US News Burma: The American journalist Danny Fenster charged with terrorism and sedition

12:15  10 november  2021
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Le journaliste américain Danny Fenster est détenu depuis le mois de mai en Birmanie. © Jeff Kowalsky AFP / Archivos The American journalist Danny Fenster has been detained since May in Burma.

held for several months by the Junta in Burma, the American journalist Danny Fenster was charged on Wednesday, November 10 of terrorism and sedition. He risks prison for life.

Danny Fenster was already pursued for incentive to dissent, illegal association and for breaking the law on immigration. Charges punishable by six years in prison . Two new charges have just been notified to him. It is covered by "two charges under Article 50 (a) of the Anti-Terror Act and section 124 (a) of the Penal Code," said AFP his lawyer Than Zaw Aung. A conviction under the anti-terrorism law is punishable by a sentence until the life prison.

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Currently held in Insein Prison, next to Rangoun, Danny Fenster had been arrested at the end of May while attempting to leave the country. He leads the Frontier Myanmar publication. The journalist would have contracted COVID-19 during his detention, had announced family members at a conference call with American journalists in August. "He has become very skinny," says his lawyer than Zaw Aung at AFP on Wednesday.

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The hopes of Bill Richardson

These new accusations fall a few days after the old American diplomat Bill Richardson met with the leader of the Min Aung Hlaing Junta in the capital Naypyidaw. It was officially a private humanitarian visit, for the fight against the Pandemic of Covid-19 according to the army, but this displacement in Burma of the former US ambassador to the United Nations had revived the Hope of a Liberation from Danny Fenster.

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Bill Richardson is indeed known for negotiating the release of American hostages in the world, prisoners and American military in North Korea, Cuba, Iraq and Sudan. He recently sought to release affiliated detainees in the United States in Venezuela. But according to Bill Richardson, who did not want to give more details, the American state department had asked him to not mention the case of Danny Fenster during his visit.

The case of the journalist is emblematic of the difficulties and dangers faced by journalists and more broadly civil society in Burma since the return of military to power in February 2021. The repression is bloody: more than 1,200 civilians killed and more than 1,200 7,000 in detention, according to the Assistance of Assistance to Political Prisoners (AAPN). This local NGO reports cases of torture, rape and extra judicial executions. The press is strangled by the junta that tries to strengthen its control of information, limiting access to the Internet and canceling media licenses.

released by the Junta Burmese, the American journalist Danny Fenster is in the United States .
© AFP G Racie and released from prison by the Burmese junta after six months of detention, the American journalist Danny Fenster found his relatives on Tuesday to New York, happy but weakened, alongside the old American diplomat Bill Richardson who worked on a private capacity for his release. It was released Monday by the Burmese authorities after being sentenced last week at 11 years of inclusion in particular for "incentive to dissent".

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