US News murder of Mireille Knoll. A cooking knife, the presumed weapon of the crime, presented at the trial

23:05  29 october  2021
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Hong Kong: a mother claims extradition to Taiwan from the murderer of her daughter

 Hong Kong: a mother claims extradition to Taiwan from the murderer of her daughter © Isaac Lawrence The mother of Poon Hiu-Wing, a young woman murdered by her boyfriend during a visit to Taiwan in 2018, after a press conference in Hong Kong on October 20, 2021 The mother of a Hong Kong murdered by her boyfriend has castigated Wednesday the authorities for having left the murderer of her daughter live free, a case that surrounds because Hong Kong Do not recognize Taiwan.

Dessin d’audience des deux accusés Yacine Mihoub et Alex Carrimbacus. © Benoit Peyrucq / AFP Drawing of hearing of the two accused Yacine Mihoub and Alex Carrimbacus.

On the third day of the trial of the alleged perpetrators of the octogenary Mireille Knoll, Thursday, October 28, 2021, President Franck Zientara asked the clerk to present the probable weapon of the crime, a cooking knife, which the accused and the Son of the victim claim like theirs.

In the crowded room of the Assize Court , it is the effervescence since the weapon of the presumed crime is presented to the Court. The clerk, equipped with white gloves, presents the knife with dirty wooden handle, with a length of 32 cm. The object solely agitates the courtroom that the President, Franck Zientara, must silence repeatedly.

United Kingdom: The alleged murderer of the MP Amess will be judged in 2022

 United Kingdom: The alleged murderer of the MP Amess will be judged in 2022 GB-Justice-Depute: United Kingdom: The alleged murderer of the hon. MP AMESS will be judged in 2022 © Reuters / Hannah McKay United Kingdom: the murderer Presumed to the MP Amess will be judged in 2022 London (Reuters) - the trial of the murder of the Conservative MP David Ammess will be held in March 2022, have Friday been learned from the London Criminal Court Old Bailey.

I recognize it, it's mine. He was placed in the cuisine drawer of my mother, under the microwave. This is the one I use when I cook the meat and it is dirtier than at the time. At the bar, Daniel Knoll, son of the victim, is formal.

Thursday, October 28, 2021, Yacine Mihoub, 32 years old and Alex Carrimbacus, 25 years, appear before the Assize Court of Paris for the murder of Mireille Knoll committed March 23, 2018 . The octogenary had been found in his apartment of Philippe-Auguste of the Xie Arrondissement of Paris, stabbed and his body partly calcined. The two men, who met in prison, reject the responsibility of murder.

A knife found behind a washing machine

Defense lawyers, victims and civilian lawyers, all advance to the knife, a length of 32 cm, on which of the blood was detected. No DNA has been identified, except the genetic profile of the brother of Yacine Mihoub and his companion, who both manipulated the object, placed behind their washing machine, before putting it back to the investigators on 12 November 2020, after the closing of the instruction.

Natural raw materials: Steak knife made of super-wood three times as sharp as steel knife

 Natural raw materials: Steak knife made of super-wood three times as sharp as steel knife Scientists from Maryland want to improve wood so that it can replace steel and ceramics. They create a naturally growing material, which is stronger than steel. © pr sharper as stainless steel and yet the knife consists of wood. wood can be the material of the future. Ultimately, it is unlimited available, it grows gradually and the best thing: wood brings the Klimagas CO2 from the atmosphere. A forest is the natural and cheap variant of a high-tech CO2 absorber.

The evening of the murder, Yacine Mihoub had spent the night with his brother, before being arrested the next day. The knife, hidden behind a washing machine and covered with dust, corresponds to the description of the crime weapon made by Alex Carrimbacus, one of the accused.

Concealness of evidence by the mother of the accused?

The President of the Court asks Zulikha Khellab, Mother of Yacine Mihoub, if she recognizes the knife. The woman with black hair approaches the knife, far too close. The president requires Zulikha Khellab that she recedes not to touch it. Placed on the accused's bench, because pursued to conceal proof, she answers: it looks like some that I had bought, but it's not mine. Tell their yacine, that he is not mine, she starts at the attention of her son, sitting in the box, behind the window.

Zoulikha Khellaf would have wiped the knife immediately after the act. The investigators found, in his garbage vacuum, the Mireille Knoll telephone and breakage of a bottle of porto emptied at the octogenarian. The knife comes from my mother, says Yacine Mihoub. I put a knife at my brother when I stayed at home to keep his animals. He had gone on vacation with his family in the North.

When was it and why the knife was behind the washing machine? Asks the president. I do not remember. When I'm alcoholic, I do things, but I do not have the memory of putting it behind the machine. The trial must last a month.

Maxi-Trial aimed at the Mafia in Italy: 70 sentences pronounced .
© Gianluca Chininea The room where the Maxi-Trial of the Calabraise mafia, in Lamezia Terme, in southern Italy, January 13, 2021 Italian justice has worn a blow on Saturday to the Ndrangheta, the most powerful Mafie group in Italy, condemning 70 of its members and other people with links with it, as part of the biggest lawsuit of the Mafia since The late 1980s.

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