US News Ecuador: An avalanche on a snowy volcano makes three deaths and three missing

15:30  25 october  2021
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 COVID-19. A thousand deaths in a day in Russia © AFP Russia continues to register many CVIV-19 dead this is the first time since the beginning of the pandemic of Covid-19, that Russia records such a number Victims. The Russia recorded Saturday 1,002 Death of the Covid-19 in 24 hours, exceeding for the first time the 1,000 daily death bar since the beginning of the pandemic, while the vaccination campaign of the country is at a dead point.

The avalanche is not linked to the activity of the volcano but with climatic conditions, ensure relief.

Une avalanche (illustration). © Jacky73490 / Pixabay an avalanche (illustration). Natural Disaster - Avalanche is not related to the activity of the volcano but with climatic conditions, ensure relief.

At least three people died and three others have disappeared in an avalanche on the chimborazo snowy volcano, in the center of Ecuador , at 6.100 m altitude. A previous balance sheet of the ECU911 Integrated Security Service reported four dead and an injured person.

The last assessment shows "three

mountaineers missing, three dead, three wounded and seven rescued, out of a total of 16 people," said firefighters in a statement. The mountaineers who climb the chimborazo are Ecuadorians, report the local media. Avalanche , it is not related to the activity of the volcano but to unfavorable "climatic conditions", specify firefighters.

Blinken in South America, rent the "democracy" in Ecuador

 Blinken in South America, rent the © AFP P Our first stage of his South American tour, the head of the United States Diplomacy Antony Blinken rented Tuesday in Quito "La "Ecuadorian democracy, ensuring received guarantees of respect for freedoms in the aftermath of the establishment of the state of exception against drug trafficking that gangrene this country. in Ecuador , then in Colombia Wednesday and Thursday, Mr.

Por El Mal Clima Suspenden The Búsqueda of Andinistas that Fueron Sorprendidos Por Avalancha in El Volcán

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october 24, 2021 A life station set up

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Your Browser does not support this video The chimborazo culminates at 6.293 m d 'altitude. This volcano is located about 130 km south of Quito, the country's capital. It is the

Summit the highest of Ecuadorian Andes and one of the highest in the world. At his feet are the cities of Riaobamba and Ambato. The massif, where skiing is not practiced, attracts national and foreign mountaineers. police, rescuers and soldiers specialized in high mountain operations traveled on site. For their part, the authorities have set up a unified command post in order to better coordinate rescue actions. The Ecuadorian Ministry of the Environment ordered the temporary closure of the Chemborazo Nature Reserve, continuously visited by tourists.

Mount Aso, the larger volcano of Japan, has eruption

 Mount Aso, the larger volcano of Japan, has eruption no victim has yet been reported after the eruption on Wednesday morning, but the Nippone authorities call for the vigilance of the inhabitants and tourists. Your Browser does not support this video ashes were projected up to 3,500 meters above sea level. Mount Aso, the largest volcano and one of Japan's most active, has erupted Wednesday, from the top of its 1,592 meters. No injuries were to be deplored after the explosion at the end of the morning.

A "potentially active" volcano

in 2003, the carcass of an aircraft that had crushed in 1976 with 59 people on board, was found at the foot of the volcano. The device had hit a wall of the chimborazo and had been hidden by snow after an avalanche until it is found by mountaineers about 700 m from the top. In 2015, the remnants of three mountaineers who had disappeared 20 to 30 years earlier, were also found at an altitude of 5,600 m.

In 1994 finally, an avalanche on the chimborazo had made ten dead, including six French and a Swiss. The last eruption of the volcano has occurred between the beginning of the fifth century and the end of the seventh century, according to the Geophysical Institute of Quito. "The average interval between eruptions is 1,000 years," said the institute. Note, however, that "the chimborazo is considered a potentially active volcano. »

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