US News Explosion in a mosque in Afghanistan: At least three deaths and fifteen wounded

20:45  12 november  2021
20:45  12 november  2021 Source:   ouest-france.fr

A Taliban Taliban Head killed in the Kabul

 A Taliban Taliban Head killed in the Kabul Military Hospital Attack © Ahmad Halabisaz, AP Taliban fighters block the roads after an explosion at the entrance of a military hospital in Kabul, Tuesday, November 2, 2021 . In Afghanistan, the head of Talibane military forces in Kabul was killed in clashes at the Capital Military Hospital, after the attack on Tuesday by the Islamic State group. It is the highest Taliban manager killed since their arrival in the middle of August.

Des Afghans portent secours à un homme blessé dans l’explosion. © Afghans help to a man injured in the explosion. At least three people lost their lives and more than a dozen were injured this Friday, November 12, in an explosion in a mosque in Afghanistan. The attack, which has not been claimed, took place at the time of prayer.

At least

three people were killed and 15 wounded in an explosion, Friday, November 12, in a mosque of the Nangarhar region, in East of Afghanistan , which became the epicenter of the recent wave of Violence between the Taliban and their rivals of The Jihadist Islamic State Organization .

The explosion took place at 1:00 pm local time, during Friday prayer. There was no claim at this stage.

Afghanistan: foreign currencies banned by the Taliban

 Afghanistan: foreign currencies banned by the Taliban © Reuters - Jorge Silva An Afghan uses a smartphone to exchange money in Kabul, October 7, 2021. In the capital, the exchanges are done in US dollars, and Near the Pakistani border, Pakistani Rupee is used daily. In Afghanistan, foreign currencies were banned by the Taliban. It will now be forbidden to use the dollar or euro in the country, whose economy is already almost bankrupt.

"There are three deaths and 15 wounded, some seriously affected", said a doctor at the local hospital. The Imam of the Mosque is among the wounded, according to this source.

"I can confirm an explosion during Friday prayer inside a mosque in Spin Ghar District. There are wounded and dead, " also told a Taliban official. A Taliban security officer, on the other hand, claimed that the explosion had made twenty wounded but no death.

A mosque frequented by Taliban

The targeted mosque was frequented by Taliban, in the region, while the previous attacks had targeted places of worship of the Shiite minority.

The bomb was concealed in the speaker near the Imam, told a resident of the district. The load was activated when this speaker was lit to start prayer, he added.

Lead 1-At least 99 dead in Freetown after the explosion of a tanker

 Lead 1-At least 99 dead in Freetown after the explosion of a tanker Sierra Leone-accident / (Lead 1, Photo, TV): Lead 1-At least 99 dead in Freetown after the explosion of 'a tanker (updated with balance sheet, details) by Umaru Fofana Freetown, November 6 (Reuters) - The accidental explosion of a tanker on Friday night in Freetown, the capital of Sierra Leone, a Made at least 99 deaths and a hundred wounded, according to a new assessment delivered Saturday by the authorities.

This explosion took place on the edge of Jalalabad, a city of Eastern Afghan close to the Pakistan border that has become a bastion of the Afghan branch of the Jihadist Islamic State organization, the EI-K.

In this province, a series of murders, imputed to conflicts between Taliban combatants and those of the EIS, has been reported in recent weeks by the local press.

Since their arrival on August 15, the Taliban, who are doing the return of security in the country their priority after 20 years of war, are confronted with a wave of bloody attacks led by the Islamic State.

its local branch, the Islamic-Khorasan State (Ei-k), rival and the main opponent of the Islamist movement in power, has targeted in recent weeks as well as the Taliban as the Afghan Shiite minority, which represents 10% to 20% of the 38 million inhabitants in the country.

Born in 2014, the EI-K, present especially in eastern Afghan, is a Sunni Islamist group, like the Taliban, but it is even more rigor and advocates a "global jihad".

Meeting on Afghanistan in Pakistan with the United States and Russia

 Meeting on Afghanistan in Pakistan with the United States and Russia © Reuters The Minister Taliban Foreign Affairs Amir Khan Muttaqi upon arrival in Islamabad, November 10, 2021. The new US emissary for Afghanistan Thomas West, meeting this November 11 in Pakistan Minister Taliban Foreign Affairs, Amir Khan Muttaqi, with Chinese and Russian diplomats. The message of diplomats gathered in Islamabad is clear: the international community must at all costs relaunch its financial support and humanitarian aid in Afghanistan.

This group is responsible for the bloody attack in August at Kabul Airport, while the Americans and their allies evacuated in Chaos their nationals and Afghan citizens. Thirteen American soldiers and a hundred Afghans had been killed in this attack.

One of the last attacks of the EI-K, in early November at Kabul's National Military Hospital, had made at least 19 deaths, including a Taliban senior, and 50 wounded.

Insecurity, Economic and Humanitarian Crisis

More than 120 people have been killed in EI's attacks in recent weeks in two mosques attended by the Hazara community, a Shiite minority, in Kandahar (South) and Kunduz (North) .

The Taliban government, however, tends to minimize the threat.

The branch of the EI in Afghanistan

"is more or less under our control" and "is not a great threat" , affirmed the spokesman of the Taliban government, Wednesday, November 10, in a conference press, announcing 600 arrests related to the rival group in recent months.

The issue of security represents, with the economic and humanitarian crisis, one of the main challenges of the new Taliban regime.

The United Nations warned that the country was at the edge of the worst humanitarian crisis in the world. More than half of the country is facing very serious food shortages and the imminent winter pushes millions of people to choose between migration and famine.

Afghanistan: The Taliban orders the TVs to censor the series with women .
© Valery Hache The Taliban no longer want the TVs broadcast with series with women in Afghanistan. TANVEER / AFP The respectability varnish will not have been long. The Taliban Ministry of Virtual Promotion and Prevention of Vice called on Afghan televisions to no longer broadcast women showing women, as part of new "religious guidelines" broadcast on Sunday. "Télévisions should avoid showing sheets and rosewater series in which women have played," says a departmental document for the media.

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