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10:50  29 october  2021
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Germany: The Future Coalition aims for an entry according to Olaf Scholz in early December

 Germany: The Future Coalition aims for an entry according to Olaf Scholz in early December © Michael Sogn, AP Olaf Scholz, current German Minister of Finance, member of the Social Democrat Party (SPD), upon arrival to a new Negotiations with representatives of the Greens and Liberals of the FDP, in Berlin, October 21, 2021.

angela merkel, grèce, athènes, crise, austérité © Dimitris Papamitsos / Greek Prime Minister Office / Handut / Maxppp / EPA / Maxppp Angela Merkel, Greece, Athens, Crisis, Austerity

V EnerDi 29 October, Angela Merkel moves for the last time in Greece at least as official. The opportunity for the German Chancellor to balance its accounts with a country in which it is very little appreciated. According to the German tabloid Bild, "Mutti" would even be "one of the most hated women in Greece".

A deep deamour that dates back to the beginning of 2010, at the time when the German Chancellor had hired a violent arm of iron with Athens, on economic crisis background. At the time, Angela Merkel had claimed the Greek Prime Minister Georges Papandreou of very important ausing reforms, in order to regulate the considerable public deficit Hellene. Since then, it has been considered in Greece as the "iron lady" of the Europe which requires inconsiderate efforts to the Greeks. With its Minister of Finance at the time, Wolfgang Schäuble , Angela Merkel had demanded from Athens of painful budget cuts and drastic tax increases in exchange for three international rescue plans of more than 300 billion euros.

The clip of the week: Angela declares his love in "Brussels I love you"

 The clip of the week: Angela declares his love in Thursday, October 21, Angela made his big comeback with "Brussels I love you". A first taste of his next album, already accompanied by a clip. An ode to his hometown. © Manuel Obadia-Wills Angela She is back. Three years after the release of his first album "Brol" - to the undeniable success - and "Fever", his fllamed duo with Dua Lipa , Angele again heard his voice on the waves.

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The pensions had decreased, the minimum wage had fallen to some 500 euros, the privatizations were launched in arms, the public services and in particular the hospitals had to operate in subferentials and suffered shortages of drugs and equipment. In 2012, at the height of the debt crisis, the Chancellor had been welcomed in Greece by a large anti-austerity gathering with Nazi-shaped crosses and caricatures the representative with a mustache of Hitler.

Tsipras calls Merkel to "go home"

video: At its last European Council, Angela Merkel entrusts being "worried" for the future of the EU (Le Figaro)

with L Election of the radical left leader, Alexis Tsipras , in January 2015, a real iron arm had then engaged. The new Greek prime minister wanted to "tear the memoranda", and called "Merkel to go home". Athens was even threatened to be excluded from the euro zone, before yielding under pressure to its creditors and resolve to take new austerity measures .

"Peace Artisan", "Monument", Ovation for Merkel for its last European Summit

 © provided by Le Parisien The Parisian It was his 107th and last summit in Brussels, after sixteen years in power. The European leaders booked on Friday, October 22 a standing ovation at the German Chancellor Angela Merkel, according to a European source. "I hope you will not be angry by this ceremony for your last summit," said Charles Michel, the Belgian President of the Council.

At the end of his 16 years at the German Chancellery , Mrs Merkel remains little appreciated by the Greeks. According to a survey conducted in 16 countries by the Pew Research Center, only 30% of Greeks say they have confidence against an average of 77% in other countries. The current Prime Minister Greek Kyriakos Mitsotakis "thinks she will be the first to admit, after all she has already done so, that she has asked a lot, repeatedly, the Greeks and that the austerity went. Beyond what Greek society could bear, "he said on October 22 in Brussels.

"The farewell of Angela Merkel in Athens is an important signal indicating that past, very difficult years of the economic crisis in Greece can now be considered as halfway to their conclusion," says Alexander Kritikos Member of the Board of Directors of the German Institute for Economic Research (DIW) interviewed in the German media.

Merkel's dismissal: If the president becomes wistful and the Chancellor hurriedly has

 Merkel's dismissal: If the president becomes wistful and the Chancellor hurriedly has It's fast sometimes, a few seconds only it takes, then you are no longer Federal Chancellor. Or at least only managing import in office. A certificate, with two sentences: end of the official relationship, thanks for faithful services. Already the state is another: Angela Merkel is released , so that's official. © AP Angela Merkel with its discharge certificate.

With the current Greek Conservative government, Merkel has found a friendly atmosphere that "finally reports normality," adds the economist. "The visit of Angela Merkel to Athens marks a turning point for Greece that is now held from the front after the crisis," a Greek government source.

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the energy crisis and the pandemic will be on the menu of the discussions on Friday. Relations with Turkey, the migration issue or the situation in Libya will also be addressed, according to this source. Athens especially hopes that the next German Chancellor will not be so conciliable with Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

The gas exploration of Turkey in maritime areas disputed with Greece and Cyprus poisoning its relations with its Mediterranean neighbors for months. The crisis between Athens and Ankara had intensified with the deployment in August 2020 of a Turkish seismic research vessel in disputed areas. Since then, Greece has come closer to France and has new burst . Turkey to get sourcing German submarines.

Merkel comes farewell to France after 16 years in power .
© Philippe Desmazes Angela Merkel and Emmanuel Macron arrive in Beaune, November 3, 2021 Smile, Angela Merkel was welcomed by Emmanuel Macron Wednesday in Beaune (Coast D To say goodbye to France after 16 years in power, during which she worked closely with four French presidents. © Philippe Desmazes Angela Merkel is greeted by the crowd in Beaune, November 3, 2021 "Angela! Angela! Bravo!", Shouted the crowd waiting for the two leaders in downtown Beaune.

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