence Geai, he spent a week at Pau-Montardon, in the Pyrénées-Atlantiques, and at length discussed with these children of farmers whose vocation is above all to resume the family farm.

What is their relationship to work in a particularly difficult job? Are they afraid to see their way of life and their profession challenged by debates around the impact of agriculture on the environment? He tells us.

An episode produced by Esther Michon, directed by Amandine Robillard and presented by Jean-Guillaume Santi.

The operation "fragments of France": the report of Luc Bronner. "Let us live! ": In the Béarn, the dreams and nightmares of the children of FarmersFind the one hundred reports of the writing.

COVID-19: "The epidemic recovery is confirmed," Public Health Alert France .
© Copyright 2021, Obs "The epidemic recovery is confirmed" in France and begins to feel in the hospital, pointed out this Friday October 29 The France Health Agency France in its weekly point on COVID-19. During the week of October 18, "the resumption of viral traffic confirmed in metropolis," says the sanitary agency. And besides this increase in infections, "admissions to hospital and critical care are again rising," says Public Health France.

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