US News Trial of the Assassination of Sankara: The presence of General Gilbert Dienderé in question

19:05  27 october  2021
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in pictures. Retype, the Nantes bus becomes a historical monument and makes a sensation

 in pictures. Retype, the Nantes bus becomes a historical monument and makes a sensation © West-France First exit from its rebuilding of the Nanteas shoe bus 1951, only classified as a historical monument. Sunday, September 19, in the parking lot of Petite Holland, in Nantes. The 1951 Aph 2.50 Shoe Bus escaped breakage thanks to Retro Nantes Ocean self-volunteers. His Renaissance was celebrated on Sunday, September 19th. First successful exit of this industrial rolling heritage. 100% NANTAIS. The 1951 Aph 2.50 Nanatta shoe bus returns from afar.

Gilbert Diendéré dans le box des accusés, à l'ouverture du procès des meurtriers présumés de Thomas Sankara. © AFP - Olympia of Maismont Gilbert in the box of the accused, at the opening of the trial of the alleged murderers of Thomas Sankara.

In Burkina Faso, the military court responsible for judged the assassination of Thomas Sankara continues the hearing of the Elishal Soldier Ilboudo. He delivered details on Tuesday on how the Commando had executed the father of the Revolution and his companions. This Wednesday the Court looked at the role of the general dosened on the day of the coup.

with our correspondent in Ouagadougou, Yaya BOUDANI

The first class soldier Ilboudo is the first of the accused to be heard. On Wednesday morning, the court seemed to know whether General Gilbert Dienderé, who had the rank of lieutenant at the time of the fact, was on the scene on the day of the assault against the building where Thomas Sankara and his collaborators were in a meeting.

Germany: Opening of the trial of the former Nazi Camp Secretary of Stutthof

 Germany: Opening of the trial of the former Nazi Camp Secretary of Stutthof © Markus Schreiber, AFP Safety drastic measures were ordered by the ITZEHOE court to allow the presence of Irmgard Furchner before the Court, Where she must answer from Tuesday of murder complicity in more than 10,000 cases. Irmgard Furchner, former secretary of the Nazi concentration camp of Stutthof, today 96 years old and who had fled before the opening of his trial on September 30, must be judged from Tuesday for complicity of murder in more 10,000 cases.

The lawyers of the civil parties insisted during the examination of the accused on the presence or absence of Lieutenant Gilbert on the site of the Council of the Agreement . Lieutenant Gilbert was the site manager. "Was Gilbert in the Council of the Agreement on October 15, 1987? Asks a lawyer. "I do not remember," the accused answers. With the aid of a scheme traced by the accused himself before the investigating judge, Mr. Olivier Badolo tries in vain to confirm the presence of Lieutenant Gilbert on the scene of the attack.

"Are you afraid?

Master Prosper Farama, another lawyer returns to the expense: "Who took care of security on the Council of the Agreement? "It was Lieutenant Gilbert," said Elishable Yamba Ilboudo. "Soldiers to secure the site intervened to know the origin of the shots? "Continues the lawyer," No Nobody came "," replied the accused.

Nigeria: Opening of the Trial of Nnamdi Kanu, Leader Pro-Biafra

 Nigeria: Opening of the Trial of Nnamdi Kanu, Leader Pro-Biafra © Reuters / Afolabi Sotunde The Leader Independence Biafrais Nnamdi Kanu, owned since October, is judged to the penal in front of the High Court of Abuja. Photo of Nnamdi Kanu, January 20, 2016. The trial of the independentist leader Nnamdi Kanu opens Thursday, October 21 in Abuja. He was arrested at the end of June in Kenya and was brought back to Nigeria where he was incarcerated. Nnamdi Kanu had flee the country in 2017 after an attack of the security forces against his house.

Faced with the insistence of the President of the Tribunal and the lawyers The accused ends up declare that Gilbert diedréré was of course the places, in a meeting with his soldiers, "why in order for General Gilbert, you do not Remember nothing, do you be afraid? Request the President of the Tribunal. "This question is complicated, anyway I'm afraid," says Elisha's Yamba soldier. As for the arms the accused asserts that the commando was in possession of RPG7 rocket launcher, a FN machine gun and AK47, but they did not need to use all these weapons.

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Western Sahara: Three Algerians killed in a bombed attributed to Morocco .
© Ryad Kramdi, AFP Algerian President Abdelmadjid TEBBOUNE, in Algiers, January 21, 2021. Three Algerians were killed Monday in Western Sahara in a bombing attributed to Morocco and having targeted trucks liaising between Mauritania and Algeria, affirmed Wednesday the official Algerian news agency APS. An event that does not risk mitigating the relationships already stretched in Algeria and Morocco.

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