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16:15  05 november  2021
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There are 131,000 cases per week in the country of Goethe and Bayern Munich, as much as a year ago

Les services de réanimation sont saturés en Allemagne. © Peter Kneffel / AP / SIPA Resuscitation services are saturated in Germany. EPIDEMY - There are 131,000 cases per week in the country of Goethe and Bayern Munich, as much as a year

would be we suddenly returned one year back with the change of time? This is what the German , faced with a new epidemic wave of Covid-19 . Overwhelmed hospitals, Minister of Health calling for hardening health rules, the situation looks like to misunderstand the second wave, which followed the start of the school year 2020. How to explain it? 20 minutes takes stock.

US companies Less satisfied with Germany

 US companies Less satisfied with Germany You are important employers in Germany and even with large acquisitions, US companies are active. The Germany location will rate less than 2020. Therefore, they demand reforms from the future government. © Picture Alliance / DPA / L. Mirgel Provided by Deutsche Wave US companies are not so satisfied with Germany as in the previous year. This has revealed the current survey of the American Chamber of Commerce in Germany (Amcham Germany) among the 50 highest-selling US companies in this country .

What are the figures of the epidemic in Germany?

At the end of October, the country had 131,000 new cases per week according to the WHO . An identical figure to November 2020, with "disturbing acceleration", is 20 minutes Anne Senequier *, co-director of the global health observatory. The Robert-Koch Institute raised 20,000 infections in 24 hours Tuesday, and nearly 34,000 Thursday. A record. "There were 1,200 deaths a week at the time, thanks to the vaccination we went down to 630," she measures.

with 165 deaths in 24 hours reported Thursday, these numbers could further increase. "We mounted up to 6,000 deaths a week in January 2021," says the doctor. The virus also diffuses at the same location as last year, near the Austrian and Czech borders, with a strong prevalence in Saxony . It is also in this region that the vaccination rate is the lowest in the country (56% of people with a complete vaccination scheme, compared with 66% at the national level).

"Scary numbers": Route names the largest German problem in the Pandemic

 The Corona situation has always worsened in Germany in Germany. In Bavaria, the first intensive care stations have already arrived at the load limit, in some counties in Thuringia , the incidence is already at more than 600. An explanation for the situation: Many people are not vaccinated, there is a great impression. © DPA Berliner virologist and frequently political consultant: Christian Drosten on this situation makes the virologist Christian reading attentive.

How did we get there?

specialists as the German government say it, it is mainly a "non-vaccinated pandemic". The refractory vaccine remain numerous in Germany, especially because they do not consider themselves concerned. But Anne Senequier also points to another phenomenon: lassitude. "There is a relaxation of barrier gestures, the vaccinations consider that they are no longer contaminant. Now there is no zero risk. The constant evolution of the rules generates all the more frustrations, even if it takes this responsiveness of the measurements from day to day if we want to live in a new normality, "she says.

The health system has also deteriorated over the pandemic. In Germany, health is managed by the regions, and the country had a better network of local hospitals than France before the pandemic. Since then, "many health workers are gone," exhausted by COVID-19, leaving the Hospital "Less busy in Human Resources, less framed quickly overwhelmed", Diagnosis Anne Senenaquier. This regional health management does not help to have effective measures, non-vaccinated with restaurants or cinemas of territory practicing the "2G policy" (access only to vaccinated or cured persons) that can refer to D other less stringent areas.

SPD politician has "dark guess": Lauterbach calls Wagnknecht's vaccination dangerous

 SPD politician has has deliberately displayed the left-hand politician Wagenknecht facts about the Corona vaccinations? The SPD health politician sees only two possibilities. © Photo: Imago Images / Photothek / Florian Gärtner Health expert The SPD: Karl Lauderbach. The SPD health expert Karl Lauderbach has criticized statements of the left-hand politician Sahra Wagenknecht.

A new identical wave does it threaten France?

The situation of the two countries is largely comparable, with a predominantly vaccinated population, non-vaccinated stubbornly and an increase in the number of cases. "As in France, the tests are diverted in Germany since the beginning of October, which gives less visibility" on the circulation of the virus, note Anne Senequier. A factor is still reassuring: France is a little more vaccinated and has fewer inhabitants, which limits the number of people at risk.

"If we want to be effective, it will have to come to the Vaccination mandatory," says the co-director of the global health observatory. The epidemic spreads mainly in the non-vaccinated, and group immunity with the Variant Delta requires "95% vaccinated, as for measles". The specialist still considers the application of such a "difficult in election period". For once, looking at what happens on the other side of the Rhine, France could have a time ahead of the epidemic.

* Anne Senequier is coautrice of geopolitics simply, to appear at Editions Eyrolles on November 18th.

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