US News The police sharing new details atrocious on the Horror House in Texas

11:05  28 october  2021
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 The Biden Administration asks the Supreme Court to block the Texas Abortion Act USA-Justice / Abortion: The Biden administration asks the Supreme Court to block the TEXAS Washington Abortion Act, October 18 (Reuters) - The administration of the US President Joe Biden asked Monday to the Supreme Court of the United States to block a law adopted in Texas imposing a quasi-total prohibition of abortion.

The police made new revelations on the Horror House in Texas, where three children were abandoned next to the body of their brother deceased.

  La police partage de nouveaux détails atroces sur la maison de l’horreur au Texas © Mark Mulligan / AP / SIPA

Last Sunday, three children were found abandoned in a Texas apartment, next to the body of their dead brother. The investigation revealed that the 8-year-old victim was killed in 2020 and since then the mother and her companion no longer lived at home. Wednesday, the police gave new details about this sordid affair. The murder of the Little Kendrick took place around Thanksgiving, then leaving the body time to decompose for a year. It is next to this corpse that the three children of 15, 10 and 7 years old lived, while the couple was on his side installed at about fifteen minutes of this building. A neighbor narrated to ABC 7 having started to feel an odor coming from their apartment but thought that the place was abandoned. She would have repeatedly called upon the builders of the building to inform them of this smell.

Ecuador: The state of exception declared to combat the delinquency

 Ecuador: The state of exception declared to combat the delinquency © Cristina Vega Rhor AFP in Ecuador, the Ministry of Economy and Finance has been ordered to identify the necessary resources to allow massive presence of the police and the army in the streets. President Guillermo Lasso said on Monday, October 18 the state of exception throughout the Ecuador territory for a period of sixty days. He wishes to facilitate the mobilization of the police and the military to fight against an increasingly uncontrollable delinquency in the country.

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Sunday, the eldest contacted the relief, explaining to have been abandoned months ago and confident that the body of his little brother was in a room. He then told KENDRICK was regularly locked up in this room where his mother's companion beat him. "With time, I believe that the violence began to be regular, most often directed towards the youngest children, and the 15-year-old teenager was terrified, he counted on his mother to call the police ... but that n 'Having never happened, "said Lieutenant Dennis Wilford in press conference. The 10-year-old child indicated to the investigators have witnessed the violence suffered by Kendrick, remembering having seen the man kicking him and fist in the back and other places of his body to 'what he succumbs. The mother's companion would then have put a blanket on the little boy.

Kenya: Police officers must answer the leak of the "Blood Vampire"

 Kenya: Police officers must answer the leak of the © Reuters / Thomas Mukoya Police patrol in Nairobi (image of illustration). In Kenya, three policemen were arrested last week to respond to the leak of a serial killer of children, presented as a "blood-thirsty vampire". They were charged with a judge, yesterday, Friday, October 22, for helping him escape from a Nairobi police station, before he was lysed, two days later, in his native village. The police were charged after more than one week of custody.

The elder "did his best to take care of others"

the couple was arrested this week. Gloria Y. Williams, aged 35, was charged for child injury by omission, lack of medical and supervision care. Brian W. Coulter, 31, is on his side pursued for murder. During his interrogation, the mother claimed that she had tried to intervene during the fatal aggression of the little Kendrick. She also said she did not contact the police because her companion had banned her. It's shortly after the murder that the couple moved. The investigation revealed that the mother would have helped to conceal the death of the boy. She is also accused of hungry one of her children.

The situation is "horrible, tragic" for these three children who "lived in fairly deplorable conditions," said Sheriff Ed Gonzalez at a press conference at the time of discovering the facts this weekend. The elder "did his best to take care of others," he said again. The two youngest have "seemed to suffer from undernutrition and showed signs of physical injury." The 10-year-old child should undergo an operation at the jaw. In May 2020, three of the children had ceased to go to school. A procedure for school absences had been initiated against the mother as early as 2019, then abandoned because of the Pandemic of Covid-19. The three brothers are now supported by child protection services.

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