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Roche receives approval of Swissmedic for cancer agents Gavreto

 Roche receives approval of Swissmedic for cancer agents Gavreto © Keystone / Urs Flueeler Roche has received a temporary approval by the Swiss Healing Institute (Swissmedic) for its cancer therapy Gavreto (PralSetinib). The approval was granted within a short period of time. Now, Gavreto is used in Switzerland for the treatment of patients with a certain form of lung cancer and various types of thyroid cancer, the pharmaconzern announced on Friday. These indications were approved on the basis of the data collected in the Global Phase I / II Arrow study.

from the former GZSZ -BeVeicht Jo Gerner ( Wolfgang Bahro , 61) is not much left. From the ice cold businessman has become a loving father and husband. But when it comes to his family, he knows no limits. When his daughter Johanna (Charlott Reschke, 16) was blackmailed by her swarm with relieving photos , Jo Gerner saw red. To "Jay", which is actually Lukas knight to elicit a confession, he reached for dramatic means: He abducted him! Tobias (Jan Kittmann, 38) came to him on the sophisticated and could prevent worse, but Jo had to face the police. And quite so glimately like he believed, he probably does not come from it.

GZSZ: Sorge um Jo Gerner: Er steht “mit einem Bein im Gefängnis” © RTL / Rolf Baumgartner GZSZ: Concern about Jo Gerner: He stands "with one leg in prison" GZSZ: Must Jo Gerner in jail?

In the coming days, "good times, bad times" revolves everything around Jo Gerners process. Preferably, the lawyer would be represented in court itself, because his defender seems to be not able to grown the situation. "Jay" tries with all the means to convince the judge of his innocence and claimed, his kidnapped had tortured him. A psychological report and a prefetched suicide attempt of the oppresses could actually become a pleasure. He fears he stands "with one leg in prison". Desperately he tries to engage a new lawyer. Daughter Johanna does not hide the fear of her father and she decides to help him in court - against his will. Whether your plan goes up?

Grief around the former 250er vice world champion: Reinhold Roth is dead

 Grief around the former 250er vice world champion: Reinhold Roth is dead © Gold and Goose Reinhold Roth celebrated the end of the 1980s some successes in the 250er World Cup on Friday morning Ex-Grand Prix Pilot Reinhold Roth died. The life of the former Vice World Champion of the 250er class went to the end according to various media reports in the circle of his closest relatives in Wangen in the Allgäu. Roth was 68 years old.

Wolfgang Bahro feels with Jo Gerner and his wife Yvonne

a prison sentiment would like to avoid Jo Gerner - to love his family. Not only Johanna, but also Jos wife Yvonne (Gisa Zach, 47) is very bad. It suffers from an eye disease and loses its eyesight within a few weeks. The fate of fate is completely unexpectedly, shortly after the opening of your own physiotherapy practice.

Wolfgang Bahro recently narrated in a "image" interview, how much this story is busy. "If you have to complain, how a beloved person is becoming more and more captured by a disease, and you're helpless than that, then that's a very terrible experience," he said. "I had to do this experience with my father who disperts dementia in recent years of his life." But the actor knows how he has to deal with the dramatic experiences in the lives of his series figure. "If I would take everything to my heart, what Jo Gerner happened in the nearly 30 years at GZSZ, then I would either have in the Nerveheilanstalt or would have given me the ball," he joked.

"I have almost 80 pages": Richard Bohringer arrives in "hovering" to an interview and evokes his health

 © Jacques Benaroch / Sipa "I have almost 80 pages": Richard Bohringer arrives in "housing" to a Interview and evokes his health interviewed by JDD, this Sunday, October 17, Richard Bohringer showed up at the interview. The comedian has shot briefly mentioned his health. On October 20, Richard Bohringer will be on the film the heroic , signed Maxime Roy. For the occasion, the actor granted an interview to the Journal of Sunday , published October 17.

How it goes for Jo Gerner at GZSZ, the viewers see a daily at 19:40 at RTL or at any time at TVNow.

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Tobacco-free areas around the schools, the Cancer League Wish .
© Daniel Fouray / West France an ashtray at the entrance of a building, photo Illustration The JDD unveils a league call Against cancer launched to the government, to generalize smoking areas near 60,000 schools in France. While the month without Tobacco starts Monday, November 1, the Cancer League launches a call to the government to expand the establishment of tobacco-free zones near schools in France, reports JDD .

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