US News Valérie Trierweiler Metamorphosée, the ex of François Hollande Epates Internet users with his amazing "method"!

18:25  03 november  2021
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Thursday Politics - Republicans, 40 days to take the light

 Thursday Politics - Republicans, 40 days to take the light Eclipated by the riding of Eric Zemmour, the marine les Pen and the single rider of Emmanuel Macron in surveys, candidates for the investiture of Republicans Embairment on November 8 on LCI, a month of television debates. An opportunity for gold to exist ... or disappear. © Joël Saget / AFP Four debates or nothing. Xavier Bertrand and Valérie Pécresse have, this time, not hesitated unlike Michel Barnier who would have been well worth two television confrontations.

On Tuesday, November 2, 2021 on the web, Valérie Trierweiler unveiled his secret that allowed him to be unleashed by a few pounds. His followers were numerous to react to his post.

Valérie Trierweiler métamorphosée, l’ex de François Hollande épate les internautes avec son étonnante “méthode” ! © Frederic Andrieu / Isopix / Abacapress Valérie Trierweiler Metamorphosed, the ex of François Hollande Epate Internet users with his amazing "method"!

As many public personalities, Valérie Trierweiler is very active on Instagram! Thus, his admirers can discover his readings of the moment, his projects to come or even some family pictures. If the former companion of François Hollande likes to play sports, it also pays attention to his diet. The mother of Leonard Trierweiler has written the preface of the book "Food Rebalancing, Stop to the Plans! Reaching its weight goals without deprivation ". On Tuesday, November 2, 2021 on its social networks, Valérie Trierweiler unveiled its method to be at the top.

cop26. The Pope calls on the leaders 'to bring effective responses to the ecological crisis'

 cop26. The Pope calls on the leaders 'to bring effective responses to the ecological crisis' © Filippo Monteforte / AFP Pope Francis at the Vatican, on October 27, 2021. in anticipation of COP 26, which will begin Sunday, October 31 in Glasgow Pope Francis called on world leaders to bring "emergency" of "effective responses to the ecological crisis".

"I do not make prefaces every day for books on food rebalancing! But for the Bénédicte Pene, yes right away. Because I know his method that I have experienced and who had succeededmed to me. I had been relieved of ten pounds without having the feeling of depriving me ", she said in legend of her Instagram publication. "Bénédicte is a doctor in physiology, so I understand nothing about his calculations but I know they are good and efficient! Time passing, sometimes we have to go back, that's what I'm going to do! ".

Not surprisingly, many subscribers were wondering about it. As Valérie Trierweiler emphasized her, Bénédicte Pean ensures that a food rebalancing is more effective than a draconian diet to lose too much kilos. Medical follow-up can be beneficial.

Merkel comes farewell to France after 16 years in power

 Merkel comes farewell to France after 16 years in power © Philippe Desmazes Angela Merkel and Emmanuel Macron arrive in Beaune, November 3, 2021 Smile, Angela Merkel was welcomed by Emmanuel Macron Wednesday in Beaune (Coast D To say goodbye to France after 16 years in power, during which she worked closely with four French presidents. © Philippe Desmazes Angela Merkel is greeted by the crowd in Beaune, November 3, 2021 "Angela! Angela! Bravo!", Shouted the crowd waiting for the two leaders in downtown Beaune.

"This is a calculation based on an equation and that I propose in the book. In my work, I also use an equation that is closest to the calorimetry and a machine I use in my laboratory in Orleans (...) ", explained the doctor in physiology for his house editing. "The good food and the right amount are essential to be fit but also to avoid tendinitis, inflammation ... This also affects irritability, each" sleep problems. Precious tips that have visibly conquered Valérie Trierweiler ...

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