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22:50  28 october  2021
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Direct Video. Polexit: Follow the Prime Minister Polish speech to the European Parliament

 Direct Video. Polexit: Follow the Prime Minister Polish speech to the European Parliament © AFP Prime Minister Polish, Morset Morawiecki, June 24, 2021 at a summit in Brussels in Belgium. The Head of the Polish Nationalist Conservative, Mateusz Morawiecki, goes on Tuesday to the European Parliament in Strasbourg, after the recent stroke of thunder caused by the decision of the Constitutional Court of Primalty of European law. The President of the Commission, Ursula von der Leyen, must also be expressed on this occasion.

in Poland we advise a radical bill against sexual minorities and their support in parliament.

Polinnen demonstrieren in Lublin auf einer Parade für Toleranz. © Aleksander Kalka / Imago Poland Demonstrate in Lublin on a parade for tolerance. Almost everything should be banned

for Kaja Godek it was a great success that the bill launched by her made it on the agenda of the Polish Parliament: The "Stop LGBT" mentioned bill wants rainbow parades of gays, lesbians and others Forbid sexual minorities. But any other public entry for the same-sex marriages, adoptions through equal sexual couples or other rights for sexual minorities as well as generally "a ban on the propagation of other sexual orientations as heterosexuals". The Sejm, the lower chamber of the Polish Parliament, wanted to vote on the draft on Thursday evening.

Almost doubling of Polish forces at the Bielorusian border

 Almost doubling of Polish forces at the Bielorusian border Europe-migrants-beelorussia-Poland: almost doubling Polish forces at the Belarusian border © Reuters / Kacper Pempel almost doubling of Polish forces at the border Belarusian Warsaw (Reuters) - Nearly 6,000 Polish soldiers are now deployed along the border with Belarus because of strengthening security measures in the face of rising migratory flows, Tuesday announced the Polish Defense Minister Mariusz Blaszczak.

would have gone to the activist Godek, Polish Sejm would have advised the explosive initiative in November 2020. But the National Populist Government Pis had enough trouble: After the PIS-controlled Constitutional Court had imposed a factual abortion ban in October 2020, hundreds of thousands of women walked across Poland to the street. In addition, the EU clearly made it to block Polish regions, which declined for "LGBT-free" funding money in a billion level.

and so the PIS parliamentary president refused to set the bill submitted as a citizens' initiative to the agenda. The alleged reason: form error. But Godek and their "Foundation for Life and Family" supported by the conservative wing of the Catholic Church did not give up: 2021 gathered 140 000 signatures again - enough to bring the bill again into parliament.

migrants: the German city of Eisenhüttenstadt, at the border with Poland, on the first line

 migrants: the German city of Eisenhüttenstadt, at the border with Poland, on the first line © AFP - Patrick Pleul Pakistani refugees on the lawn of the refugee center in Eisenhuettenstadt on September 9, 2015. since The month of August, the number of refugees welcomed in Germany left on the rise. Thousands of Iraqis, Iranians and Afghans arrived by Poland and Belarus who agitates the migratory threat to protest the sanctions decreed by the European Union against the repressive Minsk regime.

The design does not just want to ban demonstrations, but any public entry for free sexuality and new rights of sexual minorities: for example, for the introduction of the same-sex marriage or adoption by equal-sex couples, for modern, homosexuality and other forms of Sexuality enlightening sexual lessons in Poland schools or for the possibility of gender conversion. Even the entry for sex under 18 should be banned.

even PIS politicians wonder

Under public enterprise, Godek and their minders also sell exhibitions, shops that sell sex toys or rainbow flags - and even advertising campaigns of global companies such as Apple or Google and dozens others who use rainbow colors or non-discrimination they use or non-discrimination Support sexual minorities for example at the workplace. To be banned, any public behavior or actions that attack "public morality", especially those who could "spoil or demoralize" children or adolescents under the age of 18. In the grounds, the authors, by appointing pseudoscientific machinery, have long-been rejected allegations that, for example, homosexuals are often responsible for child abuse or wanted to seduce children to homosexuality.

would be the draft law, will probably protest many Poles again; The women's rights activist Marta Lempart already announced this. Warsaw would also worsen his miserable relationship with the EU. Even PIS politicians were surprised that their leadership has not buried the bill in a parliamentary committee, but attached to advice. It is speculated that PIS boss Jaroslaw Kaczynski in Parliament thus secure the consent of the Stramm legalistic, Confederations entering LGBT rights.

Warsaw accuses Bélarus soldiers to have entered Poland and speaks of a provocation .
Soldiers Belarussees would be entered with their weapons in Polish territory, Warsaw speaks of "provocation" and summons the Belarus businessman. View on Euronews © Czarek Sokolowski / The Associated Press Vive Tensions on the border between Poland and Belarus after what Polish special services qualify "provocation" orchestrated by the Alexandre Lukashenko regime. Bélarus soldiers would have frankished and without authorization the Polish border.

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