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16:10  25 october  2021
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Ralph Brinkhaus sees "strammste link Agenda" for decades at traffic light parties

 Ralph Brinkhaus sees Armin Laschet and Friedrich Merz found words of praise for the result of the traffic lights soundings. However, Ralph Brinkhaus tells strongly against the plans - and thus meets with opposition at the Junge Union. © Bernd Thissen / dpa Unlike the CDU politician Armin Laschet and Friedrich Merz Union faction leader Ralph Brinkhaus practiced again sharply criticized the exploratory result of SPD , Greens and FDP .

Berlin. The SPD is characterized in that a special party conference should decide on consent to a coalition agreement for the formation of a traffic light alliance with Greens and FDP in the Confederation.

 Eine Ampel vor dem Reichstagsgebäude leuchtet in einer Langzeitbelichtung in allen drei Phasen. (Aufnahme mit Langzeitbelichtung) ⇥Foto: Christoph Soeder/dpa © Christoph Seder A traffic light in front of the Reichstag building lights up in a long exposure in all three phases. (Recording with long-term exposure) ⇥Photo: Christoph Soeder / DPA

As a date, the first December weekend was in conversation, the news agency Reuters learned from party circles on Monday. This is examined, but a decision is not yet liked. Thus, Olaf Scholz (SPD) could be elected by the Bundestag to the Federal Chancellor during the week, if FDP and Greens have previously agreed. The three parties had announced this timetable for the prelude to their coalition negotiations on Thursday.

Jutta Allmendinger and Peter Dabrock Open Letter to the SPD Bundestag fraction: It needs a woman as a Bundestag President!

 Jutta Allmendinger and Peter Dabrock Open Letter to the SPD Bundestag fraction: It needs a woman as a Bundestag President! becomes the previous SPD faction leader Rolf Mützenich new Bundestag President, the entire German state lit is occupied with men. That looks like out of time - and has political explosive power. © Frederic Kern / Imago Images / Future Image SPD , GREEN and FDP Negotiate a progress coalition. Traditionally, the largest faction is in the Bundestag , the SPD, the Office of the Bundestag President or the Bundestag President.

on the coalition agreements with CDU and CSU in 2013 and 2018 to form the intra-party highly controversial grand coalition, the SPD had decided its members by original mood. However, the procedure is more cost and time consuming than a special party day, which may be digitally to take place. A regular SPD party congression with the new election of the party lit is unchanged for the second weekend of December.

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