US News Olaf Scholz promises even more state aid for coal exit

19:30  27 october  2021
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ADAC: Diesel price rises on record high ministry refers to measures to diesel prices on antitrust office

 ADAC: Diesel price rises on record high ministry refers to measures to diesel prices on antitrust office Diesel is so expensive to petrol stations in Germany as never before. © Provided by finanzen.net Servais Mont / Getty Images In the nationwide daily average of Sunday, the price was 1.555 euros per liter, as the ADAC announced on Monday. He surpassed the previous record of 1.554 euros per liter of 26 August 2012 minimally. Also gasoline approaches the highest level. Super the variety E10 was 1,667 euros per liter on Sunday. This only lacks 4.2 cents to the record of 1.709 euros on September 13,

Hannover / Berlin. The possible new Chancellor Olaf Scholz (SPD) promises to the Federal Congress of IG BCE in Hannover pace of industrial upgrading towards climate neutrality. In return for an accelerated coal exit he wants to create an additional social protection of the workers involved.

 SPD-Kanzlerkandidat Olaf Scholz (links) und IG BCE-Chef Michael Vassiliadis. © Hauke-Christian Dittrich SPD chancellor candidate Olaf Scholz (left) and IG BCE Chairman Michael Vassiliadis.

The possible future chancellor Olaf Scholz (SPD) has promised the employees of the coal sites further improvements to compensate for an early exit coal. "If we accelerate change, then also need social protections be improved," said Scholz on Wednesday at the national convention of the IG BCE in Hanover. He called on the union, the way to go towards an increased climate protection together with the new government. The IG BCE have helped shape many upheavals in recent decades. "This power of the union is required again. I put all of the IG BCE and the trade unions in Germany. SPD, Greens and FDP "

FDP and green cognitive about monetary policy

 FDP and green cognitive about monetary policy Berlin. The traffic lights parties have fundamentally different views, as far as the succession of the Bundesbank boss and the future course of monetary policy are concerned. The search for a successor or successor for Jens Weidmann can burden the potential new government. © Kay Nietfeld Bundesbank President Jens Weidmann (53) has asked the Federal President for his release at the end of the year.

still have not formed a new government. The coalition talks have begun this week. However, the three parties have already set out in its consultation paper, prefer the end date of the coal phase-out of 2,038 "ideally" by several years. The Greens are pushing The Energiekonzernze to the phase-out by 2030, in particular RWE with its West German coal-mining areas, keep an earlier exit for feasible. However, this should not be to have free for the traffic well. Even the former coal exit costs the taxpayer a total of 40 billion euros, which will flow into the four coal-countries by 2040th Order Now

Scholz also announced a rapid climate-friendly renovation and expansion of electricity generation. His government would take all necessary legal changes to the way "the first year" to prevent a future "electricity gap" in Germany, he said. Scholz pointed to an additional energy needs of the industry in the wake of the planned shift to more climate-friendly modes of production.

A nuclear mini nuclear power plant? The idea of ​​the President of the Pays de la Loire makes an outcry

 A nuclear mini nuclear power plant? The idea of ​​the President of the Pays de la Loire makes an outcry © Archives Franck Dubray / West-France The Cordemais Central Central, along the Loire, between Nantes and Saint-Nazaire ... EDF announced Its judgment, before 2026, in accordance with the commitments of France to limit CO2 emissions. Emmanuel Macron wants to accelerate the creation of a new generation of nuclear mini-reactors.

the chemical industry alone will consume claims to around the year 2050 as much power as Germany these days total, said Scholz. therefore, it does not mean just a substitute for nuclear and coal power, but about the creation of the necessary "extra energy". It needed faster decisions about higher expansion targets for renewable energies and grid expansion.

In this context, the continued use of gas for power generation and the construction of new gas power plants are necessary, added Scholz. The candidate for chancellor also announced a policy, "again a greater role" to play in the workers. Their services and their importance for society must be appreciated more, said Scholz. This is "lost a bit in recent years and decades," according to his impression. The new government wants to change that.

Green Party leader annalena baerbock campaigned on the Congress for a common departure of the three traffic light parties. Baerbock parties appealed traffic light to find out "from ancient rituals" and not to remain "in his own filter bubble". It is a question "not only zuzuschütten old trenches, but to build new bridges". Also Baerbock explained that there is more need gas power plants for the transition to the nuclear and coal exit. She suggested so-called air agreements between the state and companies: You should be rewarded on these contracts for progress on climate change, said Baerbock her first appearance in an IG BCE Congress.

Election-Ticker-HABAG - will not give much change in taxes

 Election-Ticker-HABAG - will not give much change in taxes Berlin, 24 Oct (Reuters) - it will follow current developments after the federal election and for coalition formation: 22.20 clock - Green co-boss Robert Dabeck admits, that the traffic lights parties can not decide large changes in the control area. With the FDP, there could be no reforms in asset or inheritance tax, says DAUL in the ARD. This also lacks the scope for relief elevations elsewhere. These could only give it if the economic upswing is back for more tax revenue.

also FDP leader Christian Lindner spoke of the "readiness in the open to contact and to create something new." As an example of the compromise of the FDP he called the willingness to bring forward the coal phase-out. "That was not a concern of the FDP, but it is part of a coalition that is committed to the compromise."

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