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new biden-macron exchange to appease Franco-American relations

 new biden-macron exchange to appease Franco-American relations Your Browser does not support this video Emmanuel Macron and Joe Biden spoke on Friday by phone to flatten the Franco-American disputes after the Australian submarine crisis. © Koji ITO / AP / SIPA US President Joe Biden and his French counterpart Emmanuel Macron spoke on Friday by telephone, pursuing their efforts to flatten the Franco-American disputes after the Crisis of Australian submarines, the White House confirming The next trip to Paris of Vice President Kamala Harris.

Paris / London. A solution in the British French fishing dispute does not seem to be in sight even after a personal meeting at peak level. Both sides believe that the other side is the Brexit Agreement Breche and giving.

 Emmanuel Macron (links) und Boris Johnson in Rom am Trevi-Brunnen. © Gregorio Borgia Emmanuel Macron (left) and Boris Johnson in Rome at the Trevi Fountain.

Both the French President Emmanuel Macron as well as the British Prime Minister Boris Johnson insisted on her position on Sunday in Rome after her four-eye conversation, the other side break the Brexit agreement and had to give way.

This makes the time until a French ultimatum on Tuesday. Paris wants to initiate sharp measures in the case, London threatens a reaction that would also meet the EU. The dispute threatens to overshadow the UN climate summit COP26 in Glasgow.

The A13 motorway cut in both directions between Paris and Saint-Cloud after a cable flight

 The A13 motorway cut in both directions between Paris and Saint-Cloud after a cable flight © West-France The A13 is currently cut between Paris and Saint-Cloud. Photo Stock Illustration. A cable theft in a tunnel in Ambroise-Billancourt resulted in Sunday, October 24 the closure of a portion of the A13, between Paris and Saint-Cloud, in both directions. Traffic is still not restored on Monday, October 25 in the morning.

Paris accuses London to refuse numerous French fishermen contrary to the Brexit agreement the license for British waters. If there is no agreement until 2 November, France has announced to lock some British fishermen ports as well as controlling British boats and trucks sharper. Great Britain rejects the allegations.

French media reported on Sunday, citing the Elysée Palace, Macron had asked Johnson to "keep the game rules and his signature" under the Brexit Treaty. Accordingly, it continued to name, Paris consider the dispute as a Brexit affair between London and the EU, "Even if Boris Johnson still tries to make this a French-British topic".

Downing Street shared with, Johnson was "deeply worried" and asked Macron at the half-hour conversation on the edge of the G20 summit in Rome for de-escalation.

Brexit: Boris Johnson promises to "do the necessary" to defend the British interests on the fishing

 Brexit: Boris Johnson promises to Boris Johnson and Emmanuel Macron must meet during the weekend in Rome, on the sidelines of the G20 leaders summit which precedes the Cop26 in Glasgow © Christian Hartmann / Pool / AFP The British Minister Boris Johnson and French President Emmanuel Macron, at the NATO Summit in London, December 4, 2019.

a British government spokesman contradicted the BBC information from the Elysée, according to Macron and Johnson had decided to work on practical measures for a de-escalation in the next few days. No common measures have been decided, quoted the BBC the speaker. It lies to France to withdraw his "deeply worrying" threats and rhetoric. Most recently, the French authorities had set a British boat, allegedly illegally fished in French waters.

France's European Secretary of Europe Clément Beaune threw United Kingdom to tackle France. Although 90 percent of EU fishermen applications are approved, the Macron trusted tweeted. But all missing permits are French boats. "After ten months, in which so many licenses are missing for a country, this is not a technical problem, but a political decision and a violation of (the Brexit Treaty)," Beaune tweeted. Great Britain rejects this. It's about a few dozen boats that could not show the requested evidence.

Fishing: status quo or desclass? Frying on the line between London and Paris at the end of Johnson-Macron

 Fishing: status quo or desclass? Frying on the line between London and Paris at the end of Johnson-Macron © Copyright 2021, Obs status quo or de-escalation? The British Government posted its firmness against France in the post-Brexit fishing conflict and challenged the French report after an interview between Boris Johnson and Emmanuel Macron, claiming that his position "N 'has not changed ".

Previously, President Macron had explained the conflict to the test for London's sincerity. "If you negotiate a contract for years and several months later in the areas that the least likes the opposite of what was decided, this is not a big sign of credibility," Macron said the "Financial Times". That's exactly watching worldwide.

Prime Minister Jean Castex turned to the EU Commission and asked for support. According to British media, CSETEX wrote to EU Commission President Ursula von der Leyen, the European public must be shown that it was unforgeable to adhere to signed agreements, and that it was more harmful to leave the EU than to stay in it. In contrast,

Johnson threatened to activate the compensation mechanism agreed in the Brexit Treaty and thus to tighten the conflict. EU Commission President by the Leyen shared after a meeting with Johnson in Rome, the Brussels authority set itself intensively for solutions.

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