US News Fishing: status quo or desclass? Frying on the line between London and Paris at the end of Johnson-Macron

18:05  31 october  2021
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new biden-macron exchange to appease Franco-American relations

 new biden-macron exchange to appease Franco-American relations Your Browser does not support this video Emmanuel Macron and Joe Biden spoke on Friday by phone to flatten the Franco-American disputes after the Australian submarine crisis. © Koji ITO / AP / SIPA US President Joe Biden and his French counterpart Emmanuel Macron spoke on Friday by telephone, pursuing their efforts to flatten the Franco-American disputes after the Crisis of Australian submarines, the White House confirming The next trip to Paris of Vice President Kamala Harris.

  Pêche : statu quo ou désescalade ? Friture sur la ligne entre Londres et Paris à l’issue de l’entretien Johnson-Macron © Copyright 2021, Obs

status quo or de-escalation? The British Government posted its firmness against France in the post-Brexit fishing conflict and challenged the French report after an interview between Boris Johnson and Emmanuel Macron, claiming that his position "N 'has not changed ".

"If the French government wants to present themselves with proposals for de-escalation in relation to the threats they have formulated, they will be welcome," said British Prime Minister's spokesperson to journalists at the G20 summit in Rome . "Our position has not changed," added the conservative leader spokesman.

Brexit / Fishing: London Announces JOHNSON-MACRON MEETING IN G20

 Brexit / Fishing: London Announces JOHNSON-MACRON MEETING IN G20 GB-EU-France-Peche: Brexit / Fishing: London Announces Johnson-Macron meeting on the G20 margin © Reuters / Pool Brexit / Fishing : London announces a Johnson-Macron meeting on the margin of the G20 London (Reuters) - British Prime Minister Boris Johnson plans to chat with the French President Emmanuel Macron on the sidelines of the G20 summit this weekend in Rome, announced Friday his Spokesperson, while the tensions between Paris and London around the fishing areas in the sleeve after Brexit

The posture adopted by the United Kingdom differs very clearly from the French report. The Elysee had thus reported earlier that the French President Emmanuel Macron and British Prime Minister Boris Johnson had decided to work "practical measures" in "the next few days" to promote "a de-escalation" in the conflict on the conflict on the conflict fishing between France and the United Kingdom.

It is a question of ensuring that "practical and operational measures are taken as soon as possible to avoid a rise in tension", still explained the French presidency after an interview between the two leaders in Rome. One point will be made on Tuesday on the implementation or not of retaliation measures by Paris, specified the same source.

Post-Brexit Fishing: London prepares for unpublished remedy against Paris

 Post-Brexit Fishing: London prepares for unpublished remedy against Paris © Sameer Al-Doumy / AFP A few days after the retaliation threats made by Paris against London about post-Brexit fishing licenses , the tensions between the two countries do not come down. Prime Minister Boris Johnson complained this Saturday from the Chive de the European Executive Ursula von der Leyen "completely unjustified" threats. The United Kingdom is preparing "actively" unpublished remedy.

Threats of Paris, Replica of London

Video: Post-Brexit Fishing: Calls for Discussions After Climbing Between Paris and London (France 24)

France complains in the United Kingdom to give too much Few post-Brexit licenses to its fishermen in British waters. She promised, lack of improvement, to prohibit from Tuesday to British fishing vessels to land their cargo in French ports and strengthen customs controls of trucks.

far from calming before the G20, the tension is still mounted with the threat of London to implement "rigorous controls" on the European boats sinking in its waters, if Paris effectively puts its threats to execution, and of Engage a dispute settlement procedure.

Boris Johnson's spokesperson said the United Kingdom would continue to review the demands of British boats to obtain fisheries licenses on the database, no threats.

What's behind the fish zank between Paris and London is

 What's behind the fish zank between Paris and London is Paris / London. A solution in the British French fishing dispute does not seem to be in sight even after a personal meeting at peak level. Both sides believe that the other side is the Brexit Agreement Breche and giving. © Gregorio Borgia Emmanuel Macron (left) and Boris Johnson in Rome at the Trevi Fountain.

"We are ready to work with the French government and fishermen who have the required data. There is no other work to do, "said Boris Johnson's spokesperson.

According to the minutes of the meeting published by Downing Street, the British leader "reiterated his deep concern about the French Government's rhetoric in recent days", including the words of the French Prime Minister Jean Castex according to whom "the United Kingdom should be punished for leaving the EU.

"Boris Johnson has expressed hope of a de-escalation from the French government rhetoric" and that it "withdraws its threats".

London was particularly broken by a letter from the French Prime Minister to the President of the European Commission Ursula von der Leyen, in which Jean Castex considers "essential to clearly show the European public opinions that compliance with the subscribed commitments is not negotiable. and there is more damage to leave the European Union than to remain there.

Sanitary Pass, Reminder Dose, Nuclear ... What to Remember Macron .
© AFP Covid-19, Pensions, Nuclear, Emmanuel Macron mentioned many topics Tuesday night at its 9th speech since the beginning of the sanitary crisis. 10 minutes on COVID-19, 20 minutes on economic and social topics. At its 9th speech since the beginning of the health crisis, Emmanuel Macron made several announcements on the health situation, while the epidemic goes back in France and Europe. But he also approached several economic and geopolitical themes at 5 months of the presidential election.

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