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15:25  28 october  2021
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in the Iraqis, the death of Colin Powell wake up souvenirs

 in the Iraqis, the death of Colin Powell wake up souvenirs © Elizabeth Dalziel, Reuters Colin Powell, then American Secretary of State, alongside the then President Iraqi Ghazi Yawar, during a visit to Baghdad , July 30, 2004, one year after the US invasion. The consequences of war are still suffering today by Iraqis. While the tributes flock for General Colin Powell, who died of COVID-19 on Monday, October 18, Iraq has more bitter memories of the former Secretary of State.

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what to end with far straight fantasies. By making the ratio between the contributions paid by immigrants and public expenditure of the States, the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) considers that this cost is equilibrated, and can even be positive, in a study devoted to their "Budget impact" published this Thursday. "In all countries, the contribution of immigrants in the form of taxes and contributions is greater than the expenses that countries devote to their social protection, their health and their education", writes the OECD, in this Report which relates to its 25 Member States between 2006 and 2018.

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 Jair Bolsonaro accused of deliberately leaving Covid-19 Brazilian © Ueslei Marcelino Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro on Tuesday. The irresponsible policies of Jair Bolsonaro during the Pandemic of Covid-19 would be responsible for the death of more than 300,000 Brazilians, half of the total number of total deaths attributable to the pandemic. Unveiled by the New York Times , These overwhelming conclusions come from extracts from a highly anticipated report of the Senate Senate Inquiry Commission for several months on the Policy of the Brazilian President.

In France, the net budget contribution of persons born abroad is 1.02% of GDP, therefore, slightly surplus, against an average of 1.56% on All countries. "This focuses on public debate, particularly in France, it is the cost that immigration can be represented in terms of social spending, health, etc. It is shown that this question should not be observed, because when it is taken into account, it is observed that the contribution is positive until the consideration of military expenditure and the public debt ", Analysis for AFP Jean- Christophe Dumont, head of the OECD migration division.

"Labor population"

"The budget impact of immigrants is low", summarizes Ana Damascus of Matos, author of the study, first on the subject since 2013. These data "reflect the migratory history of each country" , estimates the economist: "In the countries where there has been a lot of recent and young immigration, we will have a more positive contribution, as in Italy or Spain. And vice versa. France, it, is in an intermediate situation, " with an immigrant population more aging.

CDU chooses Hendrik Wüst to the new Landeschef in NRW

 CDU chooses Hendrik Wüst to the new Landeschef in NRW It is the intermediate step to the office of Prime Minister: The CDU in North Rhine-Westphalia Hendrik Wüst elected to the new Landeschef. His predecessor Armin Laschet disappeared again against critics. © Revierfoto / Imago Images / Revierfoto Armin Lashet has issued the state chairman of the CDU in North Rhine-Westphalia . New chairman is Hendrik Wüst . For a state party convention in Bielefeld , the regional traffic minister and designated Prime Minister was elected 98.3 percent as successor

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There is "a quuproquo between the individual situation of immigrants and the impact of the whole of Their population ", estimates Lionel Ragot, Professor of Economics at Paris-Nanterre University, who had studied the budgetary impact of immigration in France between 1979 and 2011. " Individually, they are more at Unemployment, perceive more allowances, it's true. It is the shortcut that is often put forward to say that they are very expensive in France. Except that this individual result is offset by an age structure, with immigrants that are often in the labor force and therefore contribute much ", abounds. In its past work for CEPII (Center for Prospective Studies and International Information), Lionel Ragot had also estimated this migratory impact between -0.5% and + 0.5% of GDP, or "almost no".

Successor of Armin Laschet: Hendrik Wüst elected to the new NRW Prime Minister

 Successor of Armin Laschet: Hendrik Wüst elected to the new NRW Prime Minister The previous state minister is followed as a head of government in North Rhine-Westphalia. Deserted got more voices than the black-yellow government has. © Photo: Bernd Thissen / dpa Hendrik Wüst is new Prime Minister in North Rhine-Westphalia. CDU politician Hendrik Wüst has been elected to the new Prime Minister of North Rhine-Westphalia. The previous regional minister of traffic received 103 of 199 possible votes of the state members and adopt the succession of Armin Laschet.

today, according to the OECD, the public spending on immigrants are lower than for the rest of the population in areas such as old-age pensions and reversion, illness, disability, education, health. They are on the other hand stronger concerning family, unemployment, social exclusion and housing.

In fact, the report details that "the most important gains in budget contribution [...] have been identified in countries that have attracted significant streams of work migrants, in particular highly qualified migrants." "The contribution is positive, but it could be much more positive," says Jean-Christophe Dumont. "Integration policy, it's not an expense, you have to see that as an investment. With a return on investment. "

Unpublished collapse of the flow

In this same report, the OECD points to an unprecedented collapse, at least 30%, migratory flows Member States in 2020. The pandemic also has "end to ten years of improvement" for immigrants in the labor market, according to the international organization. With 3.7 million people who have joined the 25 countries taken into account for the study, immigration reached last year the lowest level recorded since 2003.

The United States, which remain the first country d OECD immigration, recorded a 44% drop compared to 2019, with 576,000 newcomers in 2020. Of the top five OECD destination countries, France, it recorded the lowest decline. (-21%), with 230,000 "new immigrants", according to the OECD.

"With this monument is to bring the families of Italian immigrants into history» .
A kitty is open to finance the construction of a national monument to pay tribute to Italian immigrants in Nogent-sur-Marne In Val-de Marne. The initiative was launched by an association of Italian descendants © Philippe Condé 3D Visual of the Project Interview - A kitty is open to finance the construction of a national monument to pay tribute to Italian immigrants in Nogent-sur -Marne in Val-de-Marne.

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