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17:15  25 october  2021
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International: Club Boss prohibits players vaccination

 International: Club Boss prohibits players vaccination Corona Chaos at Romanian first division FCSB Bucharest. For the league game on Saturday, the club, which formerly known as Steaua Bucharest was available, only 14 players available - also because club President George Becali prohibits the professionals and employees the vaccine against Covid-19. © Provided by Spox prohibits its players the Corona vaccine: Club President George Becali.

The Constitutional Court in Spain has partially explained the alarm condition during the Corona pandemic. The state now wants to repay the fines imposed.

Die Polizei in Madrid kontrolliert Passanten © AFP / Oscar del Pozo The police in Madrid controls passers-by

as many other countries in the world also has taken Spain in the Covid-19 pandemic hard action to stop the spread of the coronavirus. Already at the beginning of the pandemic, on 14 March 2020, the Spanish government had imposed an alarm condition for the country. This emergency regulation allowed the government to restrict or suspend certain rights and freedoms of citizens: inside for certain time. This meant, among other things, a nationwide starting lock, the own apartment was allowed only to buy food or medication, doctor visits or for the way to work.

Presidential 2022: Macron condemns attacks against European law, "old French disease"

 Presidential 2022: Macron condemns attacks against European law, The Republicans formulate more and more criticisms on the primacy of European law © Guillaume Souvant / AFP Emmanuel Macron defended the European Union Election - Republicans more and more criticisms on the primacy of European law Emmanuel Macron sentenced on Monday the discounts of the European law , "old French disease", in allusion to attacks in this sense of several Candidates for the presidential election for 2022 including Valérie Pécresse, Xavier Bertrand and Michel Barnier on the right.

Already in July, the Spanish constitutional court had declared the alarm condition in part for unconstitutional. In the details, the full-day starting lock is not to be represented. The right populist VOX party had subled. The Spanish government has now announced that all Corona strafgelder, which were imposed on violations of this scheme, repay.

more than a million euros affected at fines in Spain

are about 10,000 citizens: inside, it's about a sum of more than one million euros. Most fines were due, because people had left their apartment despite Startup Lock . Still is not clear how exactly the repayment should take place. Probably the citizens have to submit: inside a request. This applies both to yet paid as well as paid fines, although the court had that the Spanish state penalties must not necessarily reduce penalties after a legally binding procedure.

cold season gives comeback to Corona break: "There are more people sick again»

 cold season gives comeback to Corona break: © Shutterstock Teaser picture © Shutterstock AB to bed: The cold season goes back in the second corona winter half year. «For three weeks I have a headache and feel sick and . This cold just does not go away »: The Zürcherin Marielle Wüthrich is one of many Swissters who are currently struggling with Schnodderase and Kratzhal. Hand washing, hold, wear mask: Due to the corona hygiene measures, the cold season is almost unusual. This year, the situation looks different.

Minister of Justice: Lockdown saved 450,000 life

The alarm condition is the third highest of the emergency levels provided for in the Spanish constitution. In front of the Corona pandemic he was only used once, 2010 at an air traffic controller. The Constitutional Court did not criticize the measures as such in its judgment, but held the exclusion of the alarm status by decree by the Prime Minister for unconstitutional. The Parliament would have to discuss a measure of such scope. However, the majority of deputies agreed later several times a renewal of the alarm condition.

The first alarm status in Spain was extended six times and lasted from 14 March 2020 to June 21st. In October, the regulation in a very similar form was put into force again. This time he was only canceled in May. In Spain, the Coronavirus madually raged particularly strongly, in March 2020, the over-liability was 50 percent. Justice Minister Pilar Llop said the hard lockdown measures had "saved 450,000 lives".

Corona: Even Iserlohn Roosters in domestic insulation

 Corona: Even Iserlohn Roosters in domestic insulation The Coronavirus continues to spread in the German Hockey League (DEL). © Provided by sport1.de Corona: Even Iserlohn Roosters in Home Isolation The Coronavirus continues to spread in the German Hockey League (DEL). The team of the Iserlohn Roosters gained itself in officially arranged Corona quarantine or domestic isolation, after two PCR tests were positive on Saturday and "numerous players already symptoms of a corona disease" have been rejected. This shared the sourlands on Sunday.

Sources: AP / "Frankfurter General Zeitung"

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SPD politician has "dark guess": Lauterbach calls Wagnknecht's vaccination dangerous .
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