US News Kühnert, Schwesig or Klingbeil - who wants to lead the SPD in the shadow of King Olaf?

21:15  29 october  2021
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SPD Group nominates Bärbel Bas for posts of the Bundestag Chairman

 SPD Group nominates Bärbel Bas for posts of the Bundestag Chairman Berlin / Duisburg. The 53-year-old SPD politician from Duisburg is to become a future Bundestag President, it goes on the will of its faction. Since 2009 Bärbel Bas is about its direct mandate member of the Bundestag. © Michael Kappeler The SPD politician from Duisburg has been a member of the Bundestag since 2009. In October 2021, the SPD parliamentary group nominated them for the post of the Bundestag President. in the SPD Power Poker A decision has fallen to the second highest State Office.

Berlin. At the G20 summit in Rome, Olaf Scholz will be led by Angela Merkel as an unofficial chancellor. Suddenly there is a hole in the SPD. Party leader Walter-Borjans no longer likes. There is a lot of work on a new leadership. The election victory has covered problems, the status as a specialist party remains fragile. One could do it, who likes to be heavy weights.

 SPD-Kanzlerkandidat und Bundesfinanzminister Olaf Scholz wurde nach seiner Ankunft am Freitag in Rom belagert. Er selbst will nicht Parteichef werden. © Oliver Weuken SPD Chancellor's Candidate and Federal Finance Minister Olaf Scholz was besieged after his arrival on Friday in Rome. He himself does not want to become a party feet.

for Olaf Scholz seems to run like the lace. If the traffic light coalition negotiations are almost noiseless forward as so far, he can sit shortly after Nicholas in the Chancellery. Angela Merkel already takes him unofficially as their successor on the world stage. The Minister of Finance may be there at Merkel's G20 talks in Rome with biders, Erdogan & Co. live. What a privilege: The CDU woman offers the Social Democrats the chance to become aware of Speed ​​dating in the illustrious district of Statistics. The trump traumatized biders will be amazed as sovereign passing power in Germany.

FDP and green cognitive about monetary policy

 FDP and green cognitive about monetary policy Berlin. The traffic lights parties have fundamentally different views, as far as the succession of the Bundesbank boss and the future course of monetary policy are concerned. The search for a successor or successor for Jens Weidmann can burden the potential new government. © Kay Nietfeld Bundesbank President Jens Weidmann (53) has asked the Federal President for his release at the end of the year.

Meanwhile, Norbert Walter-Borjans proclaims his withdrawal from the party tip. The 69-year-old ex-NRW finance minister does not like anymore. His mission is fulfilled. He is right. When "Nowabo" formed the first double pace together with Saskia Esken at the end of 2019, the SPD lay on the ground. The duo surprised positive. The SPD closedness was important building block for the election victory. Esken goes two-track until December Party Congress. She likes to stay chairman, but also become minister. Only one of them works.

that Scholz does not want to become a SPD boss itself is wise. His swatter of 2019 looks after. Chancellery and party leadership in one hand, which was long as a badge unconditional power awareness. Past. With BASTA attitude and backroom decisions, folk parties can no longer lead to social media times. The Union learns Brutal, where Sture Votes of a grayed "Establishment" ends against basic will and surveys - on the opposition bank. Scholz would rub off, he would have to practice any contentious cabinet question in the party in Personnel Union. He will also have his effort with Bärenstarken Jusos in the group.

SPD special party convention could decide on traffic light

 SPD special party convention could decide on traffic light Berlin. The SPD is characterized in that a special party conference should decide on consent to a coalition agreement for the formation of a traffic light alliance with Greens and FDP in the Confederation. © Christoph Seder A traffic light in front of the Reichstag building lights up in a long exposure in all three phases.

Who then? Manuela Schwesig does not want (yet) after 40 percent in Schwerin. Kevin bolder? Not a good idea. The mighty ex-Juso boss would be perceived as the opponent of the Chancellor. But he could become secretary secretary. This is currently Lars Klingbeil. The young architect of the successful election campaign, son of an earlier professional soldier and diligent diligent dumbbellemmer would like to become a defense minister. Can he seriously say no if Scholz takes him in the party in the party? Scholz is getting much leg freedom as a SPD superstar. New chairman in the Willy-Brandt House must leave the chancellor's back, but may not be the appelled government.

The resurrection on election day has only covered structural problems. Above all, the SPD is so short before power, because Union and green incredibly made many mistakes and set incorrect chancellor candidates. The status of the SPD as a folk party remains fragile. It must not be cocky. Moods are volatile. In Saxons, the party in 2019 decreased at 7.7 percent at the state election, in the federal election, she was suddenly at 19.3 percent in front of the CDU. Scholz has hit a nerve with his respect election campaign. The next party leadership must continue here, a new principle program provide an intellectual superstructure. As a Chancellor's party, the SPD will have to prove that she can reconcile climate, business and social affairs as a green, FDP and Union.

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traffic lights: Annalena Baerbock holds longer coalition negotiations for possible .
"Decisive set screws" provide the coalition talks for problems, reports green chef Baerbock. In the climate policy, she still sees differences with SPD and FDP. © Kay Nietfeld / DPA The Green are dissatisfied with the state of coalition negotiation . Party Fee Annalena Baerbock therefore holds an extension of the calls with FDP and SPD possible. concretely, Baerbock still sees significant content differences in climate policy.

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