US News doping: "We will be very vigilant" upstream of the Olympics 2024, warns AFLD

11:35  27 october  2021
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Coronavirus in Marseille: "It's not at all the antivax, just suspicious people" ... In North neighborhoods, an ephemeral vaccination center settles in Health Insurance

 Coronavirus in Marseille: Health Insurance has launched an operation Exceptional vaccination, without appointment, in its agency of the 14th arrondissement, to make up the delay in the sector © C.delabroy / 20 minutes The agency CPAM Saint-Louis, become an ephemeral vaccination center, on October 18th.

Dominique Laurent, directrice de l'Agence française antidopage © Joel Saget / AFP Dominique Laurent, Director of the French Anti-Doping Agency

What will be the role of AFLD at the Olympic Games from Paris ?

Dominique Laurent: Paradoxically This is not the agency that will perform athlete tests during the Olympics, it is the ITA, the International Agency for Controls. On the other hand, we will have a very important role in coordinating the actors of anti-doping control in France, whether they are police, gendarmerie, intelligence services and also all the controls that the ITA will ask us to make upstream of the Olympics.

The fact that the Olympics are in Paris, however, generates extra pressure ...

The Intersyndical of France 3 Rhône-Alpes denounces the attitude of Thierry Fremaux towards a journalist

 The Intersyndical of France 3 Rhône-Alpes denounces the attitude of Thierry Fremaux towards a journalist The Intersyndicale deplores that the President of the Festival Lumé did not apologize for having "given a great blow on the camera" of A Journalist from the editor Thursday in Lyon © Ander Gillenea / AFP Thierry Frigaux at the opening ceremony of the San Sebastian Festival (Spain), September 17, 2021.

quite. The Olympic Games must be exemplary on the plan of anti-doping. We will control all French athletes of the Olympic delegation, and it will be more important since France is the host country. We will be very vigilant about the controls upstream of the Olympics.

Are there more sensitive sports to monitor?

In the Olympic disciplines, it is always the same asking to be particularly framed, monitored, it is the disciplines of force or endurance.

In recent years, the rate of positive controls is down in most anti-doping agencies around the world. How do you explain that ?

I think it's under the effect of the impetus of the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) that has gained an increasingly important role as a global policeman. And she asked all ONA (National Anti-Doping Organizations, NDLR) in their country to strengthen high-level sport control. And we know that high-level athletes are normally better formed with anti-doping than amateurs, they pay attention. Obviously there are cheat trees among them, it is certain, since we disseminate them.

Flame arrived at Beijing

 Flame arrived at Beijing © supplied by Sports.co.uk OJ 2022: The Olympic Flame arrived in Beijing on February 4th, Beijing will open its Olympic Winter Games and will become the first city in history To have organized Summer Olympics (2008) and winter.

At the request of WADA, you have also developed your investigative department that benefits from new powers (search, borrowing identity on the Internet ...). Is it a sign of a new way to approach the anti-doping fight?

It is a modern way to fight against doping in this sense where we exceed the only controls by urine and blood tests. There are many infringements of the anti-doping rules that do not translate through the taking of products. There is product traffic, there is the refusal to submit to control ... all these violations that do not fall under the laboratory analysis. And to establish evidence, as much it is easy to have proof by a positive analysis made by the laboratory, as much to prove a traffic, it is more difficult, hence the need to investigate .

mbed, a dream questioned .
© supplied by sports.fr A new place of honor for the French prodigy? "I want to live the games of Paris. It's a strong feeling, interior, as if I was destined to participate in this huge party in my city, in my country, a hundred years after the last competition in France (summer games). It is a dream of child that emerges ".

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