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15:25  27 october  2021
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Hernández gets prison sentence-notice: hope for vocation

 Hernández gets prison sentence-notice: hope for vocation Football Professional Lucas Hernández from FC Bayern has already appeared on Monday in court in Madrid and must possibly compete in Spain within the next ten days a six-month prison sentence. © Tom Weller / DPA is before the criminal court in Madrid: Bayern player Lucas Hernández. Hernández had been personally and officially notified of the competent court of the German Press Agency.

Football World Champion Lucas Hernández does not have to go to jail. Shortly before the deadline, the record purchasing of FC Bayern Munich and the German serial masters were allowed to breathe after the Spanish judiciary had granted an appeal of the 25-year-old French.

Lucas Hernández muss doch nicht ins Gefängnis. © Tom Weller / DPA Lucas Hernández does not have to go to jail.

The deadline for the prison sentence would have expired on Thursday at midnight, then Hernández would have had to go to a Spanish prison of his choice for half a year. In the morning of the Cup Game of the Munich at Borussia Mönchengladbach, the club and players had been given pleasing news. If the judicial decision had delayed, the ongoing appeal procedure had had no suspensive effect - Hernández would have been in custody in the day after the Gladbach game.

Bavaria in mourning for referee-unique

 Bavaria in mourning for referee-unique of Bayern is farewell to Franz Xaver Wengenmayer. The 95-year-old was the only Bundesliga referee of the FCB. © Provided by sport1.de Bavaria in mourning for referee-unique mourning at the Säbener Straße: The FC Bayern is farewell to his honorary member Franz Xaver Wengenmayer. The only Bundesliga referee of FCB died in the night of Tuesday at the age of 95 years, last the membership number six.

Four years on probation

The prison sentence was suspended according to the court from Wednesday for four years. So the footballer may not be able to get there. Otherwise he has to compete the prison sentence. To this end, Hernández must now pay a fine of 240 daily rates of 400 euros each, so a total of 96,000 euros - which should hardly pain him as millions of earners.

measured by the recent statements from Munich, apparently it had been assumed that the once about 80 million euros expensive defenders did not have to go jail. Trainer Julian Nagelsmann had predicted that Hernández will play well in Gladbach as well as on Saturday at Union Berlin. You do not feel that that burdened him, "said Nagelsmann's justice problems of the Frenchman, which he recently called" thoroughbred professional ".

Still no appointment for Hernández Appeal

 Still no appointment for Hernández Appeal The Spanish Justice still has no appointment for the decision on the appeal of Bavaria-pro lucas Hernández named his potential imprisonment next Thursday. © Sven Hoppe / DPA Bavaria's Hernandez may need to force a six-month penalty. One talked to the judges of the competent Audiencia Provincial de Madrid, a kind of district court, said a speaker of the court administration on Friday the German Press Agency. But information on a possible date will give it at the earliest from next to Tuesday.

Background of the Fall is a scientific dispute of the World Champion of 2018 with its former girlfriend and today's woman, which was already occurred four and a half years ago - in February 2017 - when Hernández still played for Atlético Madrid. Both were convicted at the time because of domestic violence to charitable work and a six-month contact ban.

Infringement of the approximation of approximation

Since she quickly reconciled himself again, traveled Hernández and his partner together during the six months. The problem: the professional violated the approximation of the proximity. Therefore, he was sentenced to the prison sentence. His today's wife came only because it had not yet been delivered the contact ban at the time of the joint trip to Las Vegas in the US state Nevada - Hernández already.

In Spain, the fight against domestic violence is taken very seriously. The courts judge strictly and the media reports detailed, even when it comes to unknown persons. A ban on contact remains in Spain even if there has been a reconciliation so that no one can be used for such a reconciliation.

Surprising judgment

The new judgment was surprising in Spain. It had been mostly expected by experts that the appeal would be rejected. Among other things, because Hernández is not a so-called first-hereditary.

Against him, there are a total of two final convictions for domestic violence. The one of 2017 from the Madrider Criminal Court 35, which is why the contact ban had been issued. And another from 2018 through the criminal court number 5 in Móstoles at Madrid. Prison terms Under two years, in Spain, the judges and judges are often exposed to probation, but only if the condemned person has a completely white vest.

Bastia: prison required against fans found with explosive pétanque balls .
up to two years in prison were required against four bastian supporters involved in the case called explosive petanque balls © Dany003 / Pixabay Illustration of pétanque balls you shoot or you point - up to two years in prison were required against four basting supporters involved in the case called explosive petanque balls they had been arrested in 2016 in possession of balls of Pétanque explosive, in full manifestation to Bastia in support of one of their wounded in a match at Reims.

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