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09:15  08 november  2021
09:15  08 november  2021 Source:   spiegel.de

SPD politician has "dark guess": Lauterbach calls Wagnknecht's vaccination dangerous

 SPD politician has has deliberately displayed the left-hand politician Wagenknecht facts about the Corona vaccinations? The SPD health politician sees only two possibilities. © Photo: Imago Images / Photothek / Florian Gärtner Health expert The SPD: Karl Lauderbach. The SPD health expert Karl Lauderbach has criticized statements of the left-hand politician Sahra Wagenknecht.

on conditions for a government have not yet been able to agree SPD, FDP and GREEN. But together do you want to set up new Corona specifications today - even free civic tests?

  Corona-Regeln: FDP und Grüne fordern Wiedereinführung kostenloser Tests © Ralph Peters / Imago Images / Ralph Peters

With the end of the free coronate tests, politics wanted to make it annoying and expensive for uncovered. But on the hoped-for level, the vaccination rate could not be increased. Given , the increasingly serious infection situation in Germany now indicates a reintroduction of the free tests.

"The abolition of free citizens' tests was a mistake," said the Parliamentary Managing Director of the FDP -Handle Day Faction, Marco Bushmann , the Editorial Network Germany. And: "Your reintroduction would be a contribution to interrupt infection chains faster."

Dissatisfaction on traffic light negotiations: The Greens want to come from their strategic dilemma

 Dissatisfaction on traffic light negotiations: The Greens want to come from their strategic dilemma the greens remain in the traffic light conversations little pressure medium. Especially in climate protection SPD and FDP should not be exploited. A comment. © Photo: Imago / ImageBroker / Obermeier The Greens are measured in the traffic light at the successes of climate protection. A diffuse dissatisfaction has been noticeable in the negotiators of the Greens for a while. But like that is at these traffic light talks : No one wanted to say something concrete.

Janosch Dahmen, Health Political Speaker of the Greens, spoke in the "world" for the return to gratiest tests, but encouraged improvements: »Test results need to return For free civic tests bindingly liable by QR code and, for example, to be controlled by organizers or restaurateurs as in our neighboring countries exclusively digitally. "

The free Corona civic tests had been abolished only a month ago. In the meantime, among other things, the German Medical Chamber, Green Chief Robert Habeck , the German Cities Day and the trade association for the reintroduction were pronounced.

Despite the incidence of 200: Göring-Eckardt against extension of epidemic situation

Whether it actually comes to a corresponding change in the review ordinance, despite everything is still unclear. In other areas, the possibly future traffic light coalitions , on the other hand, always lay before .

Pandemic: traffic light parties want to present Corona law

 Pandemic: traffic light parties want to present Corona law on the design of SPD, Greens and FDP for "reasonable control" of the pandemic the Bundestag is to advise this week. The parties are criticized in view of high incidences. © Rüdiger Wölk / Imago Images Deep Country: Dashboard of the Robert Koch Institute with the state of Corona dissemination on Sunday. Now the future traffic light coalitionaries want to submit a bill to combating the pandemic.

Even if you can not agree on the framework conditions of joint government cooperation, SPD , FDP and Greens already want to introduce a bill to change the Infection Protection Act.

»On Monday, we will submit a bill to Parliament for a reasonable and determined combating Corona," said SPD Group Vice Dirk Meadow of the "World". Green faction leader Katrin Göring-Eckardt said on Sunday evening in the ARD broadcast »Anne Will«: "We say that tomorrow in parliament of course and the political groups first".

The Bundestag wants to advise on Thursday at first reading on a new Infection Protection Act. On November 25, the special status of the epidemic situation of national scope runs out. Göring-Eckardt refused an extension and emphasized, necessary is a solution that is sufficient and legally reliable. CSU Chef Markus Söder replied in the ARD, which is the current location, if not a pandemic.

Corona Politics: The others should set it up

 Corona Politics: The others should set it up The traffic light parties want to make a new pandemic policy: democratic, less abandoned, nice. But in truth, they only move the responsibility. © Kay Nietfeld / DPA Traffic Line Press Conference: Dirk Meadow (SPD), Katrin Göring-Eckardt Green) and Marco Bushmann (FDP) in Berlin You can understand it: Whoever comes to the Office as a government, does not want to be turn unpopular.

No nationwide 2G rule?

On a nationwide 2G rule, the traffic light parties may want to do without. As the "picture on Sunday", citing negotiations, reported, Spd, Green and FDP, among other things, consider a daily test obligation for employees and visitors in nursing homes - regardless of whether they are vaccinated or recovered.

The Executive Board of the German Foundation Patient Protection, Eugen Brysch, asked in the image «newspaper to immediately implement this and not to wait until 25 November. In addition, the test obligation for the entire elderly care must be considered, "also for one million people who are cared for by outpatient services at home." SPD factions vice meadow emphasized in the "picture" newspaper, the test obligation is already possible now. "We legally clear what is already practiced in some countries."

For details of the new regulation, the Göring Eckardt did not want to comment. As a question, whether there should be a nationwide 2G rule, so access only for vaccinated and geneses, she said, that was not relisable from her point of view nationwide. The Bavarian Prime Minister spoke for more 2G rules and for 3G rules in the workplace. The latter also referred to Göring-Eckardt as correct.

"Hard but fair": If felt truths on facts meet .
Of course you would have wished one of the traffic light negotiators. But the Corona discussion at Frank Plasberg will still be interesting. Because a participant with their crude views all the others against themselves © ARD Frank Plasberg let again be debated over Corona If perceived truths on facts Meeting At first glance you are a little disappointed with the list of participants. Since the traffic light negotiator in Berlin at the subject of Corona a rapid turnaround.

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