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14:40  28 october  2021
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Le losartan, un médicament contre l’hypertension, bientôt en rupture de stock © Adobe Stock Losartan, a drug against hypertension, soon out of stock

based drugs losartan and losartan / hydrochlorothiazide are the subject of a recall procedure, which causes supply problems in pharmacies. At issue: contamination of several lots with an impurity. The ANSM temporarily authorized pharmacists to substitute another treatment.

losartan, an antihypertensive family of angiotensin II inhibitors, meeting supply difficulties in France. And because "a type impurity azide " has been detected in several batches of the drug. In a statement, the National Security Agency says drug that "investigations are underway at European level to determine whether this impurity is mutagenic or not. The results of these investigations are expected in the coming weeks. "

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based drugs losartan are the subject of a recall

Meanwhile, based drugs losartan and losartan / hydrochlorothiazide potentially contaminated were therefore blocked or recalled by the laboratories, with a consequent decrease in supply in pharmacies. If out of stock in the coming months, so pharmacists are authorized to administer the patients other treatments of the family ARBs. These molecules have close to those of losartan.

This replacement should be performed only in exceptional as , if "the treatment initially prescribed is not available and the patient can not consult his doctor first," said ANSM. It is also temporary, "until the next medical consultation." On this occasion, the patient should inform their doctor, who can, if necessary, adjust the dose or prescribe a new treatment. Losartan

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: in what circumstances is it prescribed?

based drugs losartan, which are currently the subject of supply voltages are antihypertensive drugs commonly used in the treatment of

hypertension, heart failure, prevention of kidney failure linked to type 2 diabetes, prevention of cardiovascular disease after myocardial infarction.

They belong to the family of receptor antagonists angiotensin II. In the manual of Losartan Teva, we learn that angiotensin II is "a substance produced in the body that binds to receptors in the wall of blood causing them contraction vessels. This induces an increase in blood pressure. "

The role of losartan is to prevent the binding of angiotensin II to these receptors to dilate vessels and reduce blood pressure. This treatment also slowed the degradation of renal function.

Recommendations ANSM in case of unavailability of losartan

The health agency made several recommendations to patients and pharmacists, in case of unavailability of the usual treatment with losartan. "These recommendations are applicable in this context of tension and to return to a level of supply satisfactory losartan potentially beginning in 2022," she says in a statement.

Here are recommendations ANSM for patients:

Do not stop treatment without medical advice. There is no immediate risk to the presence of this impurity. However, the risk in case of abrupt withdrawal are real: extensive hypertensive, destabilization of cardiovascular disease. When renewing your prescription, if your treatment is not available, the pharmacist can deliver you directly another drug in the same family , without the need to consult your doctor immediately. Consult your doctor as part of your regular medical monitoring or before, if you feel the need.

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